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Zoolander (2001)
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Horrible!!!, 8 July 2006

What a waste of time and money both for me and the film makers. The is one of the worst movies I ever saw! Ben Stiller isn't that great and I despise Will Ferrell more then the amount of hatred that is thrown at George W. Bush! I hate these dumb movies that go nowhere, aren't funny and have the stupidest concepts ever! Will Ferrell needs to find a cliff somewhere to jump off of so I don't have to deal with hearing another movie starring Will Ferrell is coming out next month. Ben Stiller's usefulness in comedy has run out and Christine Taylor isn't exactly a person I would call unique. To sum up this review I'd like to say if you want to see quality comedy watch a John Candy flick.

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What a Great Comedy Central Presents!, 9 December 2005

Man did I love this show. Freddy is so funny. I love it when he did the impressions of his father. They were so hilarious! Man! I liked the athletes foot bit and the "Reguardless" bit that his father always say regardless and my favorite is the one he closed the show with when Freddys helping work on the roof and he needs to go get that tool and his fathers getting so angry. He was also great in The Three Amigos with Pablo Francisco, Carlos Mencia and Freddy Soto. I'm so upset that he died and so young too. It really is a shame for his friends, family and fans. He will be just as missed a Mitch Hedberg. R.I.P. Freddy Soto.

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Cool PBS Special!, 29 November 2005

I really liked this special. It is about unusual buildings and other sorts of unusual roadside stuff. I guess you can tell that is what its about from the very long title. I had a few favorites in this. I liked the giant ketchup bottle water tower, the nice little round pharmacy, the house that is shaped like a goose, the orange store and the motel where the rooms are shaped like tepees. I like shows where they go to different places and look at the history of stuff or show interesting landmarks that aren't very popular. They should have made this a TV series on PBS. I was a great special though. They should at least make a second. Very enjoyable.

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Who knew Chris Kattan could be funny?, 13 November 2005

Wow! Corky Romano is funny! I like movies or skits that make fun of the mob. Corky is one of the craziest movie characters out there. My favorite parts in the movie were when Corky inhaled all that cocaine and he was talking to those elementary school kids and he was going crazy and also when he was spying on those tough Nazis and he got captured. Without Corky I liked that little scene where Peter and Paulie were at the ice cream truck and Paulie couldn't read the sign and was holding up the line. Peter Fawk did some good acting in this. He was always great in Columbo. I also think it was neat to see Blake Clark in this. I like his stand-up back in the eighties. Anyway, if you want to see a crazy little guy whos in the middle of a bunch of trouble, watch Corky Romano: Special Agent.

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Stella at their Best, 12 November 2005

Wow, Stella Shorts are great! Lots of patrons from The State and Stella, the TV show. I never knew that Stella could have gotten any better then they were on the TV show Stella or even Comedy Central Presents: Stella. I also never knew short comedies could be any good. My favorite ones were Pizza, Racking Leaves, The Woods and David arranges to a meeting with his long lost cousin Greg. I think over all that David was the funniest one. Its funny when he doesn't make sense. I like the music in the shorts. Thats something I pay attention to a lot. They always had good taste in music. I wish they still made shorts, either that or bring back there sitcom. I hope they continue making good and funny comedy.

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A Simple Cartoon for Simple Minds, 10 November 2005

The Berenstain Bears were great books for kid who were learning to read and then the made a nice little cartoon for kids. I have most of the episodes on tape. I bought them at the store about ten years ago and even back then the quality wasn't very good and it was a little hard to understand what they were saying, but the kids still loved them. Some people say that the shows are too addicting and that kids will want to watch TV instead of reading the books, but its nice to get a break every once in awhile. The Berenstien Bears came back in 2003, but it didn't last as long. Good thing PBS shows the reruns. Both shows are great and its a good way to teach little kids.

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The Best Spin off Show from The State, 9 November 2005

This show really cops a bad reputation. These guys are so stupid. I have three that tie for my top favorites, Junior, Weigel and Jones. Junior has always been the underrated one. I think its funny when hes doing stuff with the dogs. Weigel just a nut. Whos knows why they would ever higher her to be a police officer. One screw lose character. I liked the episode where she was suicidal. There's where you see the best of Weigel. Jones is so funny. I notice that he usually laughs at Garcia a lot. Cedric Yarbrough is a talented actor and I think he should get himself into more movies. My favorite season is season two. Lots of funny skits there. Same thing for season one in some episodes. Season three was kind of dull but I can't wait for season four seeing that they left season three on that cliffhanger with Dangle and Garcia locked in the police car and Craig dieing. I just can't wait.

Shrek (2001)
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I Despise This Film, 9 November 2005

I hate this piece of garbage film. Absolutely hate it. This give comedy a bad name. I can't take anybody anymore. Everybody loves it and everybody wants to watch it over and over again because they say they never get bored of it. This movie was corny and disgusting. Mike Myers has got to be one of thee worst comedians of all time. He has never appeared in a movie that I don't hate. He is just so irritating. I used to like Eddie Murphy back in the eighties when he was talented but he ruined his reputation with some of his later movies. I was so angry when they came out with Shrek 2 and now I found out there making a third. What the Hell? Kill this stupid irritating movie.

L.A. Story (1991)
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A Rare Find., 8 November 2005

Steve Martin, could be one of the greatest comedians out there, and don't get me wrong, he is, but he has had his share of bad movies such as Cheaper by the Dozen and ¡Three Amigos! and a few others. L.A. Story on the other hand is where he shows his best. This goes on Steve Martin's A list. The main thing I liked about this movie was the "talking" highway billboard. I think that was very creative and very cool. It was funny when it made the car move on its own. Romance movies are usually to sappy, but this one was much didn't have any of that and it had good actors and actresses. If you want a good romance see L.A. Story.

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A Good Ol' Seventies Sitcom!!, 6 November 2005

What a great show! What's Happening is so funny! There isn't one character I don't like. Rerun is one crazy kid. He sure can dance though. He is one of those characters you'll always hear about because they were so funny, like Kramer from Seinfeld. Mama is funny too. I love her. She is you typical crazy tough seventies mother, loving to teach her kids a lesson with a belt to the butt. Sherley was an underrated character. She had an unusual attitude that was hilarious. Raj was always in some situation. He has to have one of the funniest dance moves out there. He reminds me a lot of comedian Vince Morris. They look a lot alike and act a lot alike. Dee is one pain in the butt sister. Hate to have her around. Finally there's Dwayne. He had one crazy afro especially in the earlier years. Its a surprise that this show didn't last very long. It was just as funny as The Jeffersons or Welcome Back Kotter. I'm glad TV Land shows the re-runs of this show show we can all watch Rerun again. Ha!

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