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A drama that greatly rewards the viewer, 12 October 2005

I first saw this programme as a child watching with my parents when it was broadcast in the late 1970s. I found it compelling then, though I did not understand some of the nuances. But having watched it again recently on UKTV Gold I have to say that it is one of the very best dramas of its era, and indeed of the subsequent period.

It never took a simplistic view of the people involved, and developed the characters over time. None of the moral situations the characters find themselves in are presented in black and white terms. The very final episodes, when liberation is close and retribution is being sought against people considered to be "collaborators", are so dramatic, and I will not forgot the tone of the final episode set on the day the war in Europe ended.



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Memorable drama, 30 September 2005

I recently purchased the DVD of the first series. The very first episode quickly reminded of how much I enjoyed all 23. It is truly compelling television. All the characters, even the most minor are well cast and played magnificently by all. I particularly enjoyed the Machiavellian scheming of "Richard Cross", played by Stanley Tucci, the smart comments of judge Beth Bornstein(I forget her real name) and Miriam Grasso played by Barbara Bosson (with such aplomb!).

They don't make them like this any more, 24 does not cut it in comparison.