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Jack (2015/IV)
You don't know Jack, 20 October 2016

Which is true in many sense as you can tell once you watch the movie. It also applies to the viewer. Because there are things that are left in the dark (no pun intended) and it is being done on purpose. Don't know if that is your cup of tea, but if it is, also be aware that this has a lot of nudity in it.

It's a strange mix about a person that not many things seem to be certain, so it was easy to be as liberal and open as possible in this. Whether the viewer will appreciate this or not, is a different story. A dark and maybe not as satisfying movie as I was expecting in some respects, but still more than decent enough to give it a try/watch

Another one, 20 October 2016

What to expect from a sequel like this? I think it reached the highest goal it could. It's a paycheck for all involved. Dolph can have some fun (the kids too of course), if you lower your expectations to very very low, you may be able to enjoy this to a degree too. It is what it is and even if some had a lot of fun with the original (which was filmed/released a long time ago), I doubt many were yearning for a sequel.

But that's how things work and if a title sounds familiar, investors are there and some people will watch it (guilty as charged, but I do watch almost anything as you can tell by my list of reviews ;o) ). So while I've seen worse (obviously), this is by the numbers ... You do the math (yes pun intended)

Learning and living, 20 October 2016

Life after Shaolin school-the movie gives us a look at this. From someone who got kicked out and actually might not be qualified to be called a Shaolin. But apart from technicalities, this is about an individual who tries to make a living. One way or the other, but always dishing out respect to others. Doesn't change the fact, that he has some major flaws (what Shaolin would steal really?).

But that's why the movie has kind of a unique flavor. It's a bit of a mix of things, that make this weird and not as accessible as other martial arts movies, but it still has a lot going for it. Like the fight scenes, which arguably are not the best ever put on film, but are still entertaining enough, if you are into that kind of thing. Which is a statement that rings true for the entire movie

Stonewall (2015)
Things that happened, 20 October 2016

Some material may sound better on paper than it actual translates on screen. And while this will not be up every-ones ally (which you can tell by the rating and the discrepancies in high and low ones), this did happen to a degree and was worth telling. So while you may not belong to a community that is affected by this, it's a universal theme nonetheless at the end.

I haven't checked facts or read upon the real events, so I wouldn't be influenced going into this. But that also means, I can't confirm to what degree this got it right (something quite a lot of people seem to criticize). From a drama point of view it does kind of work though and while it doesn't seem perfect, it is decent

Weird confusing but somehow likable, 20 October 2016

If you can't say no and want to please everyone (yes even in that sense, so I guess pun intended), you will have a difficult life. An enjoyable one to watch for others at times, but still a weird one to look at. So we have our main character here, who has more than one issue. Her solution is her body at times and her inability to say no.

There is a lot of adult situation as you can tell by what I've already written. That is not only true about sexual behavior, but also about the drama and the relationships between people. So while it has its funny moments, it also has a lot of drama in it. If that is your cup of tea, I can only recommend this

Concussion (2015)
You can't handle the truth, 20 October 2016

The movie got infamous and weirdly enough not so much for what it's about (which would make sense if you consider it kind of destroys the myth surrounding one of the most entertaining sports event Americans love), but for not getting an Oscar nomination. And again, not the movie itself or the story, but one of its stars. This will go down in History as the movie Will Smith did not get Oscar nominated for.

Whether my foreword made you conclude on whether you like my "review" or not is up to you. One thing is for sure: Will Smith does deliver in this movie, he even has an accent. So yeah this is quite a few step ups from things like "Focus" (as enjoyable as it was). You do still kind of wonder why no one is mentioning the severe consequences this seems to have on a lot of people. It's like they want to hide what this is about.

Sort of things they did with other sports/entertainment programs too. See wrestling for example. So whatever your take on Will Smith is, the movie is watchable

Different view, 20 October 2016

Does that mean that it's better than others? Maybe not, but maybe you are looking for a new way of telling a story that you are familiar with. Some do not like this, others really cherish the way this movie went. And it's up to the viewer to decide what he wants from a Frankenstein movie. A theme that I'm pretty sure everyone watching has heard of at least, before watching the movie.

Since I haven't read the novel, I'm not sure if some of the "changes" are already in the book, but weren't used before in other adaptations. Both main actors are really good and convey the characters they portray. With all their flaws and downfalls, with all their dreams and hopes. Whether you agree with those or not, this is more than a decent effort and a really good movie

The 33 (2015)
Beyond reach, 20 October 2016

Real life dramas are tough. If you start to imagine how people must have felt, but also get the visual reminder, it most likely will hit home. Also the performances are really good in this one and at the end of it you will see some footage of the "real" people the actors portrayed in this.

So while this is kind of predictable (especially if you know the outcome because of what really happened), it still is tension filled and has many great moments. Some might argue, that it might have worked better if it would have stayed on side (probably down with the victims), the switching does add an element to this that cannot be denied and it works great. If you like your drama like that, check this one out

A players, 20 October 2016

I was kind of surprised to see the talent at hand for this. You kind of can say that this is a statement of sorts. Although not really a very unique one (people with lots of money are bad) and actually ridiculous that one person would be able to pull something like this off (it's actually something you might have big issues with, so don't watch if you can't suspend your disbelief).

It works quite nice apart from that though and you get a thriller that is predictable but still decent enough to enjoy. While some people seem to be overqualified to be in something like this, they also elevate this from a lower rating. Nothing special, but relevant almost always because of the financial remedies and situations

Miss Bala (2011)
Miss Drug Cartel, 20 October 2016

Some movies just feel like documentaries. This one would be a good companion piece to Sicario. Completely different point of view mind you (not to mention different crime area), but it would fit mood wise. Having said that, Sicario still is superior in many ways of course, but this has a lot of punches and it doesn't pull them.

You may not be familiar with practices in certain areas and how you should react or better yet not react to them. While it may sound logic to go to the cops, that's not always wise. Then again, there are also deals you cannot pass. Especially if the involve your life being threatened. A little bonus doesn't hurt anybody and the movie will not answer all the questions you'll have ... Just like real life then (if you live in a very bad area like that)

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