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a list of 126 titles
im sure im missing lots. but these are ones i could find. alot probabally wont get made though

this is list also includes reboots and remakes.
a list of 50 characters
this obviously isnt all of them im probabally missing the best ones but these are some characters you cant help but love.
a list of 50 titles
this is a list of some of my all time favourite films. im sure ill forget some and miss some out but you get the geneeal idea. let me know what you think. its sort of in order but alot near the end may be higher but i forgot to put them on earlier.
im sure ill come back to tis with lots of films i love more thsn these but at the moment these are my favourites i can think of.
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this is a list of films that i find to be most upsetting. some ive cried at and others are just depressing. its in no particular order.
a list of 10 titles
my favourite director, thought id do a list, although im not familiar with all his work, from what ive seen this is my 10 best films.

its starting from 40s onwards, none of his earlier stuff.
a list of 10 titles
a list of 10 titles