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A horrific, vile, and disturbing experience
5 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I had read about a film called Neighborhood Watch a year or so ago that was supposed to be the most disturbing horror film ever lensed. I did not, however, know that the film had been re-titled to Deadly End (why?). I am a collector of horror films. I have over 3000 VHS and DVD horror movies in my collection. There is nothing I haven't seen before. So for a movie to wreck me like this one did, I had no other choice than to give it a perfect 10. Some of the acting is a bit shoddy, and some of the choices the actors make are highly unlikely. If a man that looked like THAT showed up at my house with candy, it would go straight in the trash! These characters, however, indulge in the stuff...and to grisly results. Those minor gripes aside, everything else in this film did exactly what it was supposed to. Sicken the viewer to the very core. It is not an enjoyable experience at all. As jaded as I am, I had to turn it off about halfway through to get some fresh air. Yes people, it is really that bad. The story is simple. A young couple moves into a suburban neighborhood where a sadistic, deeply disturbed man lives. The man takes to poisoning and torturing this couple for seemingly no reason. Thats it. Such a simple story leads to such a horrifying end that I offered my roommates $20 a piece if they could finish the movie. Neither of them could make it half way through. Enjoy!
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Day of the Dead (2008 Video)
If only it hadn't carried the name Day of the Dead
13 April 2008
Steve Miner, as a director, isn't bad. He directed my favorite entries in the Friday the 13th series, Halloween: H20, and Lake Placid. None of these movies are Oscar worthy, but they are all good, fun horror films. What he was thinking when he directed the Day of the Dead redux is beyond me.

A small Colorado town is overrun with the living dead, following a flu like virus that has swept across the land. As soon as the virus kills someone, their skin immediately decays and they become superhuman beasts. These zombies don't just run (a modern zombie element which has caused a lot of controversy in recent years) they jump, shoot weapons, and somehow manage to crawl on walls and ceilings. At the forefront of this super-zombie apocalypse is Mena Suvari (who phoned in her part) and Nick Cannon (who should have) as well as a few other meaningless characters. People die, things explode, and an hour and a half of your life is wasted as you watch this deplorable film.

Honestly, if this film had carried any moniker other than the classic Day of the Dead, I would have given it a bit higher of a rating. I'm thinking 3 or 4, mostly because some of the make-up fx are pretty nifty. Instead, the filmmakers decided to take everything Romero created and turn it on its head. Experimentation is a good thing, but not in this case. This should not be called a remake...or even a reimagining for that matter. It has nothing to do with the original film, aside that there are zombies involved and the military has a presence. I say, pull it from the shelves now, and send it out retitled. George Romero really shouldn't have to put up with this nonsense anymore.
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good but not great...worth a watch
1 June 2006
This movie is very B but far from a lot of the shot on video trash you will see in video stores across the globe. It was, in fact, shot entirely on film...16mm, 35mm, and 8mm for flashbacks respectively. It has a cinematic feel, and though some of the acting is lacking and the pace could be trimmed a hair, it is an enjoyable film. I have heard it called one of the most ambitious genre indie films ever made, and I have to agree. The attention to uniform and vehicle details from the WW2 era are astonishing, given the obvious meager budget, and the make-up effects were very effective. The acting, for the most part, was a step above acceptible, and the drama and horror blended seamlessly. Some of this film contained bits of unintentional humor, but it only works in favor of the overall feel. The CGI was also well done, and thankfully sparingly used. The directors and two actors at the showing all seemed very down to earth and really made me want to buy this film when it comes out on DVD in the fall, and I suggest any horror or war movie fan do the same.
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great film, but my copy had no subtitles!
22 January 2006
I found this movie to be very funny and the gore was outstanding. A couple things I didn't enjoy so much was that the zombies make-up effects were a bit too fake and my copy has no subtitles! Mine is the Fangoria International release and claims to have subtitles, but due to some manufacturing flaw, there are none. Of course, this is no fault of the actual movie, just the company...However the fact that I still found the dialog's hilarious and had no idea what they were saying speaks in waves about the actors performances. The John West theme song still sticks in my head and I laugh every time I think about it. I recommend this movie to any fans of early Peter Jackson films like Braindead and Bad Taste, and also to zombie fans in general. Just make sure your copy has subtitles if you don't understand the language, of course. This is a massive step up from the original Plaga Zombie.
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Oh so Gay
14 November 2005
David Decotau is a competent director. He has directed numerous Full Moon pictures like Puppet Master and Shrieker under pseudonyms. Those were both good films. However, his homosexuality seems to be his main motive for directing these days, and young buff guys in their boxer briefs seem to be his major visual reference. This is all fine and well, but he disguises these films as teen horror movies, not unlike Scream, and packages them the same. A typical straight male is not going to enjoy this type of movie, unless he is hiding something! I am getting sick of Mr. Decotau's films. They are polluting movie shelves and, quite frankly...gay or not, are really bad movies. This man ran out of steam long before Full Moon ran out of business. He must be stopped!
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