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Dark Touch (2013)
Do not touch, 13 April 2014

I watched this at the Fantasy Film Festival in Stuttgart and the director was attending. I stayed through the movie (which was not easy at all) and was curious to see what the director had to say. Unfortunately (but somehow to be expected) she only confirmed what I already knew. It's unfortunate for the child actors, if they have to go through an (bad acting) experience like this.

On the other hand, as others have already stated here, there is not much acting going on in the whole movie. The clichés and the bad lines follow each other hand in hand. It is offensive to its own characters and to the viewers nerves and stomach. Yes horror movies have people do stupid things, but denying yourself (and the audience) even what you saw with your own eyes goes too far. A shame, because underneath it all, there is a Carrie like vibe, that could've been a really good movie ...

United colors of Austronauts assemble, 13 April 2014

Some of the actors here may not be on their home turf (Daniel Wu being a major star in China, plays in a smaller movie here, than he is used to back home). But everyone brings their best game on screen. You may be able to anticipate a few things and the setting with "Found Footage" (or "Send/Space Footage") may not be your favorite one, but this movie still works more than nicely.

There is tension and there is a story line that involves flashbacks and the "right now". It's not confusing though you may say that one twist is more than foreseeable due to the flashbacks. But still, when it comes it does hit the mark and you feel with the crew. With the (self proclaimed) genre, you know where it is going anyway. So the "foreplay" might go on for too long for some, but is necessary in my eyes to establish a relationship with the characters. Otherwise you wouldn't care for them ...

Putting a stamp on it, 12 April 2014

Terrence Stamp can do small and quiet. That might surprise some people, but he has proved in other movies, that he doesn't have to be the character he is in real life too. Gemma has to walk a very fine line. She's in a movie where not much about her is revealed (except her will and endurance to make old folks happy), but has to make that little work and believable. She also succeeds as does Marion, the woman this is all about.

Obviously there is more here than meets the eye (or ear for that matter). Terrence is not only walking in a shell, you feel that shell. But it makes watching him come out of that shell even better. With a movie like this there is not much you can spoil. It moves along the lines you expect it to. But it's an experience that is worth having

Gone to the dark side (or is it?), 12 April 2014

Let's start off with Rutger Hauer ... and not mention him again after that! It's funny if you an actor to play for the first couple of minutes just to market your movie with him. But there is also Doug Bradley (Pinhead to his friends) and Tamer Hassan. Both not really that much in the movie either, so if you're a fan of either it might not make sense watching the movie because of those two. Tamer also plays a cardboard cutout, that is so bad, you wonder where he left his charisma? With the check at home I reckon.

You also have Emily Boobs ... I mean Booth of course. A funny woman in person, but not blessed (sorry for the pun) with her character/role here. Her physical appearance obviously very blessed, but playing a weak character like that, especially after an even weaker introduction, given lines that make you cringe? A waste. As is one scene with her and her "boss", that seems to go on for hours (actually couple of minutes) and should have been cut altogether. There is also a blonde lady that is involved with the inciting incident (Russian I think), that seems to have learned her lines phonetically. Not helping the movie either ... Conclusion: Waste of time

The Reeds (2010)
Read into it, 12 April 2014

The movie tries to be really clever (twists coming along the way, most of them can be seen from a mile away, in contrast to what the characters can see in the movie). Of course characters in horror movies do stupid things, how else would they get into trouble if they didn't? But exclaiming "Let's follow that boat. And if there will be trouble, we will beat them up" (I didn't memorize the line and it's very likely very different in the movie, but not any better that's for sure) ... well it's not helping the movie or the characters.

And definitely not helping anyone watching liking this movie any more. It doesn't seem to care about the characters, but about bringing home one twist, that actually is pretty stupid if you think about it (better not start thinking, because you'll hate it even more). There's is better movies out there, but you gotta admire the fact that they at least tried

Going in cycles, 12 April 2014

Eva Mendes is not only beautiful, but also a great actress. Something that also can be said about Mr. Cooper and Mr. Gosling. While Blue Valentine (same director) did concentrate on a single relationship (and two people), this is a wider look on relationships and consequences of some actions people take.

Just because someone is doing a bad thing, does not make them a bad person. Same goes for a person with a badge (police). The movie will not give you easy answer and might take away a few things early on, that might be surprising (if no one has told you that is). But the emotional impact should be a really strong one. If you can bare to sit through it, it will be worth your while

Breathe In (2013)
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Every breath you take, 12 April 2014

And every musical move you make, I guess. But there is more to the story than just a love story. The family aspect of the whole thing, the teen bullying and much more things get explored here, with a finesse that is wonderful. It might be a great thing or a bad thing, that the movie is sort of predictable. That is up to you to decide, but you can't fault it for its acting or the story it tells.

Guy Pearce is very convincing and the whole thing moves along in a pace that makes sense (even if it may be too slow for some). Felicity Jones is just incredible in a role that does not require a lot of talking, but relies on expressions and looks. And there is generally more shown than spoken. Not everything is answered out loud, but you do realize what it is supposed to mean. A very well thought movie, about dreams, actions and consequences. And even a society and family environment that does bind us to some extent ... for better or worse

Bound by Lies (2005) (V)
Bound by ... nothing, 12 April 2014

What is acting? Will you find it here? Is it too harsh judging the people involved in this, because of the script/direction? Are any of the twists worth your while? The answers to those question can only be given by yourself. And while the Baldwin involved in this, has made a name in movies like this, the question is, if you have the time and strength to watch this.

It's not that the characters are despicable from the get go. But while the movie progresses and relationships get established you do wonder, why you're still watching this. Now if you meant to watch this, because it promises sizzling erotic and/or nudity, you can also forget about that. While the main actress might appeal to many (men and women respectively), her character is all over the place and does not help the viewer understand what the other characters are going through because of her ... Not recommendable ...

Monsters of the Nazi Universe, 12 April 2014

Dead Snow this isn't (not only the Monsters are meant by this, but the general feeling you get). This is closer to the Outpost movies, but has still its own flavor to recommend it. There is obviously gore and there is also some fun along the way. But it's also completely out there. You have to like B-movies and a story that can be written on a single page and still easily understood.

Single page might actually be stretching it (a couple of lines more like it), but you get the point. This action horror movie gives you a party film that can and should be enjoyed with friends. The ideas and monsters will either please you or appall you. Crazy as it is, it's still more than decent

Quite nice (and sometimes evil), 31 March 2014

Why would Jesus love one person? There is a satisfying answer to that in the movie (if it isn't already answered in the plot description). The guy playing Jesus (literally) has his feet firmly placed into the romantic genre in Germany. A known actor, but he still can pull it off, thanks to a very decent script.

The jokes sometimes work (Devil is smelling bad, though that joke only works once not as often as it is played out in the movie or the one about the appearance of God), but some are complete miss. There is cursing (which some might find offensive in a movie like this), but everything is kept as light as possible. Whatever your beliefs are, you might be able to enjoy this as a comedy. Not great, but OK

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