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This list includes traditional voodoo zombies, and movies that have the bite-and-become-one-of-them Romero-esq formula. No Deadites. Sorry Evil Dead.

ZOMBIELAND SUCKS! And I wouldn't go so far as to call World War Z awful, but it's definitely bland.
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The documentary Jodorowsky's Dune has gotten me thinking about movies that could have been but never were. Whether it be a film that just never got made, lost films, films with lost footage, a film that was meant to be by another director, a sequel that never came around or whatever. Each entry in the list is accompanied by a film that makes sense in association. Some of these are movies I really wish existed. Some of these are probably better left the way they are, but would make for an interesting what if?
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Some movies I consider my favorite because they inspire me as an aspiring filmmaker, some because I've learned much about film-making through watching them, some because they touch me emotionally, some because I agree with the message, and some just because.
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No superhero movies and no Star Wars. Superhero movies get their own list, and Star Wars goes on the fantasy list.
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No superhero movies. They'll get their own list
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I tried to be objective as possible, but my biases certainly pop up here and there. This list doesn't include war movies, westerns, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or superheroes (with one exception).
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Everything I've seen with him in it excluding cameo appearances.
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In order in which they occur to me in my head
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Counting television shows and short series. For short series, I pick one definitive short as a representation for the whole series, and put the name of the series in the description.

No internet series.
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No shorts or direct-to-video stuff
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I really should write review to all these movies...
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Obviously based only on films I've seen.

I tried to put Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore Twombly from Her at #2, but IMDB wouldn't find his name.
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