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Dragon Wasps (2012 TV Movie)
Don't be too critical, "it is what it is"
7 December 2012
Don't be too critical, "it is what it is" a B movie.The name say's it all "DRAGON WASPS" Were you expecting trained wasps? No wait "DRAGON" wasps! The movie was meant to be exactly what it was. A dramatic laugh at killer wasps chasing pretty scientists. Oh and yes don't forget the two hunky soldiers that were helping them.

Still, as mentioned, it's difficult not to still have some fun with the flick. Comedic moments chucked in here and there really do work, Nemec is a blast to watch, and the knowing sense of ludicrousness is infectious. It's rarely (if ever) dull, and honestly, where else are you going to see characters rubbing their bodies in coca leaves (and thus experiencing the, erm... effects of it) to ward off giant bugs and using blocks of cocaine as substitution for plastic explosive? It made sense to fight the Dragon Wasps does, and the flick knows it. Now that is something I didn't see coming. There could have been more nudity also..

I really enjoyed it! I thought that Benjamin Esterday was a believable partner for our star Corbin. He helped us believe the the storyline. Great job! Not every film has a 50 million dollar budget. Be thankful for that our you would be watching a lot less media. My recommendation would be to forget the hater's and enjoy the film for what it was. Good!
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