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One Way (2006/II)
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surprisingly professional for a German production, 20 September 2007

I've read several reviews prior to watching the film and I really was afraid I could waste a lot of time with it and although I don't believe too much in reviews I was shocked about how bad they said the film was. However, before I read them I saw the trailer somewhere on the internet and I liked it. That's why I dared watching the movie and was rather pleasantly surprised with it. It's certainly no blockbuster but it's good entertainment and keeps interesting until the end. Especially since I'm German I'm proud of how good a German production can be nowadays compared to Hollywood movies (keep in mind the $7 million budget). Some said they considered the general as ridiculous, but he is a part of Angelina's psyche and I think it's rather obvious that victims of certain brutal crimes develop a psychic illness of some kind to bear with what they have experienced. So the biggest weakness, in my opinion, is the clearly audible German accent of Til Schweiger, but I rather smiled about it and had a good time nonetheless.

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average romantic comedy with nothing too groundbreaking, 6 July 2005

" A Lot Like Love" is a nice romantic comedy that just works. The performances of Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher are pretty good, but it is obvious that Peet is a more professional actress (I have to admit I have a thing for her ;) ). Even though their performances aren't on the same level I think they work good as a couple and have an outstanding chemistry on screen. The story itself isn't exactly bad, but in my opinion Peet/Kutcher make the movie what it is in the end: an average film that benefits very much from its leading actors.

Don't listen to people who say the movie was VERY BAD! If you don't like the genre you should look out for something else, but if you like romantic comedy this movie sure is a recommendation for you.

BTW: Even the end is not as boring or unoriginal as seen too often in the recent past.