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An incredibly horrible film, 20 August 2017

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Really, words cannot describe just how bad this film is. The plot makes absolutely no sense, the acting is hard to watch, the special effects are a joke, the and ending is possibly one of the worst endings to any movie ever made anywhere.

I'm at a loss to understand why; Michael Caine would agree to be in this drek They didn't think to actually hire a script writer to produce a plot that made at least a little bit of sense.

Whoever owns the move rights to JAWS allowed this abomination to happen.

Who funded this thing? And finally, what did the rest of us do to the people that made this piece of crap that they thought we deserved being subjected to this movie? This movies isn't even fun to watch in a kind of drunken Mystery Science Theatre setting, it's just that bad. watching it makes you lose all hope for humanity.

In case you're not getting the gist here; it's a galactically horrible movie...

It starts off slow and silly but stick with it, you won't be sorry..., 14 February 2016

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This movie gets off to a slow and shaky start, my wife and I almost stopped watching it. Glad we didn't because somewhere along the way, maybe 30-40 minutes into it you suddenly realize that you're watching a really good movie. I think that point came for me when Ben Stiller imagined Kristin Wiig singing the David Bowie song to him.

From that point on just enjoy the ride, this is one of those rare movies (lately anyway) that makes you think, and makes you feel good about the world around us and life in general. It's a quiet, thoughtful, funny movie and those aren't really in style these days but I highlyrecommend you give it a try, you won't be sorry you did. Ben Stillerdid a great job directing and staring in this one.

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Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins..., 19 June 2012

I like this movie, whenever I come across it on TV I end up watching it to the end. Joel Grey does a fantastic job as does Fred Ward. I can't understand why it was panned so badly when it was released.

There is one line in it that I've always found absurd though, Wilford Brimley's character tells Ward's that "there's one thing we can never do and that's embarrass the President". Are you effing kidding me? Presidents embarrass themselves so often who's going to notice!

And I did read one review, in the Boston Herald, that I've never forgotten and always found hilarious even though I like the movie. It had to be the shortest review on record;

Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins


Even if you like the movie, you have to laugh

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Here's my review...thirty years later..., 19 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm sure that no one is ever going to read this, not many people are interested in a 30 year old episode of Battle of the Network Stars, but hey, when this show first aired there was no such thing as the internet so, I couldn't very well have written my review then could I.

Truth be told I didn't watch this broadcast when it was originally aired, I was just out of college in 1982 and while I have a vague memory of these shows, I never really watched them. I did watch this episode and a few others recently on ESPN Classics and was surprised to find them very entertaining.

It was fun to see all the "network stars" knowing now what became of most of them. Well, not always fun because some are no longer with us and some came to bad ends, but still interesting. And it was fun to be reminded of a bygone era when a show like this worked and was popular.

But that's not why I came to this site or decided to write a review on a thirty year old show, a review that probably no one will ever read. I decided to that that because of one event on this broadcast, the final one, the tug of war to decide the winner. It went on for almost ten minutes and was actually kind of brutal. No one involved was acting, they were busting their butts for real to win. It was really something to see, it was real reality TV, not the scripted reality TV we have now.

The participants who really made an impression on me were Pernell Roberts, Joan Van Ark, and Katherine Bach, the last two probably because I'm a guy. They held on during this event for almost ten minutes and they were in serious pain most of that time, you could see it on their faces, and they exhausted themselves to win a tug of war on a silly reality show for what? For the sake of competition, for the sake of winning, nothing else. It was the most real moment I've ever seen on "reality TV".

Pernell Roberts has since passed away, Joan Van Ark has turned into a plastic surgery horror and Katherine Bach's career never really reached great heights. But thirty years ago, on a cheesy network reality show, during a span of only ten minutes, they proved themselves to be winners, not actors, not someone playing a role, but real winners. They showed that they really had heart.

Howard Cosell made the comment during the tug of war that he'd seen million dollar athletes who didn't work as hard as the celebrities in that event did and he was right. We still see that every day. But if you want to see pure competition, a display of the raw will to win, to not give up, get your hands on a copy of this broadcast and watch the last ten minutes. It's really a beautiful thing to see, from the most unlikely source.

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Don't be drawn in by the title, there is nothing titilating (or entertaining) about this movie, 3 February 2012

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I actually watched this movie on cable one morning when I was home sick with the flu and I have to say, it didn't do much to improve my illness, or my general outlook on life either.

