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Les Mythos (2011)
a comedy about wannabee bodyguards, 3 October 2015

Three Young people from Paris poor suburbs are fired from their lousy security job. They pretend to be Professional bodyguards and their first contract is to protect Marie Van Derten, the daughter of the richer man of Belgium. She is arrogant, selfish, hysterical, but she is targeted by hit men and doesn't know she is in danger. The three unprofessional bodyguards, in spite of their clumsiness, will prove very useful after all. No real thrills, but some laughs. The actors who play Marie and Karim (the less stupid out of the the three bodyguards) do a pretty good job. Credibility: close to none, but it is a comedy! Entertainment : OK

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struggling with poverty and adversity, 12 May 2012

Yann Laurent (brilliant performance by Guillaume Canet at his best) is working as a cook in a catering facility and aspires to get a better job as a chef in a restaurant. He meets Nadia, a young waitress, single mother of a 9.5 years old boy named Slimane. They fall in love; then during a day off near a lake, they encounter a closed mansion. With not much preparation, and lack of cash, they buy the place in the aim of opening their restaurant. What begins as a dram will turn out as a nightmare. After works being made to fix the place, authorities do not allow the opening for non compliance to regulations. The downward spiral begins, as they lied to the bank to get the loan (their initial cash was actually borrowed with high interest rates in many loans different companies). Nadia is offered by her boss to go work abroad in Canada. Shes asks Yann to keep her son for a supposedly short period of time, the time she sorts things out. But the situation for all characters seems to get worse and worse on the material level... Slimane's mother left, but he might have found a father... Overall, a film of quality, quite sad, but full of life. The harshness of times of crisis, when the poor people get desperate.

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a touching yet funny French comedy, 19 October 2011

I have seen this movie tonight at a preview session as the official french national release is set on 2011, November 2nd. Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakashe, accompanied by the lead actor Omar Sy were meeting the audience and cheerfully answering questions.

The movie is very well written. Although opening on a flash-forward, it is fairly classic comedy about the meeting of two opposite people who were very unlikely to meet. The first one is a paraplegic white middle aged very rich and lonely man, the other one is a young black, poor, unemployed, coming from poor suburbs and a very large family.

What makes the quality of the film, beside the humour present in every scene in which Omar Sy appears (actually most of the film), is the emotion you can feel, through increasingly attaching characters.

The story is based upon a true story, and real characters.

If you want to watch and enjoyable comedy, with very touching moments, this is a must go.

There are interesting insights about arts as well (paintings, classical music, and funk music). What is art? What is its use?

Safari (2009)
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A watchable basic comedy, 2 January 2010

Richard DACIER owns a tour agency specialized on organizing safaris for European tourists eager to confront the African wild life. Actually, he took the job after his father and never went into the savanna by himself. As he owes big money to some mobster, he is compelled to convey a fake tourist, with a suspicious suitcase, toward Mozambic. To avoid suspicion from the authorities, he is supposed to tour a group of tourists as usual. The only problem : he is completely unexperienced as a guide ! Hence follows a comedy which is basically a tour of Kruger park. Some funny moments, and if you do not expect too much, pretty watchable movie.