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The Edge (2010)
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outstanding film, 12 January 2011

Saw the film last night at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica as part of a special Golden Globe viewing. The subject matter of German/Russian relationships, especially during WWII were some of the darkest moments in either countries histories, so this is not an easy subject for film. I was expecting something dark and brutal, which was not the case. This film utilizes black humor very well, akin to the Czech Film Divided We Fall, but it is not a comedy. The relationship between Germany and Russia before, during, and after WWII, including what the governments want us to believe is skilfully examined via the universal truths of the human experience of the characters in the film. Although this is a Russian film, this does not mean the film is any less relevant to a German audience. You do not need to know a lot of Russian German History to understand the film, but there is one key date you do need to know, that is June 1941, when Germany broke the alliance with Russia and invaded. Great film, hope it wins.

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Great Film making not to miss, 26 February 2010

Watched Red Riding 1974 last night, and as is the case for truly exceptional film, became completely absorbed in the picture. Afterwards needed to spend the next hour processing what I have experienced. Then watched the next installment. Again another great example of exceptional film. As a former resident of the City of Chicago, it is incredibly difficult to explain a culture of total corruption that still exists there and as well in the film. If you have not lived in this environment you either don't believe it or can't fathom that it can exist on such a wide scope. Usually, corruption of this kind is set in another time or place that is a very safe distance from where we are today. Something is really really really wrong and almost everyone in the film is compliant in allowing this darkness to persist. It did not start out this way and most of the corruption does not involve the taking of life, but once you create a system such as this, it will. And the longer the system runs, the more tragic the loss of human life. What would you do in this situation? Check out Operation Graylord, Operation Silvershovel,etc.