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Best medical drama in years, 7 June 2006

Seriously, if you haven't seen house, your really missing out on one of the more clever, hilarious and compelling medical dramas out there-though it has to be said that this is quite different to the standard fare.

To sum it up, the show is about House and his team of medical 'detectives'. Each week, we are given a major dilemma, with a patient who has some major illness that no one can understand, until the titles character comes through with a solution.

While this may seem like this is a dumb premise, the result is one of the best shows around. Hugh Laurie, who plays the blunt, sarcastic lead character really makes this show shine, and will often have you in stitches with his eccentric approach. The support cast shines as well, and the writing has continued to be of the highest quality since it began. in all cases, the final verdict is always surprising, and there's just enough balance between the leads brilliance and a fine supporting cast. Please, give it a go if you like something above the standard!!!

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Actually pretty exciting, if you can get past the comic stuff, 29 May 2006

OK, so a lot of reviewers are saying that this was pretty sub-standard. In my own view, I would say that it pretty much succeeds in achieving what it aims to do, and I would definitely watch a sequel to it.

Ratner definitely will annoy some comic fans for sure: there are some pretty big deaths that you have to wonder about. I also probably didn't like the way the Phoenix saga was handled here either, but it's not all about comics.

In the end, at least for the most part, everything is well done. The dialogs was fine, and probably better then the other films in some ways. The film never dragged, the effects were well done, and the storyline was reasonably well established.

It certainly could have been done a lot better, but enjoyed this a great deal more then some of the other blockbusters out recently. This is a worthy sequel, so don't hesitate to check it out.

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Very clever thriller, 18 May 2006

For those who have not seen the original Mission Impossible, it is a real shame. While the other flicks offer plenty of explosions and cool action sequences, the original remains the best for it's interesting plot twists, some decent acting, and a well developed element of suspense that's lacking in the later pictures.

To reveal any of the plot would be a disservice: it certainly has some pretty interesting occurrences that should be seen for full effect. What really makes this great though is De Palma's direction. Unlike the later flicks, key scenes are drawn out: there is a real Spense of suspense that is rarely achieved. Three key action scenes come to mind, and there all extremely cool: it's just a shame that Criuse couldn't enlist the services of more experienced director's later in the franchise.

A memorable, well executed thriller.

Reasonable effort, but still forgettable, 18 May 2006

Mission Impossible three offers a reasonable number of thrills, some great acting from Phillip Seymour Hoffman as usual, a lot of ridiculous running sequences from Tom Cruise, and is fairly fun.

Plotwise, it follows the same conventions pretty much of the second flick: There's an issue with something in the wrong Hands, and a team has to save the day. It offers a fairly decent amount of cool stunts, with some clear references to 'True Lies' and 'Speed'. Strangely though, it was not really the action sequences that I enjoyed the most in this film: any part with Hoffman in it was simply awesome to watch. I really think he carried the movie with his abiities to play a cold blooded killer, though it was a real shame that we didn't see more of it.

Sadly, the film is mostly let down by a ridiculous love story angle, and way too many scenes involving Tom Cruise running like a maniac, but it was still decent entertainment.

I still put this on a par with the second film, and the original definitely wins out over this one because it's sense of suspense. See it for fun, but don't expect too much.

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Visually clever film from Germany, 22 January 2006

Run Lola Run is one of the more interesting experiments to come out of Cinema, using a number of visual effects to keep you watching. As the title suggests, the film is centered around Lola, a spirited red head who's in love with her boyfriend, Manni. Sadly for her, Manni has gotten himself into a great deal of trouble, and she has only twenty minutes to avert disaster.

Although the plot seems simple, it is how it plays out that is really interesting: The story is repeated three times with subtle changes affecting the outcome. Each time it shows how the simplest moments of interaction, (e.g) Running into a woman), can change how an event pans out in less then a second, and it's very entertaining to find out how it ends. Although it may seem boring to show what is often the same events over and over, it is the kinetic visual flair and cinematography that makes it worthwhile, with even animation being used.

