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Everly (2014)
For Everly, 1 June 2015

I'm not alone when I say, I love Salma Hayek. To see her in a powerful role like this, should be just amazing. Mindblowing to be exact (which it can be or is to a degree, depending on your views). Obviously if you don't like the woman, I don't think this movie will convert you to a fan-boy or anything like that.

This is anything but reality and you should keep that in mind. If you dive into that world this is portraying, you will be able to enjoy it. And every little "coincidence" it features. One of the main issues though is that most of the deliveries are not up to what they are supposed to be. I know what the director intended and what the joke is supposed to be, but it's just not convincing. My 16-year old former self, would've loved this movie, that I'm sure of.

Blood, violence, fantasy, fighting against the odds/big evil. What's not to love? The effects are good and the camera work great too. Salma always mesmerizes, but keep in mind, there is no full frontal nudity here. Even beaten up, exhausted though she pours out beauty and sexuality with every breath and fiber of her body.

There's also a (hero) shot with the director in it towards the end, which will either annoy you or you will love it (because you're a fan). And the very last shot is like the rest of the movie: It's a great shot, it looks good, you get the intention, but it just cannot deliver what it's meant to.

So while I was hoping this would top "Colombiana", it actually barely touches that movie (which was also OK/good). Sometimes you are "stuck" like that ...

Fury (2014)
Fury (Road to Berlin), 31 May 2015

Or wherever the road takes them of course. What a movie though? The "intro" itself sets the tone. This is grim and not for the faint hearted at all. There is graphic violence and the war situation is depicted as not heroic. You could argue that we get a couple of clichés thrown in for good measure, but overall the acting and the story are able to bind you and keep you at the edge of your seat.

The characters show off a couple of side, not all are or could be considered "good". But that's the "reality" of war. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people despise Brad Pitts character ... only to sympathize with him a couple of moments later. To be able to make transitions like that speaks of the acting, but also the script at hand here. A really good anti-war movie, that is as gritty as they come

It ends/begins here, 31 May 2015

Depending on whether you're thinking Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. Whatever the case, you can't fault the movie for its technical side. It looks beautiful, but that was to be expected. Having only read a quarter of the Hobbit novel (which was the first movie more or less, with some additions), I can't comment on the differences in this, though people have stated that some characters weren't in the books and are seen here (it shouldn't matter though).

I didn't like the fact that Jackson went for the "1 girl, two lovers" teen romance thing, but I guess you have to deal with some of those things and incorporate them into your movie. It's a good conclusion and it was a nice watch, which didn't feel like it was almost two and a half hours. You'll either love it or be bored by it

Every kids dream, 31 May 2015

Well most kids dream. I had a similar thing story that I wrote for class when I was younger and I can imagine that I wasn't alone with a fantasy like that. Wouldn't it be nice if ... this happened? And you don't need a time machine to go places or get a feel for things that are out of reach for you.

The movie is aimed at kids then, but that doesn't mean that adults can't enjoy the movie. Just find the inner child and get with the movie, you'll be fine and watch a movie with (your) kids. The story is simple of course and lives off the main idea. You kinda wish it stays night forever ... maybe they should've gone to the North- or South Pole with the Museum ... just an idea ...

Going to back to sleep, 31 May 2015

It was nice seeing Robin Williams once again on the big screen. Especially because this did outdo the second Night movie. I think it's better written and while it's still a kids movie, it does have adult themes running through it the whole time. Seeing Robin Williams might have been an experience that not everyone will feel the same about, but the movie will entertain you, if you let it.

The father and son theme is big here and family in general. Family by blood, but also by other circumstances. The movie has quite a few neat ideas, but also adds new characters to it, that bring the movie to a new level and "place" (no pun intended). It should be a good conclusion to the franchise

The official sequel too the original, 31 May 2015

Yes I know it's only one "o" and not two. Or two if you talk about the title (it could be a "w" missing also, depending on what way you want to go). But back to the movie. I haven't seen that unofficial movie that was made in between those two movies. But I was excited about this getting our two main characters back together (literally). Is it as good as the original though? You probably won't think so.

And neither did I. But it's still a good movie, especially if you were a fan of the original. You just have to accept, that some jokes will be replayed (the end credits even put similar scenes side to side with video/pictures of them being shown). Not perfect, but the chemistry is there and it's as mean as it was back then ...

Appetizer, 31 May 2015

A pretty long appetizer that is. For its length it doesn't feel dragged or anything, but I still wonder if it was necessary. OK, so character motivation, other people can show off a bit of what they have going for them and the is no Hunger Games going on (it'd be really crazy to do the same movie for a third time, not that people wouldn't watch it though). I only read the first book and I thought that was made in a good fashion (especially considering the narration it had). Not sure how the other two books are built up, but this movie feels like a filler, something to keep you on "hold" until you get served the real deal/meal.

It'll be in a couple of months from now, so let's see how they bring it to an end and if P.S. Hofmann already had done his scene before his premature departure (may he rest in peace). The scenes here seemed to have been shot alright before that. Now: Let's conclude this already!

Burn, 31 May 2015

The witch hunt or the period where (mostly) women where hunted and killed off because they were considered to be witches, is a very dark part of human history. The movie was made for TV so you have to put that in consideration. Still the German acting talent they got for this, is pretty decent.

But what really gets you, is the story itself. The injustice, the craziness and the stupidity by many involved. It's tough to watch, but it's very well made. You will know where this is heading more or less, even if you're not aware of history (some things are obviously heightened for show/effect/movie logic). Give it a chance if you're interested in what it has to say

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Out of this world, 31 May 2015

A lot has been said and written about Interstellar. You can obviously take apart any movie that is out there. You'll either love this one or you won't. I kind of would have loved to have watched this on an IMAX screen, the sheer scope of the whole thing. It's just amazing, what Nolan has put on screen here. It's not only the visual experience (there is no 3D here by the way), it's the story/ride you take with it. It might be clear to some earlier than to others, where it's heading (no pun intended), but it doesn't change the fact that it's beautiful ... and terrifying at the same time.

Going out and saying this will be considered a classic, might not be too far stretched, but you still can never predict those things. The deserved love the movie gets on IMDb and other places would be an indicator that this will ring true though. The acting is really good, but I can understand if some people have issues with the ending. But the movie had to end in one way or another. It's the best possible way this could go, even if it's not in our grasps just yet ...

Who let the Trolls out? (Who? Who? Who?), 31 May 2015

The movie/story itself is decent but full of clichés. It's nothing that will really surprise you, but it might move you a bit. Some will like the kind of "animation" that is used here, other will dismiss it. Maybe you should watch the trailer, just so you know what you are up for (so you're not surprised).

The message of the movie is pretty clear and the movie while aimed at the small ones, will have a couple of things to keep the adults interested. Something Pixar does to perfection but is nicely handled here too. Some things may seem a bit bleak and dark, but the overall tone is nicely handled. Everybody needs love ...

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