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The Brain (1969)
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The Brain (aka Le Cerveau), 22 June 2005

The Brain is truly a French Comedy in every sense. Although sometimes bordering on the absurd, it was done with such a subtlety that it all seems comically real. In Addition to David Niven and Eli Wallach, two very know French actor/comedians, namely Bourvil and Jean Paul Belmondo, also star in this movie, making the movie complete.

The plot, A maxi Robbery by mini thieves, the many twists, the surprise ending, the Statue of liberty and a Leopard in a laundry room was all it took to make this fabulous comedy.

If you can get your hands on this movie at your local video store, don't pass it by. Though made in 1969, it has become a timeless classic.

Other Movies with Bourvil that are worth watching: La Grande Vadrouille and Le Corniaud (The Sucker)