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Cinematic short stories, 18 December 2006

Bond Street is a visual short story compilation. The stories are connected by a series of objects bought in London's Bond Street for the bride in an upcoming wedding. A dress, string of pearls, veil and bouquet all have a story attached to them. The film is universally well played and tightly directed, with scripts by three separate authors. Nevertheless, the stories merge well to make a pleasing whole. We run the gamut from heavy drama to light British farce, the variety of styles guaranteeing a satisfying experience. Well photographed, on location at times, the titles thanking the "unsuspecting residents of Bond Street" for their contribution.

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Quite a good sleeper, 16 December 2006

This movie has a compelling atmosphere which starts in the first scene of revelation in prison and continues to the very end. There is an undercurrent of excitement created I think by our own longing for riches. We're cheering for the little man to make good in the end. As it turns out, he is finally redeemed in an unusual manner. The strength of this film lies in its strong supporting cast of 'villains', particularly Walter Brennan as the crazy uncle and Ruth Donnelly as the mother only a crook could love. Cinemascope photography is another big plus. There is great use of the widescreen to add tension to group scenes. A snapshot of rural America in the 1950's and perhaps a lingering remnant of the noir genre.