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Say what?, 9 March 2017

Let's get right into this: Is this violent? Yes. Is it strange? You betcha it is! Some may call it far out and would not be missing the spot while saying that. Does it feel like amateur script hour though? Sadly yes to that too. Also the acting is mostly not convincing, which may be a result of a script the actors didn't really get.

On the other hand, you have really good visuals. And the crazy factor goes through the roof. If you don't mind story and logic, this will take you on a ride that you won't forget - actually this is also true if you dislike the movie. A lot of things are happening and it seems like the filmmaker here bets on us not noticing the flaws while throwing stuff at us (and the main character). Do you mind? If you do, don't watch, otherwise go ahead and have "fun" ... don't blame me for your confusion though

Pet (2016/I)
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Imprisoned, 9 March 2017

Some people do not have to be physically imprisoned. Some others may need just that. And sometimes you need to look really close to actually see what's going on. While this movie does seem to be that one thing, it actually is something completely different. And it's way better than your regular run of the mill genre output.

Some may feel there are too many twists and turns in this, but you just have to relax, take it easy, lay back and just enjoy what this gives you. That doesn't mean that the movie will not make you feel uncomfortable. It actually should make you feel very uneasy. If that isn't the case, than maybe you should step back and take a moment to reflect.

Whatever the case, the acting is really good for a genre pic and the script really does give you a run for your money (no pun intended). Moral high grounds may be taken, but do you really need those?

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When Film imitates art imitating life, 9 March 2017

There was a lot of thought put into this movie and I think most will see that this is not an actual documentary. That being said, it doesn't make it any less of a movie. So while this isn't exactly what some people advertise it to be, this is so close to being that, that whatever you think of it, won't really matter.

Well apart from the fact that some people will question your intelligence maybe. But this only showcases how good the work of the filmmaker at hand is here. It also showcases how crazy some laws are and maybe they need to change. There have been faux documentaries before and there will be quite a few after this, but the style of this, might make it more accessible to a broader audience than some other outputs have been. Whatever the case (no pun intended), this is gripping and told very well

Mercy (2016/IV)
Sympathy for the devil, 9 March 2017

Not the literal one that is. But the question that I reckon some have raised is not to be taken lightly. Can you enjoy/watch a movie where it's hard to root for the "good" guys? If you'd actually call them that. There is quite a bit going on and you probably have read what this is about, I'll still keep it as if you haven't.

Not every movie is meant to be simple. That doesn't mean you have to accept the road it takes and see that it is good. But if you are willing to accept certain things and take this as life, but also larger than life, with a really crazy twist and some despicable human beings, and a movie that will try to confuse you in the end ... you may be able to call it a satisfying movie watching experience. I know I can

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Reality check, 9 March 2017

We live in a time, where conspiracy theories are the new flavor of the month/year. While this short documentary (still 40 minutes long) won an Academy Award for Best Short Documentary, there is a lot of controversy. Well while watching the documentary you may not think about it, but there have been reports that the White Helmets have been paid for by the "West" and are helping terrorists.

Hard to believe to tell you the truth, even though I will admit that some of the scenes filmed did look a bit staged. Something that actually happened with one of the videos uploaded on the internet and has been exposed. But the bombings must be real (I guess you could only argue if they are in cahoots with those who are responsible for the bombings.

If you can actually have a clear mind while watching this, then you will be able to see something remarkable though. It's a grand story of survival, of humanity and of help in general, while risking your own life. And it's up to you to decide whom you want to believe ...

Boys (grown) to Men, 5 March 2017

As another reviewer has already pointed out: you don't have to be a fan to enjoy this movie. It's a really good documentary on how 5 boys came to fame and how they handled it. And yes there were many highs, but also quite a few lows. And it's refreshing to see them being honest about certain things (drug problems, manager problems, even "current" issues, at the time of shooting this, when they had a fight - two band members going at each other).

Having said, the songs are striking a chord, although of course they are all on the romantic side, so if you get pain rather than pleasure from that, certain aspects of the documentary will get you sick. Many boy-bands have come and gone and every one of them certainly has a story to tell (it's a nice touch, that we visit the former homes of the band members by the way), but this really strikes a chord - pun intended

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Closing in, 5 March 2017

I don't think I have to tell you, that if you have claustrophobia, you probably shouldn't watch this. On the other hand, maybe you like to face your fears. This is a thriller of course, that really drives off of certain things. Especially the fact, that we as viewers know as little as the driver of the vehicle.

You may have seen him in other productions, especially a drama surrounding an avalanche (great movie), but here he has to endure a different kind of struggle. And while there are certain clichés that will get picked up and carried (no puns intended by the way), the overall movie is more than decent enough. If you like thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat, you definitely can watch this one too

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The horror, 5 March 2017

You know if you are into jump scares and just love any horror movie, I guess you'll enjoy yourself. Still I'm surprised by the overall high rating. And that is not only because one of the cast members distances him- or herself from the movie, but just the pure fact that the movie is filled with clichés. So many that it kind of started hurting physically.

So while I couldn't fault the movie for any technical aspect (and I guess that's plus that I like the actors in it, despite their horrible characters made me be kind in my rating), I don't feel that way when it comes to the script. It starts off kind of good and it does sort of maintain a certain mood. But it's so crazy what the characters do ... I mean yes I realize we wouldn't have certain movies, if characters behaved as if they actually had a brain, but still this stretches anything you'll be able to stomach. I'd even say I like the ending in a weird way, even though it hurt too ...

Way out, 2 March 2017

Some horror movies can easily be declared as way too predictable and cliché. This one for example, where anyone watching is way ahead (no pun intended) of our main character. We know what is going on, even without much of the backstory. It hurts (yes the viewer too, but in a different way) just watching some things develop.

On the other hand, this has some really neat visual things up its sleeve and if you like horror, it does feed that lust and hunger you may feel inside. Not the best movie around or at Frightfest where I watched it, but not the worst one either. Just go with the flow, breathe and push ... well you know what I mean ...

Cell (2016/I)
(Dis)connect, 2 March 2017

I haven't read the book by Stephen King this is based on. But even without that, everyone knows these can be hits or misses. This has a really strong beginning, but I can see that many people feel there is some big letdowns during the rest of it. You can argue about the ending (I'd say it's predictable), but the question is if you like how it's build up to that point.

If you didn't like the premise you probably won't like the movie either. It's a bit crazy to think what being connected all the time has done to us. So there is an urgency to what the movie is trying to tell us. Still it feels like it's set years ago, making it outdated even before the first frame starts. Having two charismatic lead actors helps a little bit. But it won't help making mistakes that happen disappear ... the book is probably way better

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