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Renegade (2004)
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Awesome!, 21 May 2006

This movie really blows me away!

I'm not the biggest fan of western movies, although I do enjoy them. But almost every western I've seen seems to be written on the same pattern. This movie however takes a certain distance from the classical western-stereotypes. It's based on the images and senses more than the usual-for-western-movies classical shoot-out scenes. The action sequences however are well-acted as well as enjoyable plus they have a good flow related to the story. I must admit that I haven't ever read the comics, but I don't find that necessary in order to enjoy this movie. Some might think that this isn't a western movie to recommend to people who aren't already fan of the genre, but I think this one should be enjoyable for almost everyone who's into a movie with at little more soul and feelings, in contradistinction to the traditional westerns.

Highly recommended!

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indescribably horror, 18 October 2005

the final destination 2... well punctuation will do it in describing what the movie is like; This movie is one of the most awful teenage horror movies I have probably ever watched. I really find a hard time believing how someone could find any actors to act in this movie, and even find someone who wouldn't be embarrassed to be the producer of such a horrible movie. The horror of this movie isn't the scary parts; as it is far from scary and close to lame... I can hardly find words that wouldn't be so harsh to this film, but I can't stop my mind and make it tell lies.

In the future I will feel pity for everyone who will waste time on The Final destination 2... well if you get to see it for free you'll probably be left with a laugh or terror of go watching "the final destination 3" which should be in the cinema's 2006.

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Fahrenheit 9/11 or who wants to think for me?, 13 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Michael More, a living legend in provoking documentary have made a enjoyable, remarkable film about George W. Bush's election, the war in Iraq, the 9/11 disaster, The Taleban, The oil, The Saudi's influence in USA's Politics and about love. Love to your own country, love to your God, love to each and everyone. Because love seems to flooding out of this man. His love for his own political ideas shines throughout the entire movie. And even though this is meant to be the point (a critical view on George W. Bush's wars) it's also the weakness of this movie. If you don't care that other people make your opinions for you, and if you don't care everything only got one side's view (Michael More's), then this movie is the perfect suit for you. Even though the conspiracy theories Michael More comes up with are some-kinda scary, his ironic way to mention them sometimes make the whole movie laughable. I surely hope that his intentions ISN'T to make people laugh, and thereby selling more tickets/DVDs, but also I sure know better.

Another weakness of this movie is the depth of it. Mr. More wants to cover too many aspects of the government he fears so much, so many aspects, that a lot of people will lose interest halfway through the movie, and sometimes it's hard to find the red line.

Except the above Fahrenheit 9/11 is enjoyable, but as a documentary it sure lacks the subjective's point of view 7/10