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Serena (2014/I)
Mad in Love, 14 August 2015

If you are mad in love and love falls apart, what does remain? While this is a love story, it's also a drama or rather mostly a drama, where things seem fine at the beginning, but you just know they won't and can't stand that way. If they'll be fixed by the end, is something you'll have to see for yourself.

But the obstacles seem to "neat" and convenient. Then again women did not have that much to say back then, when the movie is playing/the time it's portraying. So while some things seem dated (they are), they work in context with the movie. That doesn't mean that everything works perfectly together. I think there is chemistry between the actors (Cooper and Lawrence have worked better, but they still can pull even this off), but I can see if some people have problems with their relationship ...

Bones to pick, 14 August 2015

The movie that made Jennifer Lawrence famous for more than one reason and put her on Hollywoods radar. You may come to find her acting or characters annoying, but you can't fault her passion and commitment to the craft. Not to mention her choosing roles. Yes even Katniss in Hunger Games or her role in X-Men.

But this is a completely different beast (no pun intended), a more serious one, where she has to pull off drama. And she is very good in it. Showing how tough it can be too not only be a child but female, is not an easy task. Especially in the world that surrounds her. The pace is nice (but slow) and the camera is amazing in this one too. If that sounds like something you can "enjoy", watch :o)

Lucky Them (2013)
Luck is hard to find, 14 August 2015

A certain person even harder (to find). I had no idea who the actor would be portraying him (though apparently he is on the cover of the disc), therefor was positively surprised to see him at one moment during the movie. You also get a very mature love story, even if you have a very clichéd character following a woman and trying to help her (for very obvious reasons).

I reckon some people might have issues with the female lead character and her freedom to choose how to love (when, where and how often too). But this is not about bashing her or belittling her, it's about a journey and you shouldn't even think about that. It's a very personal story and very well made on too, that happens to star a woman. Very well played, with quite a few "real" moments thrown in there. Romantic? Depending on your view. Sometimes comedic too, but more a drama

Tough one, 14 August 2015

Movies about people who have "issues" are difficult to watch. And it's not different with this one. The performances are great, even if you can predict almost everything that is about to happen beat for beat. It doesn't make the movie less emotional or less engaging to watch and experience that journey.

There are always obstacles to overcome (as in life and this is based on a real person), though I'm not overly familiar with the real story, so I can't tell if this is close to what actually happened. Some things might be heightened for drama aspects, but we are used to that and the movie does a good job with it.

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Outside the mall, 14 August 2015

It would've been difficult to place a whole movie inside a mall and make it interesting enough ... oh wait: Dawn of the Dead already did that and succeeded! Which might have been one if not the main inspiration for the video game "Dead Rising" (there have been a couple of "sequels" to the original game up to this moment).

Like the games you can assume that there will be more movies. Especially if they are successful. The two main characters here are very good looking, which is "dealt" with very early on. A nice touch even if an obvious one. The action is more than decent and the story moves along nicely. Aspects from the game (building weapons McGuyver style) are also present ...

Change of scenery, 14 August 2015

The first one was really great and you can see how excited everyone is coming back to the characters and relationships they loved to play. The end result is not as good as the first one, but you can still have fun. There is a bit of an evolution (though the "mom" still seems to have the same issues, but gets a different kind of story-line/character that will serve her right ...), but nothing too major. The character traits are still visible and some of the issues have gone further (J. Ferrara and Unions characters).

There is fun to be had, although the script is not as good and witty as the first one. Still if you loved the characters in the first one, you should be able to go on that second ride with them. Still not much in the depth department, but I didn't expect that to happen here anyway

It's war, 14 August 2015

But in a fun romantic kind of way. It's not only about suspending your disbelief, but just rolling with it. The movie does not serve anything else than what you should expect from a title like that. To be honest, I thought it'd be worse, but in this case you can feel how much fun the actors had on set. Everyone is clicking and even relationships that seem to have issues, have their strong moments.

You can see why there are problems and obviously we do get clichés too. Even the voice over does work (most of the time). Of course you shouldn't have issues with Kevin Hart (I have friends who think he's annoying) or anyone else for that matter. If you can dig them and like seeing people going at it (not literally, no explicit love scenes to make that clear, and the movie is far too light and does not need them) - this movie can be a fun ride for you. Don't expect too much depth of course

Farm House (2008)
Punishment, 13 August 2015

Sometimes the question is: How much can you take? But while other movies seem to relish in the torture aspect, this does have something to say. Might not be the "best" thing or told in the best way possible, but it's still something. And there is a very nasty scene in here, that might make you squirm. Even if you are used to the special effects, there are always things that can make you feel uncomfortable.

And this movie is all about that. While I guess you can see a twist coming long before it arrives, it shouldn't take anything from your enjoyment (if you can call it that). Good performances in this very strange (in a good way) movie, that succeeds even with a small budget

R (2010)
Confined, 13 August 2015

Prison movies are hard to make. Though the good ones seem effortlessly. And while you can file most of them as dramas (like this one), they almost feel like a sub-genre. Pacing is always key, which this movie proves can handle very well. It's not fancy, but what prison actually is, it's more down and dirty.

The relationships explored make sense in this. And while we may not get all the answers from this movie, the characters are mysterious enough, but also engaging enough for us to care. And that's quite a feat for a movie about criminals and their just (?) punishment. Arguing if prison is the best solution for some or if it works as a whole is a completely different matter.

Be careful what you wish for ... you might get hurt, 13 August 2015

The idea of the movie is not new. Maybe the "catalyst" is sort of fresh (no pun intended), but overall you know where this is heading early on. Even more so if you read what the movie is about. I hadn't and the German title of the movie is a bit weird - injury award/compensation would be a translation. But it's not for the viewer of the movie (the movie isn't that bad anyway ;) ).

It's a pretty solid B-movie, with solid acting. The plot moves along nicely and even when it hurts and seems implausible it still kind of works. There's not too many highlights in this one, but rather a stream that can be entertaining.

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