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Oscar Buzz Presents: The Return of the Top 250
(a film poll for fanboys and fangirls of all ages)

The purpose of this poll is to shine a light on the decerning tastes of fellow buzzers in a show of movies that correspond closely with their personal definititions of good filmmaking in the hopes that the list will serve as a moderatly acurate depiction of a buzzers taste in general. It's also an excuse to celebrate what Oscar Buzz would deem as exceptional cinema. While it's near immpossible to fully represent the taste of everyone who inhabits this glorious message board, it's possible we will come across a film or two that is enjoyed by both those who voted and those who didn't.

One thing to note is the regualar occurance of ties for placement between films. This is especially evident from films #200 to #150. The total number of films featured in this list is 233. There are 35 ties in all, with the highest ammount of films tying for one spot being three. In total 290 films make the final list.

In regards to poll data, The Oscar Buzz Top 250 was compiled from 74 top 100 movie ballots sent to me by various users from Oscar Buzz between the months of May and July 2010. This poll was also open to the users of Film General and Lists and Recomendations message boards for the month of June as a way to create diviersity and ensure different results are achieved from the list. OUtsourcing was also necessary to achieve a higher ammount of ballots necessary for presenting a top 250 with out having endless ammount of ties.

This list was presented on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 at 12:00pm on the Oscar Buzz Message Board on

So without further adieu, lets pull back the curtain on this years Top 250 Films.