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a dark, strange and plodding effort that could have been so much better, 21 February 2014

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Kevin Costner makes this material far better than it deserves to be. The tone breaks in to dark comedy territory at strange times and there never seems to be a coherent focus to anything. I'd say 65% of the film focuses on Costner's character connecting with his estranged daughter. The other 35% is flippant assassin stuff focusing on an operative who doesn't seem to care that he's putting that same daughter in mortal danger. It felt like the movie wanted to be "True Lies" but didn't know how to get to the fun stage of the concept. We're even cheated out of a "True Lies" type reveal to his daughter at the end which is one of the things I was looking forward to. There's an almost cartoon-like supporting cast and the writing, at times, is so awful that it does play like a bad cartoon.

Again, this thing jumps from tame action scenes to strange dark comedy to father/daughter pathos but it isn't very good at any of them at all. Unfortunately, it's a dark, strange and plodding effort that could have been so much better.

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Superb! Hits A High Standard Of Excellence, 1 May 2012

Hands down, this is THE best film the genre has ever produced.

All too infrequently, a much hyped blockbuster hits the mark right on the spot. Then there's the rare beauty that hits ABOVE the mark. The Avengers is such a movie. It EXCEEDS the already high expectations. It's the best big budget movie that I've EVER seen. It honestly may be my favorite movie of all-time. It hits a high standard of excellence by combining a cool plot, breathtaking action sequences, charisma, crisp and witty dialogue, the perfect villain, actual character development and puts it all together in one amazing package. For those few out there that didn't have high expectations, this movie will surprise you with its heart while sacrificing none of the fun. The inner turmoil within each character as well as the outer friction between such diverse individuals worked exceptionally well. We really can relate to each character and why he or she feels and acts the way that they do. Rest assured that The Avengers does delivers on every level and does so with great emotional moments.

It's a movie that lives up to all the hype it has generated and will continue to generate now that people are seeing it and falling in love with it completely.

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unconscionably smug movie with annoying characters, 21 July 2011

This is an unconscionably smug movie. Smug characters. Smug tone. Smug subject matter, and smug condescension towards its audience. It's infatuated with its own cleverness, staring adoringly at the rampant cynicism that propels it. Certainly, there's nothing wrong with cynicism, but every single character seems like an annoying caricature. After the first hour, it really starts to grate on the nerves. Sure, the leads are pleasant to look at for each of the sexes but Milia's part is all tease for the viewer. It's a sex comedy without the T & A payoff and that only adds to the frustration and my contempt for this horrible horrible movie going experience. No one else needs waste money on this film to experience what I had to endure.

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Superb! Fantastical but perfectly balanced by the time period and "greatest generation" setting, 21 July 2011

If there's one major element that truly sets this movie apart from any other standard "solid" comic book movie, it is the way through which the director communicates the experience. We feel for Steve Rogers and fully embrace the character as we go along with him on this amazing ride. This movie isn't about comic book pulp or American propaganda but about a deep and meaningful story. The elements are fantastical but perfectly balanced by the time period and "greatest generation" setting. This visual and emotional imagery is presented throughout the movie and provides the viewer with greater insight into the heroes AND villains. This one screams quality from the opening scene and screams fun all the way through.

For those going into this flick expecting a lot of fun, prepare to enjoy-- although fun's not the only piece of this pie. In fact, I think all movie fans will be stunned at how many levels this movie delivers upon. This is a smart and surprisingly deep film that really delivers everything I wanted to see.

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Horid Disappointment... Just A Bad Film, 17 June 2011

The sense of disappointment most DC fanboys felt with Catwoman or Superman Returns or Jonah Hex or Steel or ... well, you get the point. That profound non-Nolan DC disappointment will deepen with Green Lantern, which now lands in theatres with a resounding thud. This rather silly premise of a movie is simply terrible on most levels and average in others. Minor attempts at bad tongue-in-cheek humor mixed with crazy alien CG and worst of all, the limited action was heartless action. It delivers nothing but a bloated and self-important waste of film even though the running time is short. That's a tough thing to pull off even if they were trying to do it. Talk about caught in no man's land. It doesn't give you wild popcorn action and it doesn't come close to delivering deep character or plot. It does remind me of the swing and a miss that was Fantastic Four simply because nothing really happened worth watching. Hopefully, this slide into ponderous absurdity means DC will hire Nolan for life and make him director of non-Batman material. Someone needs to stop this madness.

This asinine collection of computer graphics and insane dialogue is just a disgrace to the fresh and revolutionary source material. To non-comic book readers, comic books themselves really aren't this dumb and cheesy. Don't judge the source material based on crap films like this one.

