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Sets a reliable trend for the Underworld series, 24 January 2006

To put it succinctly this a great action/monster/fantasy/scifi flick. If you like the raw battles of the first one, then you will probably like this one even more.

The original Underworld leaves you hanging with the pending vampire retribution after Selene kills Viktor. This movie settles most of these questions, and more, giving some history of the Lycan/Vampire ancestry and focusing on key characters in that lineage.

Evolution continues its vampire vision color scheme, and generally seems to be a well conceived film. It lays out a lot of interesting details that profoundly encapsulate the Underworld mythology.

When you go to this movie, you will see the dynamic duo, Selene and Michael, in action. They will take on Godly foes, and bands of Lycans on their quest of survival. New adversaries will emerge that put Viktor and Craven to shame. Selene's struggle in Evolution has more apocalyptic implications that go beyond Vampire/Lycan power struggles.

Most films leave a little room for a sequel, and this one is no exception, so hopefully they will carry this winning formula to a future chapter in Underworld. Go and see this excellent picture. As far as I can see there isn't a bothersome thing about it.

Talisman (1998)
Think of it as a good TV show episode, 31 October 2005

This is definitely not a bad movie despite what others think here. It's so short that if you have any preoccupation with boredom that is virtually destroyed. With that aside, what does this movie have to offer? It's not scary, unless you're under the age of the highest voting score here. If that really bothers you, then you might think of each villainous scene as cheesy.

This is essentially a mystery draped in the occult. A similar story would be The Ninth Gate. This is probably the kind of movie you watch in the middle of the night during October (while you're in the Halloween mood). It might bug you out more if you are half asleep, because you may have difficulty distinguishing between the dream and real sequences, and finally the last 10 minutes could be a little disturbing too.

The premise starts with a young man beginning class at an expensive international school for delinquents, and he also suffers from ominous nightmares. The flick doesn't waste too much time presenting the enigmatic main character (why is he attending this school, and what of these dreams?), and introducing an intriguing antagonist(why is he picking off people for?). Therefore, I find it hard to believe someone will have a hard time sitting through this, unless they don't like horror movies (there are supernatural evil doers), they've seen some think like it already (which I cannot come up with), or it isn't that flashy for them (this movie isn't out to dazzle you with special effects or cunning murder scenes, but it does have some respectable twists).

On par with Spider-Man and X2, 21 June 2005

I went to see this movie with high expectations, and left fulfilled.

Forget everything about the first four Batman movies. The last one is less than average, and is probably making some folks uneasy about seeing this movie. Beat it out of your head, because this Batman is much different from its predecessors. It isn't as fruity, and glamorous as the last few, and it really carves a more complete picture of Bruce Wayne.

This flick is about Bruce Wayne and his transformation into the dark knight. The Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins is lost and angry. He slowly learns to channel that energy into justice. His ascension may be slow for some people. However, it is laid out with nice action sequences, so that may please some.

Cristian Bale and Gary Oldman do fine jobs in their roles. Gary Oldman is one with his character, like he usually is. The Scarecrow character is acted well too.

The thing that bothers me about this movie is Bruce's mentor. It has to do with a twist near the end of the film that I don't want to spoil. Regardless, you will probably enjoy this if you liked Spider-Man.

Meridian (1990) (V)
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Atmospheric, but slow, 20 June 2005

The first half hour or so is entertaining, but it tends to shift around from there. It oscillates between interesting and boring.

Meridian is a beautiful movie, and it contains some of the most beautiful actresses I have ever seen. Meridian maintains a dreamy elegance throughout its length and rarely fails at that.

The settings, music, and sequences successfully convey an ethereal world. Despite a few slightly unsettling carnal scenes, Meridian is a pretty romantic movie that may move you. This may be true, if you believe in soul mates, or finding a true love. I was hopelessly in love when I saw this 10 years ago, so it kind of was on the same wavelength as me.