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Savage Planet (2007) (TV)
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IT'S A TRAP! More aptly named "Bear Attack: Woods of Doom", 12 August 2006

A guy gets his hand cut off and falls down a hole into some goo and his arm regenerates in a really silly looking way. Then a bear murders him. This all happens in the first five minutes or so of movie, so i wouldn't really consider it to be a spoiler. As for the way that his hand grows back, lets just say it looks bad. And I mean, worse CGI than the cut scenes for the PC game Fallout, which came out in '97. Anyway I would honestly have to say that "Sabertooth" was a better movie.

Just think about that statement. If Sabertooth is better than your movie, WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOUR MOVIE?

I gave this movie a 3 because it had SOME funny parts, and i have certainly seen far worse, but they actually tried to give it a happy ending, which would lead me to believe that they were actually being serious about it. Actually being serious about a movie that is worse than Sabertooth? Big no-no.

Definitely watch this movie if you like seeing the same shot of a bear's face over and over again with people screaming in between zooming in and hardly any science fiction other than as a poorly designed plot device to put the main characters in an isolated environment with bears.