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Completely Awful..., 29 September 2010

Completely awful. There are actually some kernels of wisdom spread throughout this film but they absolutely drown in a sea of tedium. The subsidiary characters are extremely shallow and you care for and empathize with none of them. I actually thought this film would never end. The "eat" part of the journey flounders and the "pray" aspect is shallow and uninteresting. By the time "love" hits the screen I literally wanted to run for the exit. At one point early on Julia Roberts' character wondered what one word describes her. The series of words that sprang to my mind where "selfish," "pathetic," "delusional" but I finally settled for two words..."clinically insane." It's fitting because that's exactly what anyone would have to be if they enjoyed any part of this relationship breaking mess of a movie.

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jumped the Shrek and the Shark ... terrible, 22 May 2010

Shrek is back for his fourth and hopefully last run and there's no plot, no story and none of the great little one liners or wink to the older crowd jokes we have enjoyed with the previous Shrek films. With everything Pixar can deliver nowadays, do we really need to try and squeeze blood from a franchise like this one? If Shrek 3 didn't pull it off than this one certainly has... This movie has jumped the Shrek and the Shark. Want a movie that is chalked filled with jokes that fall flat? Go see Shrek 4never.

Ever wonder why Hollywood is rebooting everything and spinning off bad TV shows? Well, they're clearly out of good ideas. More proof is green-lighting a fourth Shrek movie that's this bad. There's no way you can tell me that any studio exec read the treatment for this animated turd and thought it was a good idea for an entertaining film. They simply crunched the money numbers and ordered the standard grab for the wallet. Too bad I fell for it like a lot of people probably will. When will I learn my lesson?

MacGruber (2010)
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Beyond Bad and almost completely Unfunny, 21 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This could very well be the DUMBEST movie I've ever sat through start to finish. Going in, I expected dumb. What I didn't expect was for the movie to be lifeless and almost completely unfunny. A couple of chuckles (driving around to bad 80's music or one subtitle for the word loco) can not make up for a truly awful film. This thing was all over the place trying to be part "Get Smart" part MacGyver parody but all it ended up being was a borderline offensive mess. Celery up the butt you can tolerate, some people may find it funny but horribly awkward and unfunny sex scenes (both real and with a ghost) and naked elderly people cross the comfort line and don't do so in any way that's funny whatsoever. I should have known better to go to the cinema hoping something funny was spawned by this era's SNL members.

Iron Man 2 (2010)
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Fun but also Smart! It has the right amount of humor, angst and drama, 28 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Iron Man 2 sure delivers the fun but it's such intelligent fun. Honestly, its Stan Lee meets Shakespeare. The Hammer/Stark rivalry is more like Hamlet and Claudius then Superman to Lex Luthor. Iron Man is simply more complex as a character then anything else you'll see in a summer film but it loses none of the spark or none of the pure popcorn fun. How many other films can you say that about? Stark's vulnerability is very much on display here as his personal life crumbles through various unique conflicts. He has to struggle with the government for control of his armor and deal with his growing celebrity. At the same time his personal life takes a turn as a love triangle emerges. He (like soon all of America) becomes attracted to his new aide (the lovely Scarlett Johansson), causing tension with his former assistant but now new Stark Industries CEO Pepper Potts (the also lovely Gwyneth Paltrow). They manage to pull all this off remarkably well and still leave character time for Rhodey and the villains. It's a believable sci-fi story featuring an intellect story that's wild but has the right amount of humor, angst and drama. Like I remember about Iron Man 1, I can't think of a weak moment in the film. The visual effects are incredible. They did the memory of their boss, the great Stan Winston, proud. They set the bar high again. Now the only question is whether they have anything left in the tank for Iron Man 3? I'm betting that they do.

Bewitched (2005)
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Just call it AWFUL and be done with it., 25 June 2005

Are a few good laughs worth wasting 100 minutes of time? For me, the answer is a resounding "No!" There are far more promising avenues to explore in the quest for laughter than the dead-end represented by Will Farrell's latest endeavor, Bewitched. Putting aside the juvenile humor (which is admittedly, albeit unevenly, funny), all that's left is a woefully underwritten motion picture. The last 30 minutes is so godawful that it almost sent me screaming from the theater.

When you consider that this film stars one of the most successful comedic actors of the past decade as well as a very cool premise revolving around a beloved old TV show, this could have been a much funnier movie. Instead, we're left with a handful of chuckles and not enough gas to cover the film's short runtime. We also get a butchering of that beloved old TV show. This thing tries to be too cute for it's own good. It's a film about a film about an old TV show called Bewitched. GACK. Just call it awful and be done with it.