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Great re-watching with your own kids, 29 November 2006

I grew up on this show. I remember putting my hair in pigtails right before it started. And I don't know how many times I was Punky for Halloween. I have bought the seasons to watch with my daughters and they LOVE it. I watch my 10 year old when we watch it and it is so neat to see her love it the way I did. It's a good learning show for kids as well. Punky learns to say no to drugs. Gets a lesson on cheating, lieing, stealing and much, much more. It also shows a lot to do with family and the love of other people. Punky came a long way after her mother leaves her and it shows that children of a not so good home life can over come it all with love, friendship and laughter! If you have young children and you liked this show it is just a good and funny to re-watch with them if not better.