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it scared the crap out of me, 31 October 2005

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it was the scariest movie i have ever seen in my life and i was 13 when i first watched it and i am in my 40's now and it still creeps me out thinking about it. i have never seen it on video and i heard that they wouldn't release it on video , i wonder if he really died when the train hit him, and i also wonder if the town still talks about it to this day. has anyone of the family members ever gave an interview or any of the people that live in that town ever gave an interview. i told my kids that i don't even know if i could watch it again, they r wanting to see it but i have not even seen it released on video. my mom and i went by ourselves and it scared the crap out of both of us. The writers and directors of this movie did a good job on it , i remember most of it , and at one point i was afraid that he or she would come to the town where i lived at the time and do the same thing. the thought that someone in this town did this and could still be alive is scary and i pray to god the train killed him. good job to the directors for doing such a good job on this film because it has still affected me 30 some years later, so i would say that it had a lasting and terrifying effect on me. please remake this film the exact way you made the first one and put it on at the movies and on DVD. it will be a good seller and scare the crap out of anyone who watches it.