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not what it says on the tin..., 31 December 2015

I first watched this several years ago and I couldn't help laughing cause I have to be honest and say that it cannot be taken seriously of course and would have been better if it had been written as a "comic book comedy" because I think it is impossible to sit and watch the entire movie without laughing and really is that bad. the first thing is it called "The Trial of the Incredible Hulk" and yet the "trial" plays a minor part in the movie and the main focus is upon Wilson Fisk and Matt "daredevil" Murdoch while "David Bellson" is barely noticeable and frankly looks tired and depressed in my opinion. in fact its possible that during the time the movie was made Bill bixby's prostrate cancer was starting to spread which would explain why he looked fact its sad that his career and life would end four years after this awful movie was made. I say that if you want to laugh and cringe for 1 hour 40 this cause it cannot be taken seriously. in fact it is possible to sense Linda Darlow who plays the fake nurse cringing as she fights Matt "daredevil" Murdoch in the hospital. its so predictable cause its obvious that she would lose and then the great build up to the "fight scene" between Daredevil and Fisk's henchmen which is likewise poorly arranged. in fact there is is no fighting except the predictable punch here and there which ends with Fisk flying away in a spaceship with his disloyal sidekick who helps Daredevil free Ellie Mendez. and the movie ends with David Bellson hitch hiking to pastures new. what lets this movie down is the don't call a film "the trial of the incredible hulk" when the actual trial plays a small part in the actual plot.

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could and should have been better...., 12 August 2015

I watched 2 and a half episodes last night from a video tape I got many years ago. if I'm honest I found them rather predictable. because it is based around people who protect politicians and the like, therefore the scriptwriters do what I consider as "predictable" i.e. they invent a plot that inevitably leads to a politician being the target of a hit-man. but because the script writers know that to simply write a script which ends with a politician being shot, would be boring. so they decide to invent a plot which involves the bodyguard and his wife and young daughter, being held captive by a foreign couple who then attempt to manipulate the bodyguard by saying that unless he cooperates and leads the politician into a situation where he can be shot, the bodyguard's wife and daughter will be shot. the body guard then "predictably" feels stressed but decides to cooperate. there after things become even more predictable i.e. "the commander" decides that they should try to find and if necessary kill the hit man before he can kill the politician. that was obviously designed to create a feeling of "tension" but in my opinion it doesn't work and by this point it is difficult to take it seriously. anyway the plot ends with the wife of the bodyguard being shot. and before the episode ends we get to see the bodyguard "going through the motions" but again its too predictable and just lacks "realism" and feels rushed because don't forget that each episode lasts for 60 minutes, therefore everything feels rushed. it doesn't work in my opinion. this was a good opportunity to set a new standard because up till 1996 most British "cop shows" didn't focus on bodyguards who protect members of state. and so when "bodyguards" was created it was fresh and new. but the plot, script, and directing let down what could and should have been a good series. therefore its not surprising it only ran from 1996 to 1997.

Private Sessions (1985) (TV)
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Thought provoking movie, 20 May 2015

I watched this movie last night and I can honestly say that I was captivated from start to finish. It it one of the best made for television movies I have seen in a long time. The cast is perfect. Kelly Mcgillis is absolutely perfect in her role and its very difficult to not feel emotional as she finds the courage to talk about what happened to her as a child. Its one of those movies that go into my all time favorites. The doctor who treats her is also very good and convincing. the only fault I have is that the movie ends with the focus on the doctor rather than Kelly and so I found myself feeling slightly disappointed not knowing how things turned out for Kelly? after all the entire movie is based around her and so naturally it should also end with her right? either way Its still a really good movie, the kind of film that touches our emotions.

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good but predictable, 17 March 2015

First watched this back in 2010 and watched some of it again yesterday evening. It's rather standard and predictable in the sense that if one has seen Stewart Granger act during the mid to late 1940s His roles were almost always the same...The Dashing English gentleman who Treats the ladies rough and get's into rather predictable scrapes. Sadly Footsteps in the fog Is predictable but still watchable. I laughed several Times while watching this film because its so predictable. one is able to predict how Stewart reacts to a situation.

I wouldn't be surprised if He had become by this time? I mean who wants to play the same role time after time? to Get a fresh role challenges actors of both sexes to dig a bit deeper even if it doesn't really work on the screen.

