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Stargate: Atlantis: The Kindred: Part 1 (2008)
Season 4, Episode 18
The best last ten seconds
17 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
With my brother, we felt a bit sad when Carson Beckett died... But, yesterday, in Fox Latinamerican Broadcast we saw this chapter and our surprise about Carson reappearance was, well, enormous... Cool chapter, by the way... As many of Stargate universe's characters, Carson is the guy you want to have as a very good friend. Really nice, always there when you need him and, well, he would never feel superior if he knows something you don't. I know its a fictional character, but I've missed him. He's the common sense in Atlantis and he's Scottish without stereotypes. And that's is very important. The only bad news is that Stargate Atlantis will finish in season 5. At least, there will be two movies...
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