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Sky High (2005)
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Low Expectations Proved Wrong!, 27 July 2005

I got to go see Sky High at a free preview last night. When I saw the commercials, I wrote this movie off immediately. It looked like a strictly-for-kids, stupid-but-cute, teeny-bopper funfest. Blech!

I was pleasantly surprised! I love going into a movie like this with low expectations and being proved wrong. I am a hardcore comics fan ("weenie" I believe the earlier reviewer said) and I still found a lot to like here.

The movie has a better take on what a superhero world would actually be like than many "serious" movies. It was almost like a kids version of the "Astro City" comic book.

The jokes really made Sky High for me! I wont spoil any for you but I will point out that the cast included Bruce Campbell, Kevin McDonnell, Dave Foley and Lynda Carter!

If you're a comics fan, go see it! If you've got kids and want to have a fun evening, go see it!

I am kinda hoping that this becomes Disney's next live-action series.

History Lesson, 29 June 2005

I greatly enjoyed Kingdom Of Heaven.

However, as I watched, the 2 most exciting characters on screen were not Balian and his father, but rather Saladin and the Leper-King of Jerusalem (was he even named in the movie?).

After I got home, I looked up some of the history surrounding these events. I had never heard of the Leper-King of Jerusalem. I wondered if there was any truth at all behind this movie.

What I found was fascinating. Baldwin IV is an amazing character from history. His leprosy was discovered when he was still a youth. No one thought he would live very long or accomplish much, but his nobility and courage amazed them all.

After appointing Guy of Lusignan as regent of the kingdom, Baldwin was offended by Guy's poor performance and deposed him in favor of his 5 year old nephew, Sybilla's son from a prior marriage, Baldwin V! Of course another regent was appointed as well. But it was about then that everything came crashing down.

Through it all, Baldwin's mother, Agnes of Courtenay was always advising him (and exerting as much control as possible over him). Sybilla was apparently very dedicated to Guy and never left him as the movie portrayed; She stayed with him and moved away with him when he fell into disfavor.


Okay, I know movies are always going to diverge from history and I don't expect to get my history from a movie. The problem here is that when something gets changed, it shows that decisions were made about where and when to stray from the real story. In KOH, I can't for the life of me figure out why some of the real historical events were rejected in favor of adding this blacksmith-seduced-by-a-princess story - the real events are MORE INTERESTING!

Like I said, I greatly enjoyed the movie, but now that I've learned some of the "truth" of the real historical events, I know I'm not going to be able to watch it the same way again. I'll keep wishing Sybilla was portrayed as being more devoted, that the story was that of Baldwin vs. Saladin, that the 5 year old king had gotten some screen time! :)