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pride comes before a fall, 22 August 2006

i watched this particular episode this morning and i throughly enjoyed. i think the moral of the story was certainly based on the proverb that states that 'pride comes before a fall'

in this case the pride of the bellamy household was humbled when they were to be evicted from the stately '165 Eaton place'

luckily for the bellamy household they were saved from their fate by a Jewish gentleman who was seeing their daughter lady Elizabeth bellamy. they at first were horrified at the thought of their daughter being associated with a Jewish man but when that man saved them from being evicted they were surprised but very grateful. i think it was a very moving episode.

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absolute brilliant film!!!!, 25 July 2006

this film is a masterpiece based around 'Myra' and her long suffering husband 'billy'.

'kim Stanley' plays Myra so convincingly that one cannot help feeling great sympathy for her.

the director 'bryan Forbes' does a first class job from start to finish and the music by john Barry fits perfectly as the film progresses.

i actually watched this film earlier this afternoon and enjoyed it immensely.

Richard attenborough plays husband 'billy' in his own unique way and again one cannot fail to feel sorry for him as he carries out his unstable wife's plans.

the film also captures everyday life in the west end of London in the early 1960s. for example the scene on the train shows passengers smoking'something which is illegal now due to the tragic kings cross fire in 1985 caused by a combination of litter which had accumulated after some time, and presumably a dropped cigarette which hadn't been put out properly.

the end scene of the film is particularly moving as 'Myra'unwittingly confesses her guilt in the presence of two policemen whilst she is holding her séance. and poor billy is seen slowly accepting that the game is up before disclosing to the police where he hid the ransom money. truly one of the most moving films ever made in Britain in the 60s.

"Eye Spy" (1995)
a good series, 25 June 2006

i remember this series from way back in 1996-97. it was a series that focused on mainly petty crime and was similar to the long running bbc1 series 'crimewatch.

but like a lot of shows it came to an end and has far as i know, no new series has been made.

crime monthly was a similar programme that focused on crime and it was hosted by penny smith. that too ran for longer than 'eye spy' but came to a sudden end which is a pity as it was a good series.

Selina Scott also hosted eye spy. i think the problem with 'eye spy' was the time it was to run. time has shown that crime series tend to be watched at weekends rather than midweek. and in that sense 'eye spy' failed due to people preferring to watch 'eastenders' on bbc1.

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Dee time, 24 June 2006

i was fortunate to purchase a copy of 'Dee time' which featured 'lionel Jeffrey's' and other guests.

apparently that particular episode is the only one that remains in the BBC archives, which is a pity because 'Dee time'was a popular chat show which started in April 1967- DEC 1969 and to think how made episodes were made in that 2 and a half year period and yet only one episode exists. however, it was broadcast 'live' as were most shows in the 1960s, no doubt to save the cost of buying videotape which was very expensive in those days. anyway another guest on that particular edition of Dee time was the actress 'susannah york' who appears rather taken aback and nervous during her chat with Simon Dee. at one point he mentions something about her loosing out on making a lot of money from a movie and she seems embarrassed. the music was provided by 'the equals' singing 'softly softly'. and 'wayne Fontana' of the mind benders fame sings 'when love calls'. young snake owner 'graham leaske' also appears on the show and talks about his snakes. the show ends with Simon Dee telling a joke about sheep and the end credits roll and one sees Simon driving away in a e type jaguar alongside a blonde beautiful woman. all in all a great show.

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Marty Feldman, 18 June 2006

i came across this film after it being in storage within my large film collection for a number of years and i must say it is an interesting film.

it is rather deliberately indecent throughout the film but i still like it. its well acted and i love the clothes worn by Marty! he really had that 60s look which suited him perfectly.

Judy corn well is very good too she gives a confident performance as Marty Feldman's wife. there are certain bits in the film that are rather unsavoury but maybe it was acceptable to make a joke about 'fetishes' in 1970. Marty Feldman was one of a kind and I'm sure he is missed even today.

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bottom of the pops, 17 June 2006

i was born in 1967 so i can remember watching top of the pops from the early seventies to its peak which was the early 1980s. beyond that i think it has gone downhill which is a shame because it is our longest running show in great Britain and to watch it in 2006 is so disappointing. the presenters for a start don't fit bring back Reggie Yates! he is cool and his face fits! and Ferne cotton is OK but the rest! get rid! i think totps best era was in the middle 60's IE 1966-1969 and then from 1970-1971

after that in my opinion it had lost its appeal and by the way, the BBC shouldn't have wiped all those 60s editions of totps. time has shown that people like to re watch the old black and white editions. plus there was so many good groups and singers around in those days!

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