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only watch it if you've actually been before, 29 August 2007

Having watched television coverage of Glastonbury 2005, I made it an ambition to go in 2007. When this DVD came out in the festivals year off in 2006 I was keen to watch it, ignoring the reviews saying it is not a "best of the festival", "confusing if you weren't there", "Not a documentary about the festivals history" I watched it anyway.

At first I was rather disappointed, but then did tell myself to watch it again after I had attended the festival the next year.

I fulfilled my ambition and dream and went to Glastonbury in 2007, and had an experience that I will never forget.

On my return I waited a week to recover from my hangover, comedown, exhaustion and trench-foot and watched the film again. On a second viewing I was filled with constant nostalgia. All of a sudden all of the festival goers, and organisers talking about the freedom, the no holds barred attitude, the music, the drugs, the mud, the A-class lineup and the feeling of being constantly at home all became too apparent.

The film itself is bloody well edited, and shows all the aspects of the festival in very true detail, however at a 2 and half hour time length I did feel it did drag on a bit. But even watching it a second time I felt I was still missing so much, I now feel that I should wait till I've been to at least 3 more Glastonbury's until I really can relate to it good and proper.

But even though this is a well constructed documentary and Julien Temples footage is good. People who haven't experienced the freedom of having no restraints that the Glastonbury festival has will only understand the film once they've been.

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it converted me into admiring him, 13 June 2006

This documentary is about an obsessive fans journey to try and get an interview with infamous rock star Pete Doherty.

Its is narrated by the documentary maker (Max Carlish). Who tells his story of how he literally stalked Pete Doherty for 3 months. In that time he talked to him backstage, went to all his shows, and most famously filmed him smoking heroin before a gig. This all leads up to him trying to get an interview with and succeeding. It ends in tears as Max is attacked by Pete in a hotel.

The documentary is amazing, and is so perfect it all seems acted. It starts with highlights of Doherty's antics both on and off stage and at first you hate him but then by the end of the documentary you are converted into admiring his work, despite the drugs and punch ups.

Before i saw this documentary i didn't know who Pete Doherty was. but after this i am now a great fan. You may go either way when seeing this documentary. I saw it on channel 4 one night but I'm sure it will be repeated.

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so genius it makes Einsteins theory of relativity look retarded, 19 April 2006

What a legendary genius Bill Bailey is. Everything here from physics to the structure of jokes. It is amazing how Bill Bailey was able to sit down and actually think of any of this stuff.

His songs as usual are hilarious. This gig includes "midnight in Parliament square" to the countdown theme tune.

Its absolutely hilarious if you liked Cosmic Jam and Part Troll your definitely going to like this. although as usual he does start to get quite strange, but that just shows his intelligence even towards science. He even ends the night with a 5 minute joke in the style of Chaucer.


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Never been able to relate to a film as i have this one, 19 April 2006

Its hard to believe that a 27 year old man could write a film which seems like it had been written by a writer who had a Kubrick like experience.

Before i watched garden state i was weary that it was going to be like "Lost in translation". A film i found boring and unfunny yet received much critical acclaim. But i was pleasantly surprised. There is no real basic plot to the movie but the foundations of it are that a B list actor called Andrew (Zach Braff) has come back from L.A to his home town in New Jersey for the first time in nearly a decade to attend his mothers funeral. Are first view on Andrew is that he is very depressed, so depressed that he doesn't even cry at his mothers funeral, and attends a party after it with his old school friends. At home things don't get much better for him as it is obvious he doesn't have a good relationship with his father, and Andrews stay seems pointless until at a doctors check up he meets Sam (Natalie Portman). Who is a hyperactive down to earth girl who has problems of her own. The pair hit it off straight away and soon they are over her house and she is meeting Andrews friends. As Andrews stay draws to an end his best friend says he is going to get him a going away present but they must have a little adventure to get it.

At the start of the film Andrew is shown having to take pills for his obvious illness. but uses this journey as a time to come of them and in meeting Sam and discussing his childhood involving his mother who was always depressed and how Sam changes his life in a few short days. This is were the film got me. On realising that i too have had to deal with depression in the family and seeing that the character Andrew is portraying is obvious that it has come from Zach Braffs own life and the personality is almost the same as my own. And just being able to see this mans short stay with his friends and newly found girlfriend really touched me in a way that no film has ever done.

The film does have a lot to its name. Comedy, relationship and drug issues and of course romance and friendship and a brilliant soundtrack. It truly is a thing of beauty but it does suffer from quite a hollow plot and an ending that i didn't rely like.

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How does he think of this stuff, 15 April 2006

When i saw Bill Baileys Cosmic Jam i thought he was a good stand up, then i saw Bewilderness and decided that this man is good but a comedic genius. But Part Troll has confirmed he is a comedic genius who is quite underrated.

In Part Troll he takes his random technique of comedy hasn't change much from his past show but he does have different material.

His songs are still hilarious. The new English national anthem of "what a wonderful day" remixed was also genius and hilarious, as was the German 3 times a lady and the German "hokey cokey".

Bill Bailey is a genius and different at what he does. it is almost his downfall as he does get weird half way through all his shows but this is probably due to his many acid trips he explains in other dvds. But surprisingly for a modern day comedian he doesn't use strong language and isn't rude at all but he is still a mature comedian.

overall original and dirrent a must see.

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originality doesn't get any funnier, 10 April 2006

The greatest thing about watching family guy is that you know its going to be different. It is really unpredictable and very originall. simple story line. Surburban, Irish, working class family living in Rhode Island and there daily life which is always strange but very funny.

