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What If (2013/V)
What if ... there were actually good romantic comedies?, 22 October 2014

You might wanna overlook a few bumps along the road and rate them higher, because they are so rare. That's what if happens, as it does in this case. I think a 7 out of 10 would have been a more accurate rating, if there were more romantic comedies that would have at least some class and some sass and ... well something at all.

As it is , What if is one of the better one, not only in recent years and shows a different side to the artist formerly known as Mr. Potter. He's actually pretty good in this, which can be attributed to the dialog and script in general. It's obvious where the movie leads and it almost seems unfair to some of the other characters. Some clichés will happen (they always do), but overall this is a very nice and decent affair (no pun intended)

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Going global, 22 October 2014

Not that the previous one, wasn't international and global (think of the one G. Edwards did for example), but this is not called Viral without a reason. You might not really like the main story, though it's the best one yet in my book, if completely off the hook and relentless, seemingly unstoppable and without a real connection to the short stories in between ... at least that's how it seems.

Having said that, there is a lot of action in those short movies and there will as with the previous installments be ones you like and some you don't. You don't have to have seen the previous movies, which is the nature of the VHS (though we are far removed from those cassettes now) series. A nice addition to the "franchise" (I think it can be called that now).

Alleluia (2014)
Down and dirty, 22 October 2014

Not really lost, but sort of found. That is what you may think of the two main characters. And while the dynamic seems to swing one way at first, it becomes clear that there is something deeper and more Animalistic going on too. Something that is impossible to stop. Americans call something "a glutton for punishment". You could say that for one of the main characters, though he's not always on the receiving end of that punishment. Also how can you stop the unstoppable? It seems to be impossible.

Whatever the case, our "heroes" are far out, to use another phrase. You might not be able to connect (actually if you do connect 100% you might wanna check yourself), but it might also be impossible to let go. To not watch this to the end. Unless you have a problem with violence and nudity in movies that is of course. Because there is plenty of that going (literally) around here. There is a message hidden in between all that mayhem though

X Moor (2014)
Solid work, 22 October 2014

But not really something that is phenomenal. Horror movies live and die with their characters (most times literally than metaphorically) and in this case, the characters are mostly nicely drawn. You might even care for them (or at least some of them) not to die. Unfortunately a few things come in the way (and I'm not talking about Death/Killer situations alone).

The things that might annoy you, are the decisions made. Bad decisions as they mostly only happen in horror movies, to move on and make the movie "interesting" or let things happen that could be easily avoided. Having said that though, I have seen far worse, so if you don't hang up too much on those things and don't mind the slow pace in the beginning, there is a couple of things to enjoy here

Nymph (2014)
Pretty, 20 October 2014

That's the best I can say about the movie. It delivers every cliché in the book and there are lines of dialog, that were openly laughed at, at the Screening at Frightfest. While director and stars are invited I always feel sort of bad for them, but it wasn't an issue at the Q&A afterwards, which was a good thing.

The actors are all pretty, but some struggle with their lines (especially those whose first language isn't English!). Franco Nero might seem like a lighthouse, but considering the demands he made to be in the movie, it might have been better, if he actually wasn't. He brings some sort of gravitas, but he has some speeches that feel endless and stop the movie entirely. Not that it was up and running in high speed, but still.

There is some nudity and blood to satisfy those needs, but it does not help make this a fun movie. While the poster (english title "Nymph"), promised something entertaining, it couldn't deliver in the way "Zombeaver" did ...

Getting it, 20 October 2014

Watching the movie at Frightfest where it generally played better than my vote is displaying, it feels weird talking about it. Shot-wise, that is framing and lighting and everything technical is really exceptional. Especially considering this is only a first time effort (and for the "budget" it was made).

But actually understanding the performances (language-wise) and getting that there are quite a few flaws in the acting department takes a bit out of the fun. You also have to have a keen sense of the absurd to really enjoy it. It doesn't hurt if you are not too judgmental either considering the homo-erotic undertones (actually you can say they are not so subtle) in the movie. Something that helps the movie, but due to the "performances" also kind of lets it down (if you have an issue with the ... issue it'll be a letdown either way). Just watching it and getting the essence from the subtitles might be helpful enjoying this more of course. Which many celebrities at Frightfest did. Also the director is a very nice and humble person. And with a festival success like that, he'll be able to do something grander

Robbing you blind, 20 October 2014

What a cast! I have to put that out there first. Matt Dillon, Kurt Russell, but also Terence Stamp (every word he's saying has such a weight and him going for comedy, is so great). Actually everyone involved makes it look so effortless. Heist movies of course might not be everyones thing and people might argue, that after Oceans Eleven (or the sequels), there is nothing left to say.

Yes this may be predictable and may or may not make much sense under scrutiny, but it is too fun to watch, twist and turn and go different directions, that it would be a shame for you not to enjoy it. And I can't stress out enough, that this also has a lot to do with the cast involved. The script is good, but you have to have people deliver it. Every role is cast in a great way and this movie makes no secret that it wants to entertain you. It's not as wrangled up as "Now you see me" (which is also better), but it doesn't have to be

Joe (2013/I)
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Not your average Je, 20 October 2014

Also not your average Nicolas Cage performance. This actually is one of his better performances in recent years. He's really good in this, though we do get "crazy" Nic of course, it's not as mental as in some of his other movies he's done. The movie is not everyones cup of tea, especially because of it's pacing.

If you only know the director for his comedies (Pineapple Express and Your Highness), you might be more than surprised at what you get here. But apparently his earlier work (which I have to give a look now) is closer to this than those comedies. Also he did a movie with Al Pacino, where the first reactions are: Pacinos best performance in years. Sound familiar? While De Niro got back on track with a few of his last movies, maybe he could do one with him too? That'd be nice (and probably as violent as this)

Joy Ride 3 (2014)
Saw this, 20 October 2014

You've seen this before. Actually you probably saw it before ... "Saw". This could be considered Saw light or at least a mixture of "Duel" and "Saw". Not sure Steven Spielberg would totally approve, but this is what you get. And listening to the audio commentary, I am surprised how much effort was put into the movie.

You might not really care (which makes sense at this point of the "franchise"), but the director has some knowledge and he is making an effort. Still story-wise we don't get anything new, but the effects are good and you might wonder what is going to happen next. The beginning with the "couple" is really great (visually and tone-wise), but the movie loses some of its drive along the way. You just won't care anymore. The ending is not really a surprise either ...

Wedding in the woods, 20 October 2014

Not really, but cabin in the woods is overused. Oh wait: everything shown here is overused. The soon to be husband, who might not be real marriage material, the girlfriend who has a best friend, who really is into their friendship. And so on and so on, with more stock characters. Also while it's not a bad thing, the present setting (with a bit of "mystery") with a person narrating what happened, might work for other movies, but is just another thing that doesn't work here either. Especially considering what happens at the very end ... which just happens ... for no reason at all.

Anyway, there are not that many effects, though they are nicely done. Acting-wise you shouldn't expect too much. As already made clear the script is really not good either. Could've been a lot better, but as it is, a waste of time

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