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ParaNorman (2012)
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What's the music on the car radio ?, 16 October 2012

While they are going through the town after (SPOILER) the attack in their car - What is the Stax/Hi-sounding instrumental that is playing on the radio . please ? I'd like to know what it was .

You could compare it to an All Green sound - a " Memphis " one .

It did not appear to be clearly indicated - at least to me - in the credits .

Who wrote it ? Was it from the original score ?

Is there anyone here who's seen both the 3-D and flat version in theaters ?

I saw the flat one .

Funny , this being out at about the same time as Frankenweenie and that Sandler Transylvania one - Hollywood - thy name art originality !

Thy name be originality !

Thy name is originality:-)...........

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How Times Change !!!!!!!!! Plus , Bette's Pilot ?, 22 June 2011

It is interesting to not that The Boys In The Band , essentially the first play 100% about " out " gay male men in the New York theater written from an " inside " perspective , rather got split on the barre of history .

When it opened , as said above , it was considered radical - Then , by the time the movie came out , Stonewall had happened , and some gays considered it to " self-loathing " , refelecting as it did the pre-Stonewall world .

What was this " Bette Davis Show " , a TV pilot ( I assume ) that we see clips of , that Mart did a - credied - rewrite on ? It is not listed , either her nor under Bette .

Presumably it was never shown publicaly/officially ?

The veracity of " Judy's funeral inspired the Stonewall fightback " has been argued back & forth...

Marwencol (2010)
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I Would Like To Know..., 6 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

...what the conclusion of the film is .

I would like a spoiler , in other words .

I doubt that I will see this film theatrically - Movie theaters tend towards 410-$10.50 out my way , and a film such as this , arguably , is more a television/video documentary piece making a brief stop at theaters in a very few markets - So , could someone spoil it for me, please ?

Mark's " secret " behind the beating , how the exibition works out , that last line...

I am VERY poor at present , BTW .

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" RIBBONS DOWN MY BACK " Song Inclusion ?, 15 September 2005

The last time I saw DOLLY! , it appears that the song " RIBBONS DOWN MY BACK " , from the Broadway version , was not in it --- But I could swear I remember seeing a version with the song !

As a song sung by a secondary character (Irene Molloy) that is the sort of song that would be the first to go-Does anybody remember seeing it ?

Oh , and can I mention that I , personally , always liked the film's attempt to come up with a " movie " equivalent of a finale/reprise . The fact that Walter Matthau has one black man among his attendants , just one - 60s Hollywood liberalism , trying to do the best that they could ! Oh , and for a point I've seen pointed out - The place where Dolly and Horace get married is not a church , meaning a Christian religious place , IIRC - no cross or crucifix is shown - One presumes that the characters are Jerwish , but I don't recall a Star Of David , either...