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Lucy (2014/I)
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Awful... The smarter Lucy gets, the dumber this film becomes., 26 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The smarter Scarlett's Lucy gets, the dumber this film becomes. I don't even want to call these idiotic concoction of images an actual movie.

Given that I found the trailer to be fascinating, this effort is one of the biggest disappointments of the year. It's very tough to set aside the absolute nonsensical elements of the concept itself. Then, they add moronic character decisions to set up and drive the nonsensical "science" and events of the film. What the Asian gang/drug cartel does throughout the running time is so insane that all I could do was roll my eyes. There are no real action beat nor are there any interesting confrontations or thrills.

This thing plays like a bad music video that wants to pay tribute to insane philosophy. At least it showcases Scarlett's acting chops a bit (at least until she becomes a superpowered zombie stoner for the third act). Her fear and work on display in the first act is amazing work. The rest of this mess is a waste of time and film even with it's short running time.

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This really is the Wolverine film we have been waiting for... GREAT FILM!, 24 July 2013

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The Wolverine exists in its own world and that's very refreshing at this point. I was so tired of Fox hammering in mutant cameos just for the sake of cameos and ruining future use of cool characters. The focus is on Logan separated from that X-Men Universe and they do it masterfully well. This movie has done what Fox has refused to do over the years. They touch on and stay true to plot essences from the books. The awesome Claremont/Miller saga really is felt in this film.

The start finds Logan coming in to a place where he is suffering from the loss of everyone he has known and cares about. His long life is a burden he can't shake and he's truly having difficulty handling the struggle of knowing he will lose everyone he loves all the time. The move to Japan as this happens is a masterful turn and fits so well as Logan learns that he is the same as a masterless samurai. Listen, I like alien invasions as much as the next guy but it is refreshing that this is not a film with a gigantic, nefarious force trying to destroy the Earth or take over. Logan's challenges are unique, challenging and fresh because the story really is counter to other genre plots. This is a mystery/drama/adventure film, not a superhero film. The stakes are much more personal. The consequences are much more grounded and involve people that you really do care about. This is how you write a summer film! I've read reviews and interviews that mention the classic samurai films and The Outlaw Josey Wales when talking about this movie and that is absolutely right on the mark. The say less/do more but still have character depth of the best of those films are in this film. This gem is NOT about Wolverine slashing his way through the enemy. Sure there's slice and dice action but the story is about love, about suicide, about calamity, about loss, about selfishness versus selflessness, about love lasting beyond the grave and about heart. It's as far away from a video game movie as it gets and this summer is in need of that right now.

Everything set up perfectly here and they sure did deliver. You have the right actor that's been already established and a X-world we already know enough about. They shelve any idea of an introduction or origin and finally tell an incredibly smart story we all wanted to see and one that hasn't been done before. This movie squarely focuses on Logan. It's a story just about him that allows him to explore everything that makes the character great. It explores everything including his rage, his methods of fighting, his honor, the conflict in his soul, his very nature, his intelligence and mystery solving abilities as well as his ability to love and have relationships. All of it without it having to juggle any team members or mutant plots. It's just what a Wolverine movie should be.

This is a gritty Wolverine. It's all about anger and determination and being a "mutant monster" created by both God and man. He was born with his mutant abilities but was augmented with adamantium by man. Knowing what he is and what he has done has left psychic wounds. That depth and the gritty action really gives this film the grounded feel. Like with all good Marvel films, it feels like this wild stuff can occur in this world and it isn't so fantastical that it pulls you out of the film. The balance is perfect and thrilling. This really is the Wolverine film we have been waiting for and my favorite movie of the year to date.

Iron Man 3 (2013)
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EXCEPTIONAL MOVIE! Complex, Emotional, Funny and Fun!, 25 April 2013

Iron Man 3 really is as fabulous as you've heard and as good as everyone is saying. It does the near impossible and that's improve on the first two films. The entire cast, the crew, the FX people and writers should all be as proud of this exceptional movie as they were of the first film. The entire journey and entire film is amazing but it's worth mentioning that they build on what worked in The Avengers. Tony's outward displays of bravado and wit have always hidden a deeply troubled and complex character. His demons are always under the surface. They make sure to recall the events of Avengers where this mortal hero faced impossible odds and even death in the darkest of deep space. That would rattle any person and I'm so glad they didn't gloss that over. It adds depth never before seen in these type of films. Tony was deeply affected and is deeply troubled. Now, add a twisted and truly formidable villain presence in Kingley's Mandarin and what they delivered was a movie as good as it gets. I loved the ending and how everything was handled because it can't be what anyone expected! This is without question the BEST film to finish a trilogy that's ever been made. The best "number three" film all-time in now Iron Man's title and Iron Man's title alone.

Battleship (2012)
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fails miserably on every level, 26 April 2012

The ONLY intention of this ridiculous movie is presumably to keep you on the edge of your seat through any nonsensical means possible. Even that lone goal fails miserably. Seeing the same effects over and over again numbs the brain as much as listening to the dumbest dialogue exchanges in the history of the cinema. This movie exits in a hyper-reality where the world is like a giant video game and battleships defy the laws of physics. I found that to be VERY annoying. If there are no consequences, even by the laws of nature, then what's the point? Even poor video game graphics make more sense then what you see on screen here. Have you ever watched a child play with matchbox cars? Nonsensically spinning cars, bad guys flinging bee hives and snakes from car to car and far too many dumb things too mention aren't fun or revolutionary. This movie is geared to very, very young kids and to absolutely no one else. This is, without a doubt, one of the worst movies of the year if you're an adult with a fully functional brain.

