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"Romeo!" (2003)
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One of the All Time Greatest Shows on Television, 12 July 2005

Hi, my name is Brandan Bonds. I'm 13yrs old and from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I just want to say for everyone who says this show is lame, WELL ITS NOT!I don't know if your just jealous or what but you just need to stop hatting on Master P and Romeo. Especially Zachary Isaiah Williams, he's only a kid. And I bet if that was you and people was talking about how lame your show was you'd probably want to fight somebody, but unlike these actors and actresses they just don't worry about what other people say because they have god in their life and they put him before anybody. So Master P is doing his thing and so is everyone else. This is the best show on Nickelodeon. So you all are saying these things if you don't like the show, then just don't watch it1 if anyone has a problem with this comment then u just let me know.