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It's a Wonderful Life, 6 December 2005

This story is more than about a young man, who like many young persons, are forced into their parents business. It is about the historic times he grew up in. That may be why it appeals to so many, especially older Americans who lived through the depression, bank failures and World War II. The idea of leaving the small town and getting out into the big world is one of all youths dreams. The character George Bailey doesn't want to remain tied down to his small city roots, but wants to explore the world and go to college. Fate however, draws George a terrible blow, with the death of his father. He decides to forfeit his dreams in order to help others. He marries a local town girl, has kids, sends his younger brother off to college in his place, confronts the local big money boss and fights the battle of small town America during WWII. True, in the end he is helped by a prayer, but wasn't that the thing most Americans were doing during those tremulous times. Every person should be granted the wish that was given to George, all our lives would be much richer.