It tries very hard to be edgy and funny and un-pc and all sorts of other things and fails miserably at all of them. I found the main characters to be either pathetic, unlikable, or just plain boring. And half way through the film you've stopped wondering when that actual orgy is going to start (it never really does) and begin wondering what these people could possibly see in one another in the first place. There's lots of dialog that says little, no resolutions to anything, and then it just kind of ends.

The only empathy I felt for any of the characters was for the married woman who's husband had the original idea for the orgy and who is an utterly bankrupt human being, I felt sorry for her having to be married to this loser and sorry for her having to end up a single mom with two kids which is obviously where their relationship was headed. The other two male characters were just clueless idiots and you wonder how either of them ever got a woman to date them let alone agree to attend an orgy with them.

Don't waste your time with this drek, it's a long way around the barn for nothing.

Young Guns (1988)
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The Brat Pack wanted to play cowboy..., 25 January 2012

and the result was this abomination of a movie and butchering of history. Anyone who doesn't think this movie is drek should watch a real western, "The Unforgiven" or "Tombstone" or even "The Searchers" with John Wayne. This movie is just Charlie and Emilio and their buddies getting paid to ride horses, wear cool clothes, and play with guns.

Avoid it like the plague, along with the sequel (why???) and their other terrible outing, "The Three Musketeers" otherwise known as; the Brat Pack wanted to wear more cool costumes, play with swords and get paid for it. They're even less believable as Musketeers than they are as gunfighters.

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An unknown classic, 24 January 2012

This is one of my all time favorite movies and every once in awhile, when the world has punched me around a little too much, I get it out and watch it and things seem better.

It's a funny, sentimental look at life and the mistakes we wish we could undo. It has unforgettable characters and some of the best quotes in any movie, ever.

In my opinion this has always been one of Kurt Russell's and Robin William's best movies, and their best characters.

If you're looking for a fun, well done movie to make you feel good then check it out, I think you'll end up watching it over and over again. And if you're like me, you'll wonder why everyone else doesn't know about it.

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This movie has become part of my 4th of July, 1 July 2011

OK, so plot holes abound in this movie, and Jeff Goldblum being able to actually sync his laptop up to an alien computer is possibly one of the most absurd plot devices in the history of cinema, and the dog should have been flash fried, I know I know... But I don't care, for me this movie always reminds me of the American 4th of July holiday (I'm American obviously) which means summer and fun. I remember the media blitz in the US for this movie, it began months before the release date and all you saw everywhere were black billboards with nothing on them but "ID4". The promotion for this movie was huge and very well done. It opened on July 3rd and my then wife and I went to see it that night. It was the only time before or since I've seen a movie on its opening night because usually it's too crowded but my wife actually insisted, she'd been dying to see it for weeks. And it was indeed very crowded but it was also fun, it was the start of the holiday weekend and the movie was playing in multiple theatres and the air of anticipation after that marketing campaign was palpable. It was an event. Did the movie live up to all of that? No, not really, it's not a great film, it's not in my top five or ten favorites. It's a popcorn movie, a check your logic at the door movie. But what's wrong with that? Those types of movies are fun too. And Independence Day is at the very least, good fun entertainment on a big scale. And on that night, at the beginning of the 4th of July weekend, it was perfect. Possibly if I had seen it at any other time I would feel differently but I didn't, and I don't. Another much maligned film that also came out in the mid-90's, Armageddon, is another prime example of a great popcorn movie. Is it great cinema? Of course not, but it is a great sit back and be entertained movie. It's a movie movie, meant to be seen on a big screen and I don't care what anyone says, it's a fun, entertaining way to spend a few hours. Did the people around us in that theater on July 3rd, 1996 cheer or applaud at the end of Independence Day? No, they didn't, and neither did my wife and I, but we weren't disappointed either. It was a great way to kick off our 4th of July. And now, fifteen years later, I still enjoy watching it, I enjoy sitting down with some popcorn and just being entertained by a big budget movie that may not be great, but that gives you a good ride for a few hours. Independence Day delivers that in spades, every time I watch it.

