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You've probably seen similar lists around here and there. Basically, if Doctor Who was an American show(never mind what the show would be like, just assume it's more or less the same) who would have played the different Doctors.
Note: I've also cast all of the Masters, and some other characters.
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Seriously, how awesome would that be?
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Now that Sony has finally said, "Please take this away from us!"
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In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, yada yada yada...
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Hopefully Fox will do a "Take this away from us, please!" like Sony did with Spider-Man.
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Provided it happens.
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Obviously, there's getting to be fewer and fewer left to cast, but I'm going to go through what's left. I'm also going to be making a few "emergency recasts".
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Since they're once again rebooting the Batman movies after "The Dark Knight Rises", it would be interesting to adapt the graphic novel that launched Frank Miller's career(sort of), "The Dark Knight Returns", the story of a fifty-something year old Batman coming out of retirement after ten years.
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If they're going to make comedy movies based on serious cop shows, why not a comedy movie based on a cop sitcom?
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Exactly what it says on the tin.
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This started as just a Superman list, but I decided to expand it.
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ERod has his list, here's mine. Note: I will not be casting Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman, as we already have actors in those parts for the DCCU.
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You know the drill; any suggestions, let me know.
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There's been talk of making a movie based on Neil Gaiman's "Sandman", so, here's my dream cast.
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My cast list(so far) for Final Fantasy VI, if they ever made a mini-series or something.
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You know the drill; if you can help me complete this list, much appreciated.
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Basically, this is my cast-list for a live action version of Venture Bros. I should mention I have no clue who to cast as the titular bros, besides just a couple of child actors.
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The Justice League of yesteryear has retired, and gotten old. The current League goes to stop a being called the Anti-Monitor, but fail, and now the old League is the universe's last hope. In this, their last hurrah, can they hope to defeat this powerful new enemy?
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They were talking about doing a new movie a few years ago, so here's my cast list for if they ever get around to it.
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With a movie version of "The Stand" in the works, I thought I'd give my ideas for the cast.(Note: I'm basing these choices on both the book and the miniseries.)
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Exactly what it says on the tin.
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Because I was bored.
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Basically, this is who I would cast for a movie version of Final Fantasy X(or, at least, if they got real actors to do the cinematics). Note: This is incomplete, as I don't remember much about any other characters. Also includes characters from X-2.
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You know the drill; any more casting ideas I'd love to hear them.
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If you have any ideas for other characters, let me know.
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My cast list for Final Fantasy VIII. Again, any suggestions for the other characters, I'd appreciate it.
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If you're a Red Dwarf fan, you've seen the American version, and probably wished you hadn't. This is my cast list for an American version that wouldn't suck.
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I'd like to see it done as a gritty, hard-R 80s-esque drama in the style of Michael Mann or Walter Hill.
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You all know the drill...
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It's gonna happen eventually...
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It's the same as my Spider-Man list, basically.
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This time, we're doing the heroes. Also including X-Force, X-Factor, and various other side characters.
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They've been talking about making a movie for a long time; this is my cast.
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You know the drill.
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The idea is simple: I name an actor or actress, and, if they're in the next Star Trek movie as one of the big three alien races, which would they be best as? I'll be working on this as time goes on. Ideas are welcome.
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In (mostly) no particular order.