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As Much Fun As I've Ever Had In The Cinema!!!!!!!!!, 25 April 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, WE HAVE A WINNER! Most Superhero comic book movies seem to share a problem in tone. Most films try to cope with wild concepts by emphasizing darkness, even over-emphasizing it. Troubled, brooding characters, black leather and anger rule the day. Here, the Avengers mix everything so well. It leans to the dark but touches on fun and the interaction of every character just enough. Maybe it's the fact that all the lead characters got their chance to be introduced in their own movies or maybe it's because they wanted genuinely real dialogue but the movie feels real and believable. It's truly better than any other comic-book based movie that I have ever seen. I say that not to egg on fans of other properties because I AM a fan of other properties. Because of the groundwork that has come before and because of the high level that this film operates, it IS bigger than any have ever delivered. ALL the dramatic beats really click. Besides the depth and action pieces, so much of the humor works because it is so well written. The writing displays true character establishment and development over the course of the film but never gets bogged down by the shear number of characters. What's also rare for any summer movie is that just about every scene packs real emotional weight. This is what you get when you mix fine acting talent with outstanding material. They make it shine and give you a remarkable movie that people will be talking about for years to come. The TV clips seen leading up to the movie tease at the action but there is SO much they saved for the actual running. I can't thank them enough for that factor. They knew they had a hit on their hands so why spoil the word of mouth! If you liked the trailers and TV stuff, YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING YET! That in and of itself was a pleasant surprise. Avengers is a complete and very well done movie and as much fun as I've ever had in the cinema. That's no lie or no joke.

Thor (2011)
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Intelligent and fun comic-book popcorn epic!, 18 April 2011

Thor was much much better than I expected. I didn't know if they could pull of the balance between the Norse mythology stuff and the real world Marvel Universe. I should've known better because Marvel knows their characters and knows what we want to see. Spider-Man set a new standard for the superhero film genre back in the day. Iron Man upped the ante. Thor takes the ball and runs with it and places that bar even higher. I look forward to seeing it again and know it will do well enough to be worthy of a sequel because word of mouth is going to be great. Trust me when I say Thor REALLY IS as good as Iron Man and is most worthy to be called one of the greatest adaptations ever.

Chris Hemsworth as the Norse god Thor, and Tom Hiddleston as his villainous brother Loki show they have the acting ability and star quality to become mega-marquee names in the future. Marvel found two absolute diamonds in the rough. Both actors make a HUGE impression and are wonderful on screen. You knew Acedemy Award winners Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman would bring it but these relative unkowns more than hold their own on screen. I know the script is written mostly for them but they carry it in a big way. From what I've read, Hemsworth and Hiddleston were cast almost a year in advance of filming the story so, they had time to get into shape and do character research. They certain did these long-time Marvel greats proud. Intelligent comic-book popcorn epics are rare and this one is definitely a cut above the usual fare.

Piranha 3D (2010)
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Worse Movie of the YEAR ... disgusting and dumb, 30 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was expecting 3D babes and dumb "Jaws" type action but what they delivered was repulsive crap of the lowest order. How on earth did they get that cast to go anywhere near this disgusting and dumb mess??? Did Elizabeth Shue need money that badly? I've rarely seen bigger names involved with something this awful. Who the hell enjoys seeing woman getting graphically butchered in every way possible??? They graphically present everything ranging from flesh being peeled to the bone to women getting cut in half to a face literally being pulled off by yanking on a ponytail and all in bad 3D. Although, the ultra low point may have been showing a fish feeding on a severed penis and then spitting it out all chewed up at the screen. Come to think of it, that very well may be the low point in all of cinematic history.

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Funny start but fades fast, 19 August 2010

The movie is funny to start and rolls along nicely but quickly loses all steam and finishes quite weak. Having every single character be an off center borderline nutjob loses something without any straight men to set them up or play off of. Mark Wahlberg played the straight man part well for the first half of the movie but turns as loony as everyone else before it's over. A few laugh out loud moments save the entire experience but it really could've and should've been a better film in general and certainly funnier across the board.

Not nearly as bad as Step Brothers but not half as good as Anchorman. Probably Semi-Pro and Jackie Moon levels here.

Tooth Fairy (2010/I)
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Beyond Bad, 15 August 2010

This movie truly is bad as it looks. I don't know what's worse, being trapped in a dentist chair actually having your teeth yanked out or being forced to watch this film. Despite a very likable cast (The Rock, Billy Crystal, Ashley Judd, Julie Andrews, etc.), this movie watched enough times could actually induce insanity. Probably the worst depiction of the sport of hockey ever put to film. The Rock really needs to return to action films and soon. What about Expendables 2, Dwayne??? (And bring Ashley with you, please save her she's too good for this even though it's a Disney paycheck!) Speaking of Disney, since they own Marvel now, why not star as the Sub-Mariner in a comic book adaptation??? Just looking out for a cast that deserves better than this thing.

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action bonanza that literally pulls no punches and leaves you with a giant 1980's style grin on your face, 13 August 2010

Well, just what I thought it would be but in a good way. It's a turn back the clock action bonanza that literally pulls no punches and leaves you with a giant 1980's style grin on your face. Sure, the plot is mindless but SO WHAT? Even tacked on shallow moments that seem useless work (playground beat down of abuser) and I love that they went mostly old school with very little CGI stupidity. I even love that they didn't fall victim to a pet peeve of mine. I hate it when a guy whips out a knife in the middle of a gun battle for no reason. Every knife used was used for a reason or in lieu of reloading. Gun battles were fierce and wild but actually not too over-the-top. I'd have to say that "guy movie" perfection was hit in the catacombs/tunnel sequence… Steven Seagal type arm snapping, Jet Li VS Ray Park, overwhelming action and I swear even Rocky Balboa showed up for a moment! I didn't expect to like this film as much as I did.

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