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Annoying and/or unnecessary leading characters, their series would go on perfectly fine - maybe, even better! - without them...
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a list of 80 people
or All I want for my B'day(s)!!!
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Celebrities (not necessarily in that order!) that are not attractive in person but (usually) look so much better when improved by makeup and/or photoshop...
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"If you care enough for the living, make a little space, make a better place. Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me, and the entire human race..."
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And some delicious kiwis ;-)
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Hot TV guys, because girls just wanna have fun ;-)
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a list of 53 characters
For their own qualities or some other reason (and not exactly in this order)...
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a list of 44 characters
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If I were a casting director...