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8/10 ratings with less than 400 ICM checks (at time of the creation of this list)
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A list of the best films I've seen, in rough order. Open ended and randomly updated.
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Criterium: At least 3 films seen by the direcor(s) One Coen brother stands for both, etc.
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The horror definition might be a bit loose
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From 1970 to 1979 according to IMDB
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My favorite films that are currently on no official list on ICM
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My favorite 100 films
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Tier 1: 1-4 Tier 2: 5-35 Tier 3: 36 and onward
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Heath Ledger
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My favourite films from 1950 to 1959 in rough order
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From 1940 to 1949
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The best German language films (and mini-series) I've seen.
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Not only cinematography, but also set-design, costume design, etc taken into account. A very rough list with lots of omissions...
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