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Momentum (2015/I)
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Nice action, 29 November 2015

The action is really nice, even if it might start off on the wrong foot (or at least it feels like it does). There's conspiracy, there is fighting, there is shooting and there is chasing. What else would someone need? A more decent plot would be a helpful suggestion, but since there is none to be found here, let's roll with what we have and have a good time with it.

Olga is pretty fit (if you'll excuse the pun) and is able to pull off and make it look believable, what her character is going through in this movie. Sometimes it seems she is portrayed a bit weaker than she actually is, but that does not bother the flow of the movie too much. Light and fun entertainment, nothing more and nothing less

Superfast! (2015)
Lower the expectation/value, 29 November 2015

... and you might actually enjoy this. And in a group of like-minded people this can be a hoot as they say. The question is, if you're ready to give this a shot and see where it gets you. Obviously this is meant to spoof the Fast & Furious franchise (yes not only one of the movies, but tries to sample from a few, which "story-wise" isn't that difficult as you can imagine.

Some jokes kind of work and if you were a fan of Haunted House and the latter Scary Movies and whatever else was made in the same vain, this was aimed at you. Everyone else probably should stay clear of this. I'd suggest watching the trailer, but it probably has the "best" moments in it already ... One thing is for sure: It's obvious what this is, so don't complain after sitting and watching the whole thing - you've been warned

Cooties (2014)
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Getting it, 14 November 2015

One more time and let's hope this time it sticks. Forgive the pun, but it does suit the movie and also the fact, I already wrote a review to this, but for some reason it didn't get through. Now E. Wood has done some Horror movies since he came back from Middle Earth and I suppose you could say they vary in quality. But I do love his enthusiasm.

This movie right here has a nice premise and the humor in it works more often than not. It could be better though and I reckon the fact it didn't get a better rating has to do with the movie being uneven. It didn't bother me that much, but while at times the movie goes all out and pulls no punches, at other times it just seems to take the easy way out (one of those easy way outs is the main character played by Mr. Wood).

You should know, that if you're easily offended than this movie will not strike you as funny (violence involving kids to name one of the offensive things going on here), but rather shocking in a bad sense. Keep that in mind before watching, in other words, you've been warned

On tape, 13 November 2015

It starts off really good. There is a lot of drama, there's a lot of not being able to do anything because of a "mistake" (though nowadays, when everyone could film you at any second, who could say they never did something they'd never wanted anyone else to know about, let alone it being recorded).

Having said that, after the initial "travel" to the country, the movie seems to kind of letting go of that premise, which is a shame. It doesn't work that good and the whole tape thing almost plays no role in what happens after a certain point. Not as much as it could have that is. Some twists are predictable and foreseeable, but it's still maintains a level of quality until the end. Decent acting for a horror movie too

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Drama/Comedy, 13 November 2015

The movie works better if you watch it as drama rather than a horror movie. I know fans of the original will go/call sacrilege (but they'd do that anyway ... well mostly). But if you watch this as a family drama (and I'm certain this was intended, seeing Sam Rockwell and his interpretation of the role), you will get more out of it. It is fairly decent considering that.

Of course that's only true for fans of the genre (Horror), others who are not used to Horror might not see it exactly the same way. There are frightening scenes in this don't get me wrong, but anyone with a little "experience" will see them coming and will not be entertained (or scared for that matter) by them. The acting though? Pretty solid by everyone involved - again not if seen as Horror. Can you dig that? If so watch, if not, you've been warned

Even more of a massacre than part 1, 13 November 2015

Actually not really. But it sounded good. Like the title sort of. But then again, we've been there, seen that. Something that cannot be said about the characters in this, who are oblivious to what is going to happen. To distinguish itself, the movie tries to go meta or even philosophical if you will at times. There's a muddled time-line or at least a "flash", which seems unnecessary, complicating things further, getting in the way of any fun this could've been.

Still better than the first one, this hasn't really put anything in its favor acting wise. Effects are decent for a low budget movie or if you're willing to lower your own expectations. But the story will not keep you at the edge of your seat, the ending will rather confuse (until part 3 will be released? If it's going to be released that is) than enlighten you ...

Cop Car (2015)
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Unattended, 13 November 2015

Some people forget their bags, luggage or whatever, others lose their car. Though that wouldn't make this justice. It's a what would happen if situation. It feels like the movie might have sprung out of the idea, what if two boys found a cop car and started messing around with it. The movie feels like this was the starting point and also the point where the viewer is not exactly sure what's going to happen next.

Which is a good thing. You keep guessing what is up next, where the movie will be heading (pun intended). The boys are perfectly cast and they really don't seem like they're acting at all. Kevin Bacon is hard to read as always, as is the situation in general. Just when you thought you figured it out, something else happens that you didn't see coming

Don't compare and you're good, 13 November 2015

And by saying you're good, you're probably better than any of the characters involved. It's one of those things that "real-life" stories have issues with. It's tough to find anyone sympathetic in this one. Characters seem to be on the wrong side most of the times (at least those shown here).

While I wasn't familiar of the story itself and there might have been a couple of changes to make it more interesting for the general viewing public, this still has some very tough things to say. And as another reviewer already mentioned, do not think or put this near any Scorsese movies. The actors have a great time and it's nice seeing some of them, even if you could argue some are pigeonholed.

Low versus high expectations, 13 November 2015

Don't get it twisted (excuse the pun), but this is nowhere near the best anthologies that are out there. But if you watch this as a series of shorts that probably were made for TV (didn't check, how and why Tom Holland produced these), you might actually be able to enjoy them. There is a plethora of great actors in this (just read the cast list and you'll be surprised), especially from the Horror genre.

Some segments seem more than cheaply made and the acting might not be what you'd expect from some. Even the twists are sometimes very foreseeable. I've been accused before of being too kind and always trying to see positive aspects in movies. So through all the downfalls (some of which I've touched upon), I still think this can be fun - if you let it

MI-5 (2015)
Low key spy, 13 November 2015

While this is not Ethan Hunt (not sure why you'd advertise this so that people might confuse this with Mission Impossible, but then again, it's all about the money a movie makes or how many will recognize something, even if it's not there), this is a very well done low key spy movie, with some very good acting.

The budget was obviously not that big, but you get your fair share of action scenes and car chases. Everything is kept "realistic" (still a movie, still things heightened, but not to a Hollywood degree). If you can dig that, you probably will like where this is going (with some nice touches/twists along the way). Grey is the new black as some might say ...

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