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Another of Jody that is great, 28 June 2005

Eng Lng; French production, with Ptrgs subtitles) DVD Ultra Rare! Here's the skeleton in Jodie Foster's closet! She plays a teen virgin desperate to "pop her cherry" (her words, not mine) in French-made sex force; Never released in America! with Sydne Rome; the director is credited as "Eric Le Hung" (this is an obvious pseudonym; the actual director is presumed to be either co-star Jean Yanne or Claude Chabrol, a personal friend of Yanne.

I enjoyed this movie that I got quite by accident, I was so thrilled when it got started that is was not a loser. Well worth watching if you can find a copy, rent or whatever but this screams "enjoy Foster" at a peak of beauty not seen very often.

Nana (1983)
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If only one movie to choose out of the Lolita's this is it!, 28 June 2005

Nana DVD "Rare" Young Katya Berger plays many Nude scenes in the unedited version,Rated R contains extensive nudity, Katya is a absolute beauty! Young Katya Berger bares a lot of skin in this costume drama about a young Parisian lady who finds work at a burlesque club and then takes advantage of the perverts who come there. The film takes place in the 1880's, one of the stars of the club has created movies, the movies created were not very exciting but nudity all the same and very tame for today's standards. Mandy Rice-Davies, who helped bring down the British Government years ago, appears in this film. Costume drama for completest or those who want to see a poor man's Brooke Shields/Eva Ionesco, anyway you put it Katya is a stunning beauty that could steal any older man's heart and that is exactly what she did in this movie, very seductive, sexy and gorgeous all in one bundle! A true must have and to own.


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A must have, enjoyable, innocent and rare, 27 June 2005

the Brazilian Beauty (known as the South American Madonna) in a modern day retelling of Cinderella with musical numbers (including some South American hip-hop); beauty of the paquitas wearing white that is sheer beauty all by it self, also starring Julia Lemmertz, Duda Little, and comedian Sergio Mallandro as a truly uncharming Prince Charming; original Brazilian, a must have, Xuxa is a beauty and all the paquitas are just as fair, she never had ugly anything, again this is a must have.

I loved this but I look for the strange and controversial movies, simply put, Xuxa could dell marbles and I would buy some just to see her up close, she is a beauty and that is a understatement.

Lime (2001)
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Nice movie without all the normal teen nonsense, 27 June 2005

Lime is a film about growing up when you least expect it. Tanya is almost 15 with nude scenes in this movie (yes nude), angry and unhappy, she's in love with another girl Henrik 13, and now she has to move the very same day she gets a job as a drummer in Henrik's band, Limbo.

It really isn't much fun having to leave behind everything you care about nor is it much fun having a mother who keeps changing her boyfriends. In fact, it just isn't good being 15 and being forced to abandon the things that really matter in life - love, friends and music. Unless you find a way to run away from it all, but that takes courage. For a collector it is a must have, if you can rent it that is fine also but see this film please.

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A must have, 27 June 2005

I have no idea why anyone would not find this movie just short of great, I can't rave on and on but I assure you that this movie is well worth watching, owning, collecting and so forth. I gave it a 10 because the acting was so realistic and that my fellow film watching friends is the key word in any movie I assure you, Charlotte Gainsbourg's nudity did not hurt this film either, she is built to the hilt, hey I don't lie here OK? Get it and don't listen to these sticks in the mud that is always downing something. This movie is coming back soon here on Amazon I hope.