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Master of SF despairing of humanity, 16 April 2011

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Every episode I watched was depressing, somber and/or sad. The future can be bright. It could be hopeful. There could be fun. But in this series. Yes SF can be used to point out ethical problems, social short comings and failings of mankind in general, however this is supposed to be entertainment. I think entertainment should be fun. There is no fun here. That is why I think it failed as a show. If you do decide to watch it make sure you have some Valium. My advice is don't watch it. The acting is fine. The production pieces (SFX, sets, costumes, etc..) are fine to get the story across. It's just that they are all depressing stories.

2010: Moby Dick (2010) (V)
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So Bad it's good., 17 March 2011

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Like most other reviewer I agree that it is a very bad film. Plot holes, the costumes, the dialog all of the really classic blunders. Only thing they left out was the evil twin. However, I really did laugh out loud many times. Not when I was supposed to. The mis matched props. Firearms oh the firearms. The best was the modified potato gun with a laser sight and a goat horn attached. Man that is entertainment! Watch it at night and don't tell your friends. I hope the made beer money on this thing. I looks like is was fun to make. Nothing worked and yet I enjoyed it. I guess one thing is that I know I could make a better film with a digital camera and 3dstudio max.

Hard Candy (2005)
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No No Don't watch this vile film, 8 March 2010

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I received this DVD from netflix. It is so illogical and flawed. So many things are wrong with it. I was rooting for the "bad guy" for most of the time. I didn't see it to the end so I am not sure how it turns out. I just couldn't take it any more. The may be a creep but the girl is Wyle E coyote. Good for a laugh in some movies not here. Sort of like "funny Games" Where the director is yelling "FUCK YOU!" at the audience. Well I did my small part. I took the disk out and scratched it with a dagger and sent it back in. At least one disk will not be seen again. More people should comment on this film in the same way. I would like to meet the director and writer and slap them in the face.

Salvation (2007)
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Student movie that made it Nexflix... Why?, 17 December 2009

The file is so low budget that the "stars" must have used their own money to make the thing. The sword fighting. Oh the sword fighting. My brother and I used to play with my fathers civil war swords and we had more fun and looked better doing it that these people. Don't just stand there! This film isn't really even a B movie. It's more like a bunch of friend got together on a weekend and bashed out a script on Friday. Filmed on Saturday and drank heavily and watched it on Sunday. I am sure they had more fun making it than anyone will ever have watching it.

Give this one a miss unless you like real low level crap and you and some friends can add an alternate dialog. While drinking heavily and then maybe...

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The Light and sufferer is worth a rent, 29 August 2009

The Light and sufferer.

This is a weird low budget drama that add a little Sci Fi on to a fairly common story in our world. I watched it because I wanted to see what else Paul Dana has done. I liked him in "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Gigantic". I think Paul is destined for the big time. I wasn't disappointed by the acting. As for the obviously Low budget CGI it worked because it is odd. I think Paul is destined for the big time.

The film moves at a reasonable pace as the characters move toward the inevitable climax. The use of the CGI Cat as a silent witness is an interesting touch and leaves the question of what we experience in the viewers head.

The Light and sufferer is worth a rent and an hour and 10 minutes to see. I would have liked to see some more of the suffers story told or rather spelled out but I guess that is part of what was supposed to be left up to the viewer.

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Good action Plot So so. Dumb Cops, 6 December 2008

Good action, Plot So so. Dumb Cops. The movie is not as bad as some of posters suggest. Physics? In an action movie? Ha LOL Please. Have you seen XXX ? or a bond film? The action is good the plot is a little heavy handed ,but I think that is just to keep the pace moving along. Personally I wish they had some nudity but there you go. The Cops are as dim as can be. Man if I decide to commit a crime I am going to Germany! (If the cops are like that) I love the Beating that the Cars took in the movie. So much metal scrunched yea. I love seeing helicopters on the go. They didn't use them to the best but they were there. I would say this one is worth watching. If for the car crashes if nothing else.

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Crosses the line between entertainment and preaching., 15 June 2008

Mr. Shyamalan has crossed the line between entertaining the audience and preaching a green message. The movie holds almost no value as an entertainment. At most it is a Manifesto for being green. We have heard stories that the success of his other films had "gone to his head". Someone should have been able to intervene and the tell the director that the writer needs help. I was a loss as to why I should care about the Science teacher or the kid or even Zooey Deschanel's character, eveb with her incredible blue eyes. The movie should have been on SCI-FI with less budget and less hype.

In short miss this film and hope for better work in the future. Maybe studios should only give Mr. Shyamalan one job. He seems to do pretty well as a director. This movie is just wrong on so many levels that if there was an honest voice of decent some in the creative process then things might have come out differently. As it is being the king isn't so good for movie making.