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Georgia O'Keeffe (2009 TV Movie)
Get the name right.
23 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The correct spelling, Stieglitz, is perpetually ignored by IMDb with the exception of a few comments that reveal some knowledge about German pronunciation. I would like to think that a correction will be made rather than compounding ignorance. The website Wikipedia has a very good bio on Stieglitz, and surprisingly supports the story line of the movie. Iron's appearance is strikingly close to Stieglitz's own face. So often film writers use "poetic license" to bend a real story to one they feel has greater interest. It is interesting that strong willed women gravitate to New Mexico. Millicent Rogers, a well known patron of the arts, left a large imprint on the Santa Fe/Taos axis. Rogers deserves a bio herself.
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Cowboy Up (2001)
Golden nugget
19 June 2005
It is hard to understand that this film has received such a modest rating. The construction of the film is first rate, starting with the script by James Reford, and continuing with an excellent cast of experienced actors, direction which keeps a pace designed to hold the attention of the viewer, and camera work with both close-in and long shots that convey the action of the rodeo.

Led by Kiefer Sutherland, the support team of actors "works" to reveal a contemporary twist of classic story lines---competing brothers whose love for one another is stretched to the limits, an ego centric father who deserts is family and wallows in self pity, a mother who deals with the realities daily life, lovers that are courted, spurned, and hurtfully do their own rejections. And all this is subtly tied together by a bull---the object of obsession within the community of rodeo aficionados, and a symbol of challenge that goes back thousands of years to the island of Crete.

While some "urban" or actual working cowboys of today may choose to pick at the text, acting, or realism of Cowboy Up, the film really captures the idea of why rodeo enthusiasts still keep the myth of the west still alive---even in Las Vegas! Cowboy Up deserves greater recognition than it has heretofore.
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