Bridesmaids (2011/I)
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Not the movie the television ads set me up for...., 16 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me begin by saying that I'm a man and that I went to see this movie with my wife, not under duress, I was looking forward to seeing it. Let me add here that in an almost full theater I counted four other men in the audience which would lead me to believe that I was definitely not the target audience for this movie. That being said, my wife didn't like it either, she actually disliked it even more than I did.

All of the television promos I saw led me to believe that this was going to be a female version of "The Hangover", it wasn't, not even close. Which leads to my first problem with this movie, the advertising campaign was very deceiving. Pretty much all the funny scenes in the movie were included in the advertisements. What they didn't show was a very formulatic, been done a dozen times, chick flick about BFF's and wedding's gone wrong.

I will say that the funny parts of this movie, and they were few, were very funny; the scenes on the airplane were good, and when Annie was trying to get the cop to help her find Lillian. And...that was pretty much it, except for most of Melissa McCarthy's scenes with the exception of the one during the credit roll which was just kind of sick. The rest of the scenes that were meant to be funny either went on for much too long, were bizarre or crude instead of funny or were just strained. A good example of strained was the bridal party all dancing at the end of the movie, it didn't look natural or funny or like anything but a bunch of actors having been told to dance around and try to look like they were having fun, some, like Rudolf and Wiig very badly at that. If you have zero rhythm and can't dance, don't put a dance scene in your movie. One example of bizarre was two of the bridesmaids just deciding to make out on an airplane, for no discernible reason. Did Ms. Wiig think the guys in the audience would just enjoy seeing woman kiss?

The rest of the movie was an overlong, strained attempt to make a funny and touching movie all in one that failed at both. Some other major problems I saw; The scene near the beginning of the film in which Annie and Helen try to top one another at the announcement party went on and on and on way past the point where it was funny and to the point were it became tedious and even uncomfortable to watch. In fact many of the scenes in the movie were like that, they just didn't know where to stop.

Kristin Wiig's character, Annie, progressed in the movie from being likable and funny to just being stupid and annoying. The scenes were she sabotaged the wedding plans, either intentionally or unintentionally, also ran way too long and were sad and annoying instead of funny. Ms. Wiig needs to learn that sometimes, especially when the material is weak to begin with, less is more.

And while this may sound mean and petty I have to mention it because I kept noticing it over and over during the movie; Maya Rudolph is just not an attractive woman and was just wrong for her role in this movie. She was not believable at all, either as the bride to be or as the main characters best friend or as anything else. She is probably a fair sketch artist but she does not having the looks or the acting chops to carry a movie.

All in all a disappointment, firstly because we were snookered in by a misleading advertising campaign and secondly, because the movie tried to be two things at once and failed miserably at both.

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A classic 60's romantic comedy, 18 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember watching this movie as a kid on a rainy Saturday or Sunday afternoon (along with others like "Father Goose") and finally bought the DVD last month. My wife, who is just three years younger than me had never heard of it. We watched it last Friday night and she loved it as much as I always have. It's just a light hearted, funny, feel good movie and a joy to watch. Yes, it is dated and yes, the sets are glaringly fake, but after a few minutes you forget about all of that and are pulled into the story and the fun that this movie is. A day or two later we watched "The Sweetest Thing" after someone recommended it to us. Both movies are romantic comedies, one from the 60's, one from the 2000's, and there the similarities end. In "Mans Favorite Sport?" the two main characters hesitate before kissing one another because it's such a big step. In "The Sweetest Thing" the main characters dance around a Chinese restaurant singing about mens penises. In "Man's Favorite Sport?" the raciest thing you see is Maria Percy's bare back when her zipper breaks, in "The Sweetest Thing" one of the characters takes a dress to the dry cleaner to try to get a semen stain out of it. The difference in decades and movie making, and societal mores, couldn't have been more apparent. Did I hate "The Sweetest Thing"? No, I actually found many parts of it funny though not the parts mentioned above. It's just that the romantic comedy has changed dramatically over the years, and not for the better. I'm not saying that we could ever go back, if "Man's Favorite Sport?" opened in theaters today I don't think it would make much money. We've become too jaded and hardened for that. 1964 was a different time, and this movie is a product of that time. And I highly recommend it, for everyone. It's two hours better spent then on most of what Hollywood is putting out today, I can promise you that. At the risk of sounding like an old fart (and I'm not, I'm in my early 50's), they just don't make movies like this anymore and while maybe that's as it should be, then again, maybe it isn't...

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