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Emelie (2015)
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It's all there, 17 August 2016

Some people do not need reasons for doing crazy almost unspeakable things to other human beings. Others do believe they have a right because of certain circumstances. Emelie is a home invasion and even if you haven't read anything about it, that gets clear pretty early on. Though the set up at the beginning, feels like an add on to make things clear for a re-watch.

The acting is more than stellar, especially the kids are more than amazing. When you hear horror stories about working with kids and animals, those in here are not and will not be included. And it's elementary they act the way they do. It all feels natural and makes certain things more plausible. Not entirely, but at least a little. Because yes it is very stretched, but also yes to it works out in the end ... no pun intended

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Sex haunting, 17 August 2016

It would be easy to just boil it down to: nudity and intercourse - with added dead girl, whose pretty bloody. And not blood from her period I might add. But there is a lot more here than just the obvious. The story itself is so far out, that you wonder how the person who wrote it came up with it.

Some would call it wicked, others outright crazy I reckon. Whatever your take is, you can't deny a certain appeal this will have (for obvious reasons). But while it's tough to decide what some might find arousing and others a turn off (having someone watching you having sex alone is surely to divide people). Also: How many mattresses can a person buy? Like for real, it's messed up (literally).

But the ideas are crazy and you'll either like it or hate it. I'm not sure I would want to be in the position the guy is in. Then again ... But whatever the case it's haunting and it's refreshing and the ideas keep coming (well as you can imagine not the only thing ...).

Howl (2015/I)
Howl if you hear me, 17 August 2016

No wait that doesn't make any sense. But with werewolf movies not everything has to make sense. It's the characters compilation (nicely introduced through our card inspector on the train) and the story itself that will matter. And the humor of course, if you are into this kind of thing.

If I have one complaint, it's how the Shauna McDonald story plays out. Some may like the way they chose for her character, some others like me won't. Apart from that, there is a lot to love here. Colorful if a bit predictable turns and twists. And an old school feel (even with added CGI) to the whole werewolf thing. There will be blood and a full moon

Curve (2015)
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Bumps, 17 August 2016

No the title does not refer to human bodies. Crazy could be another title and it would fit really good. Because let's keep it real, if you know you are watching a thriller, you know that picking up a hitchhiker: never a good idea. Maybe someone should have told our main actress that (actually she knew, because she read the script).

But what happens after a very quick revelation (bad guys are not always subtle and the movie knows audience might get bored if they know a character is bad but tries to hold it together), is what matters. The movie gets into another drive. Crushes and bumps along the road (no pun intended) included it's overall a more than decent effort

Some sort of anthology, 17 August 2016

You either like those short stories that are somehow and somewhat connected to each other or you don't. If it's the latter don't bother watching or reading on, because you obviously are not the target audience. If you are of course, give this a shot. While not the best horror anthology, just the fact that Shatner is a radio host who's telling jokes (you know he's a funny Dude) and is always there after a shock to make you feel good.

Having said that, the casting overall is good, as are the stories all not really in the original sense of the Christmas spirit. But with a horror movie that should be the most obvious thing and nothing one should have to figure out. The characters are oblivious to their fates or what lies ahead of them in general. Funny and scary stories that really are entertaining. Job done

DD (Down and Dirty), 17 August 2016

This is gritty low budget at its best (if you are into that kind of thing of course). It's also as unsettling as it gets. Be it the first part or the latter part where it all comes back (more or less - probably more, but that's in the eye of the beholder). And while you feel the pain and anger from our main protagonist, you also feel that he is terribly wrong in doing what he does.

Does that all have to culminate the way it does? Probably not, but how else would the movie be able to shock you back into the middle ages (almost literally with what happens). It's not wrong to feel disgusted by any of this, because enjoying this would be the wrong feeling. Accepting this as artistic form on the other hand is the one thing you may have to worry about ...

Materializing Inner Demons, 17 August 2016

The movie does have a spin on the kidnap theme. It also has some colorful (if sometimes one sided) characters. It also does know how to create tension in a lot of ways. So overall it does have a couple of points going its way. It's almost a shame it does seem to lose itself later on, especially considering the environment it created at the start of the movie by spinning a couple of things.

Relationships can be fragile, almost as fragile as entities. Although entities do not really consist of anything, so therefor fragile would not be a word that can describe them. But when they really want, they can move or rather make things happen, not being fragile at all. So maybe the middle ground still would be right? What is not right of course is how the main bad guys behave. Very despicable and hateful is the best way to describe them.

A more than decent effort then, with good special effects and a lot of blood too

Road Games (2015)
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Surprise! It's a thriller, 17 August 2016

Welcome to the Road Games. Something no one will be saying in this movie and it wouldn't be appropriate. It is a road movie though and it does a really good job in taking turns, if you know what I mean. You have good actors in this and they really elevate the movie and the characters they are putting out there.

You know something is not right, but what could it be? Even if you figure most of it out, before it is revealed, the joy is in the ride (no pun intended). Beautifully shot and nicely edited, the tension rises and is even more crushing if you haven't read anything about this. It also has no relation to an 80s movies with the same title. I even think in France they had another title for this overall. Whatever the case: This is a fine example of a good road thriller

13 Cameras (2015)
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Oh (Land)Lord, 17 August 2016

You know if you like Home Invasion movies, you may take a liking to this one. I guess some things are too close to home for some though. But puns aside, this has other issues and most of them do not require a plumber. Actually a plumber or a professional would be the better option rather than the cheap solution.

Then again you have to create drama and you have to have creepy people doing weird things to other people to create tension. The main bad guy here is just too obvious and the movie itself too predictable. Nothing that really stands out or really could convince anyone who is into horror to think this is better than it is. If you haven't seen many of these you may be able to oversee the flaws, but if you have better stay away from that place ...

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Romantic Zombie Comedy, 17 August 2016

While I wouldn't call it flavor of the month, the last couple of years saw a bit of a rise. Not only of the dead themselves but a rise in zombie comedies with a romantic touch. Some worked better than others, some just try to be a bit funny. And that is what this movie is. It's not an instant classic or anything, but it does what the box says and it's entertaining enough to watch.

It starts off innocently enough, just to turn things up and speed things up a bit. The main actress is what either will draw you into it or appall you. I thought she was really funny and did a great job. Of course it's silly, it's meant to be that way. I mean the title along indicates that (how come no one thought of that before I wonder?) ... It's actually pretty easy to decide if you like this or not, but something I can't do for you of course

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