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Smart, but also "cheating", 20 September 2014

And when I say cheating I'm not only talking about moments where things are not logical anymore (logical in the realm of what we get served that is, not logical as in the "real" world), but also story-wise. If you watch it through, you'll know what I mean. On the other hand it's nice to put a lid on some things ... or quite a couple of things. Or closing a circle ... or whatever you want to call it.

So whatever your take on that is (head shaking or nod of approval), will decide how you'll receive this movie. Technically there is nothing to criticize and the story (if not depicted and torn apart for logical errors), is more than entertaining enough to hold you to the edge of your seat. If you've seen the other movies, you'll love how this comes together, even if your favorite character might not get as much screen time as you thought/hoped he/she would get. Great moments and superhero movies have arrived a long time ago. And they'll continue, one way or the other. Rejoice or be afraid ;o)

Inside (2012/I)
Yes it is slow ..., 20 September 2014

And it seems obvious that there wasn't a lot of money (location wise) to be spend. Still after the beginning and the middle part of the movie (yes that's a long time), this does have some pace and it does get stronger. It's also not only the pace that changes ... but more if you actually watch it.

Luke Goss might not be a top actor and you might also see him struggle here from time to time (phone call bit is really bad and should've been deleted from the movie), but he can convey when the action "hammer" comes down. The final moments of the movie almost redeem the whole movie (if not any character), but is it enough?

Haunt (2013)
Wrong, 20 September 2014

The movie has a very strong beginning. Sound effects throughout are very clear and nicely put (for those scary moments you are waiting for to jump off your seat). But after that strong start, you might find yourself a bit too relaxed and the new characters introduced do not get enough screen time. Other than that, one of the most major flaws is that the story lacks a bit of sense.

It's a shame, it could've been so much better. Not to mention the typical "stupid" behavior, that our characters show, despite knowing better. The mothers (characters) seem to be doing the best job from anyone else. Still there is enough to be entertained, if you allow yourself not to be bothered

Running around the clock, 20 September 2014

Time is of essence. And things you've done in the past, might catch up to you. Something that is very true here. And it doesn't even matter if you had no choice or saying in the matter. What matters is the end result. And if someone doesn't like that, you might expect that other person to hold you responsible. Especially if that other person is a mean criminal being.

Not the most original main idea, but the main actors convey their emotions and relationship pretty good, most of the time. This is a pretty decent thriller that has a good amount of suspension that will keep you busy and entertained most of the time, if you let it.

Starbuck!, 20 September 2014

Not the coffee shop chain (an "s" would be missing in that case), no I'm talking about the french movie. The movie that the same director who did this made. Of course, if you want to stay true to the original, who better to hire than the guy who came up with the original movie in the first place? Exactly. And if you've seen the other movie you might feel as me, if not add one point to my vote.

It was "funny", when the movie started (as usual I didn't read what the movie was about to surprise myself and be free of any opinion whatsoever) I have the strangest Deja Vus all over the place. I couldn't put my finger on it for almost a minute, but I knew I had seen this before ... well not this, but the original movie. Don't get me wrong it has some nice moments, but overall it's not a really good comedy either. It's an oddity seeing Chris Pratt pre-Guardians fame, but he has done a lot of other movies like this one too ... Enjoy (or not)

Watermark (2013)
Essential ... not, 19 September 2014

With the many documentaries that are coming out lately you are used to a high quality. Being because they are funny or because they are very interesting. Unfortunately this ticks neither of those boxes correctly. It seems to wander around like water would once you spill it ... no clear direction.

I think there is a very good movie hidden somewhere, but it will be tough for you to find it. It's a shame, because quite a lot of people would interested in more specifics rather just some "nature videos" and a couple of hints here and there, what goes wrong. Just when you think it is heading the right direction, it swerves and goes "wrong" again ... Shame

Shaming itself ... unfortunately, 19 September 2014

For a first movie Kate Upton is doing a decent job. Recent (Summer 2014) photos from her aside (which I haven't seen yet), because you won't see her revealed like that in this. But this is supposed to be a light fun comedy. Unfortunately sometimes the lightness takes over too much and makes you feel dizzy ... that is if you care, that it doesn't make much sense and that actual talent is wasted (not to mention good jokes too).

The movie still has some fine scenes, which mostly work because of Mann and Diaz. The male actor (main villain) is brought down to serve as a caricature. You might not mind, but good movie making looks a bit different. If you don't care that much you might be able to enjoy this more for its silliness. Otherwise try not to overreact on the clichés and the very easy to read story (yes, you'll know who with whom and where anyone is about to go) ...

Moving (story), 19 September 2014

While there is a lot of accent used in the movie, especially from those filling the small parts of the movie, this is easy to follow. Even for those not from the region this is playing in in Germany. The story of a business struggling will never be out of touch. And tensions in the family is also something everyone can relate to.

The thick head the patriarch of this family has might seem a bit too much to some, but is played exactly like you'd expect it to be in real life too. There are a few clichés played out, but it doesn't hurt the movie and the pace is nicely chosen (not too fast, but still moving along well so you won't get bored). You probably will be able to see where this is heading, but the journey is nicely told, even if you need subtitles.

Ride Along (2014)
Fun Ride, 17 September 2014

Ice Cube seems to be playing the brother or father, who tries to "protect" one other family member from making a bad choice. There's another movie out this year (2014), if you watch that, you'll know what I mean. The other movie is also way funnier. But back to this one, which checks all the right boxes, with a weird beginning, that makes it look like a different sort of beast than it actually is.

But the light tone comes quickly, although a joke about a car used in a car chase did go over my head completely. Maybe you have to be a car person to fully get that, otherwise it just seems awkward and unfunny. The chemistry between our leads though is impeccable. It works from beginning to end and there is a progression, even if the end seems a bit tagged on and cliché (you probably see this coming). But try not to be too harsh, this is just trying to light up your day

Getting down, 17 September 2014

The movie starts off interestingly enough and Andrew Garfield almost falls into the Sam Raimi trap (Spiderman 3) where Tobey Maguire had a sequence where he "tried" to be cool. Garfield though does kind of pull that off, even though it's very frenetic and does make little sense (other than to be revisited towards the end). Still Andrews Peter Parker is lovable (mostly).

There is a sense of overload though and especially the character portrayed by Jamie Foxx is not playing well into all of this. It's a shame, because Foxx has proved that he can be part of a big movie (see Django Unchained), but he's not working here. The motives are clear in the big picture, but the way they do get "unleashed" is not realized in the best way possible.

Having said all that, the special effects are really good and if you let yourself into it, the movie will take you onto a ride. With a few surprises along the way ... well at least one for me!

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