The show has everything to make it memorable. A sophisticated talking dog, a baby obsessed with ruling the world, a Homer Simpson like dad. When you first watch it you might struggle to understand whats going on but i think thats the point

Think the classic humour of The Simpsons with a mix of south park. expect witty remarks and hilarious situations. you probably wont relate to this like you would with The Simpsons. But if you don't take this too seriously this is one of the funniest animated shows there is.

9 Songs (2004)
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sex, drugs and rock n roll. but its still not enough, 7 April 2006

9 Songs although suffers from a thin plot, which consists of two lovers Matt and Lisa who meet at the Brixton academy during a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club concert. Normally with a plot like this you would expect a cliché of a romantic comedy were the lovers connect threw something they have in common. Not here, instead of funny situations and soppy dialogue. we are thrown into the couples life of A-class drugs, rock concerts and intense sex life.

Which is the films downfall. Its all very exciting watching the couple have real sex on screen but its about 20 minutes threw when i wished it would of been a bit more like all the other romantic chick flicks. The acting is acceptable, cinematography is of grade A standards and choreography of the sex scenes make it seem like a real couple having sex and not as if it was intended to be a porn film.

The film isn't a major bomb it does show the lives and loves of young people in greater London well enough and the music is good if your into Indie and Rock music but after 62 minutes of intense graphic sex and little dialogue and strong plot you'll feel kind of cheated.

I would of given this film a 5 for originality and footage of the concerts but I'm going to give it a 6 for a good effort by Michael Winterbottom.

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for once a controversial and mature comic book film., 27 March 2006

V for vendetta is a breath of fresh air when it comes to making films from comic books. Having to endure Adequate and poor marvel comic adaptations for the kids, such as fantastic 4 and spider-man. Even more darker films like the batman series haven't really delivered. And they treat you like a child, when giving you a plot to follow. but in seeing V for Vendetta i feel relieved that i haven't payed another 7.50 to see a kids film. Instead i got a mature and topical film dealing with politics and freedom.

It is about a mysterious Guy Thawkes masked freedom fighter named V (Theatrically played by Hugo Weaving) who lurks in the shadows of a futuristic totalitarian Britan. But when rescuing Evey (Natalie Portman)from the corrupt future police called Fingermen. He feels that he has found an ally. He invites her to his show of destroying the old Bailey. He then hijacks a television studio, admits to destroying the Old Bailey and asks the people of London to gather outside the Houses of Parliament next 5th of November. The government hires a detective who relentlessly tries to track down and kill V while the detective himself is discovering the governments dark secrets. Whilst V gets revenge on the people who made him who he is, and give the people of Britain hope by succeeding in his plan and destroying the government.

Because i haven't read the comic i cannot compare it but, the films is still very good and a Shakespeare style performance from Hugo Weaving as V is very enjoyable, whilst a convincing English accent from Natalie Portman is also satisfying. The films plot is complex and shows the scenes of the governments terrifying secrets really well. Although the film is controversial and has a complex plot it doesn't seem to be dark or gritty enough. Also the message the film is trying to give out isn't really clear. But still a very satisfying comic book film which isn't for the kids this time.

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please don't ever leave us, 10 March 2006

Soccer am is the only reason i get up early on a Saturday morning. I have been watching it since the first series and have enjoyed every episode. It's had a hand at bringing me up. the jokes although repeat never age and the guest are always fresh, funny and a list. The music on the show is so new that it has even made bands famous, most noticeably would be the kaiser chiefs. It is also good if you are new to football i was 12 when i first watched it and didn't know anything about football but by the end of the first series i knew stuff that my mates didn't even know. The truth is if this show ever left i wouldn't have purpose to get up at 9 am on a Saturday. It is brilliant would recommend it to anyone weather they are a football fan or not.

Capote (2005)
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If it wasn't for Philip Seymour Hoffmans performance, i would of walked out, 6 March 2006

Capote is a tricky film to comment on. It is about one of America's most famous writers. Truman Capote (Philip Seymour Hoffman). But this is not a biopic on his entire life. But like the other films in its genre this is about the build up to his finest hour. The build up to his most famous book "In Cold Blood". It bizarrely portrays the actions of this eccentric man as he investigates on the a shocking murder of a family in Kansas. When the 2 killers are finally caught Capote desperately tries to earn one of the killers trust in order to complete his book.

But throughout the film i didn't know whether the film was boring or interesting. It seems as though director Bennet Miller purposely made this film not to be thrilling or compelling as such, or even to draw the audience in, but just to tell the story of this strange mans selfish journey to use this prisoner and to fool him into believing that he is his friend just so he can use his story. Capote almost admits to using this man when he tells his friends that "He is a goldmine".

Although the film doesn't really have any qualities to it. It does have the power to make Truman Capote both the hero and the villain. This is told through his selfishness and the way he uses this guilty prisoner. but at the same time a hero as we the audience are almost fooled into thinking he actually is this mans companion. We are also never told too much about Capote's character. The only evidence on his past is proved when We are told that his mother killed himself and although there is a close relationship with fellow author Alvin Dewey there is no evidence that Capote is a homosexual despite his eccentric nature.

I really wouldn't recommend Capote as it is not a film for everyone. If it wasn't for Phillip Seymour Hoffman breathing life into this film i would of definitely walked out or passed out with boredom. Fantastic performances keep this poor novel a best seller.

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