Even though it is highly enjoyable, it is still unlikely to be one of those films you can come back to, and apart from this the plot is quite shallow. Also, the tech-no music may seem a bit uninspired for some, but this still succeeds because of it's originality and style. Definitely worth a look.

What did you really expect?, 18 January 2006

OK, so dukes isn't going to win any awards for pushing the artform. As a film it's terrible, with close to no storyline and some pretty poor comedy moments. It's also pretty incoherent, and is pretty much like the B-grade show it's based on. So why watch it? Well, it has to be said that the car scenes, which there are quite a few of, are done exceptionally well. It has to be said that some of the stunts they pull off in this movie are amazing, and a lot of fun to watch. Oh, and of corse Jessica Simpson is quite easy on the eyes as well, and this all pretty much sums up what expectations I had for the movie.

So pretty much, if you skip all those filler scenes and watch the car bits and the Jessica bits, you'll have mindless fun.

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Highlander wishes it was this good, 10 January 2006

During the eighties, Hong Kong cinema had some of the most enjoyable action films on the planet, and this was one of them.

Basically the plot revolves around two soldiers, one good and one bad, fighting to the death and being frozen in ancient china. They are then thawed out in the eighties, forced to battle once again but now with greater powers.

Although a great deal of the film is based on how the two soldiers react to there new surroundings, with some interesting results, the film is more about the action sequences, which are all pretty impressive. It has to be said that the final sword battle between the two foes is one of my favourite sequences in history, even though it is clearly a rip off of highlander. Of course, like many Hong Kong flicks, it is done 10 times better then the American version. This is a pretty good way to introduce yourself to Hong Kong cinema.

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The mother of all horror films, 10 January 2006

Stanley Kubrick was probably the most most consistently brilliant director in film history. Despite having made films in a variety of genres, there has rarely been one made that is short of classic status, and his foray into horror is quite possibly the best of it's kind.

In 'The Shining', we are basically told a small story about writer's block, in which a writer and his family look after a hotel during the winter. With no one staying there, they are completely isolated, and writer Jack, (Jack Nicholson), finds himself slowly going mad, eventually resulting in his attempted murder of his wife and child.

Kubrick was always about phychology, and he expertly creates a deeply disturbing atmosphere which slowly builds. the camera-work helps to show the vast space the family are stuck in, and the haunting soundtrack compliments this extremely well, creating plenty of tension. The acting is also about as good as it gets from everyone, though it has to be said that Jack Nicholson steals the show as the lunatic star. Overall, this is my favourite horror flick, a film that manages to grip you to the very end, and it has to be said that even the most hardened movie goers will get some chills from this masterpiece.

Elephant (2003)
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Interesting, but not for everyone, 8 January 2006

Gus Van Sant's film about a short period in the lives of high school students is an interesting take on modern life. Though it really has no story or resolve, it is great to see a director that is willing to take a different path from the norm for a change.

Essentially about a high school massacre, 'Elephant' follows the lives of various students in a different order. All of them are connected by the time frame with which they are shot, with the end resulting in a massacre by two students.

Utilizing long takes from a steady cam, often from behind each character, and almost devoid of a score, Elephant feels more like an observation then a story, with very little insight into anyone's lives. Although there is some insight into the killers motives, almost everyone seems passive here: At no point do you really feel connected to the characters. If the film is trying to say anything, it is that most peoples lives really are devoid of anything worthwhile, though you can certainly take a lot out of this.

Although I enjoyed it, I must warn those who wish to see it that it's raw style can feel bland, and many will hate it. still, if you want something different, then this will interest you.

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Another fine Aussie flick that won't get any attention, 7 January 2006

It's a real shame that films like 'Three Dollars' don't get any recognition in there own countries, because it definitely shows what a great industry we have hear. The premise is quite simple: a tale about an honest man, trying to support a family who loses his job and nearly collapses. Throughout the film, we learn about how he met his wife, and what it really means to be down on luck.

It's hard to explain why this is such a great film, but it is undoubtedly a fantastic story that is well acted and directed, with an as usual great performance for leading man Wehnam. All I can say is that it is well worth seeing, one of the best movies I've seen this year, yet no one will ever know about it. See it if you get a chance.

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