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Why This Movie Works and Why It Never Grows Old, 4 March 2008

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It would have been easy for John Carpenter to stay in George Romero's shadow or remain a cult figure with more "Dark Star"-type entertainment. Instead, JC catapulted his name and franchise into history with the release of EFNY. It contains all the classic elements: a no-compromise anti-hero (Russell), a cast of misfit cohorts who work both for and against his goals (Borgnine, Barbeau, Stanton), an enemy with real dimensions (Hayes), a fantastic and depressingly realistic setting (Manhattan turned into a prison), and an authority we can both respect (van Cleef) and despise (Pleasance). And all of it works extremely well with a no-nonsense plot and storyline. No part of this is so far-fetched that we can't relate to the situation (and who hasn't pictured NYC in this condition one day?) or sympathize with Russell's character Snake Plissken. The worse thing you could say about this cult favorite is the low-key climax. No, you don't get a major battle or explosions as the finale. What you do get is absolutely true-to-form with the rest of the film: Snake walks away after successfully completing his mission (and saving his own skin) and yet can still screw the authority and the society that put him in the situation to begin with...and you find yourself grinning in approval.

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Extremely dumb political satire disguised as even dumber comedy, 27 November 2006

Worst attempt at humor since "Road to Wellville." I have no problems with satire and making fun of Bush, who seems to be as dumb as he is portrayed at times, but the portrayals of W, Laura, and Cheney are so heavy-handed it seems to be written for 3rd graders. We get it! Bush is a country bumpkin and a puppet, Dick is the puppet master, etc, etc. Stop already! (If you have an IQ over 28, you will feel very insulted by the script, so don't watch unless you like yelling at the TV). And why did they feel it was necessary to insult soldiers as badly as John Kerry accidentally did? This movie should have been panned much worse than Kerry was. If they had just stuck to satirizing American Idol and left the political-humor-for-dummies angle out, this movie would have been bearable. Willem Dafoe and Hugh Grant should have backed out after page 5 of the script (they are better than this trash). Did I mention that I hated this movie? I want my two dollars back!