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Boxing as a way out ... or is it?, 8 February 2016

Just the background of this movie is incredible and it is hard not to feel emotional. With the situation in general and our main "character" (based on actual events), this packs a punch (as some have already noted here). The performance is gripping and the tragedy that unfolds is actually crushing.

Having lived in a period like that obviously would've been even more crushing. But the movie does not sugar coat anything either. And while a couple of other boxing movies get nods and recognition (Southpaw or more recent Creed, deservedly so too by the way), this is an underrated and well shot movie, that actually has a lot to say too

Big Eyes (2014/I)
Tim Burton eyes, 6 February 2016

So this is probably where Burtons big Eyes inspiration came from. Sometimes it feels like the main character (Amy Adams) is speaking for him, when she talks about inspiration or why she does things. While the character she is playing is a real life person and this is based on real events, there seems to be a bit of Burton in her character too. But that just might be the case, because he was probably inspired by her.

Christoph Waltz is amazing in this one too. Playing his role with a gusto and energy that he seems to thrive on. A man equal parts likable, but also completely over the top. It's a tough one to pull off, but he does a great job. Combined with the amazing effort from Adams, this makes a great interesting relationship between those two. Also, back then, there were many other issues, women had to deal with ... A great, if sometimes draining watch!

Playing doctor and all, 6 February 2016

Things in our childhood can be scarring. So much that we won't forget certain instances when the other person (perpetrator) might have already forgotten about them. Something that is big thing in this movie. The bigger thing is though, the inability to see the good thing right in front of you sometimes.

And so while we do know where this is heading (or running at some point), the main characters need more conviction than that. And also you have to fill the 90 minutes somehow, don't you? It's still pretty decent, if you like your teenage comedy/dramas played out in that sort of romantic fashion.

Teenage comedy with spy touches, 6 February 2016

It's also very aware of 90s teen comedies and movies in general. Samuell L. Jackson might be the scariest, cutest drill Sergeant ever. A fine line he has to walk and he does a fine job. Jessica Alba seems to be content in playing smaller roles now (or at least that's what I've been seeing of her lately).

The main focus lies on the teenage girl who's our main character and represents the more film educated younger audiences nowadays. That is played out well and what you can also like, is the fact that she's empowered and strong. Even though I also always say, it's just a movie, it's nice to create "role models" like that. Obviously I don't mean to be exactly like her, but to believe in yourself and go your way (something of a message this movie also has apart from just trying to be entertaining).

Teenagers, ey? Hangovers and all, 6 February 2016

There seems to be a new generation of comedies that seem to be very popular in Germany and everyone wants to get in on to the act. One particular actor seems to be all over the place (starring in "Fack ju Goethe" and "Doktorspiele" amongst other projects) and he's not the only link between those movies.

The humor seems to be more or less the same. So it's kind of like, if you like this, you'll like that other one too. You could say that it's a bit lazy and easy to jump on that bandwagon and ride that success as long as possible (still running by the way), but you can also either enjoy the ridiculous stuff they're doing or just watch other stuff. Having a class go off with 3 male friends having a night out, having a fourth person ... wait a minute! Did they mix teenage comedy with a Hangover theme/flavor? Nicely played sirs! Nicely played indeed ...

Industry changing?, 6 February 2016

At least that's what Rosario Dawson thought this movie would be achieving. I have no idea, nor have I checked with any insider if situations have changed for women in the adult industry. But the movie is bold in tackling a subject like that and the actors (some of them well known, like James Woods) too.

The leading actress who's more than mesmerizing in this one, seems to have gone out of the industry and if her twitter is correct, she wants to evolve to a filmmaker. It's a shame, because she has the charisma to be in front of the camera, but at least she'll still be in the art business and hopefully be able to continue to express herself.

In this movie, which has nudity that is not meant to be getting anyone excited though, her character has to endure quite a couple of things. It's the industry, it's her personal life (family issues) and of course a maybe bad choice in secondary career besides the films she did.

There are quite a few interesting ideas thrown around and a lot of nice but also horrible things that are happening. All that seem out of control of the person actually right in the middle of it ...

Interesting camera work, 6 February 2016

Something you might not expect of reading, with a low budget movie like this, but I really liked the stunt and camera work, which go hand in hand in this one. I won't waste too much time on "story". In this case this has nothing to do with spoiling it, because the story itself is not really exciting or anything extraordinary. But you wouldn't expect that anyway.

Still very low and some of the acting to say the least does not help the movie either. But the stunt scenes are really well thought of, as are the camera angles and moves. I especially love the longer takes or the in your face (or hand) approach it takes. Again, this is small/low budget, so it's not like there is other things that are amazing (like locations, set design, even some of the "blood" effects seem more than cheap), but it can still work - and I think it does in some ways

German Handywork, 6 February 2016

If you like short movies, this might be right up your alley. While there is a food chain called "Herman ze German" and this starts with a guy eating a sausage, this is a completely different beast. It's about a guy who's a bomb specialist. The already mentioned Herman (though I haven't met a German called just Herman. Hermann as in Hesse on the other hand: yes, there are a few).

There is even a trailer for this, which is not too revealing, so you can have a look and see if the humor is something you dig/like. The short starts off explaining or bringing the character to life and the voice over does a lot of good work, even if normally you don't like the use of this "tool" in a movie. But it does have a couple of twists and turns, that are pretty funny too. Again: it all stands and falls with your taste and the question if you think it's funny or not

West meets East, 6 February 2016

And the fun begins. If fighting is your definition of fun that is. Although in tune with Jackie Chans personal views too, this is not about violence and his character is a "peacemaker". But of course he also knows, that people want to seem him do stunts and fight, and he doesn't disappoint on that end.

What also is edited and shot in a great way, is the way the Brody and Cusack fight, or seem to fight. The choreography is well done, which is always expected when Jackie Chan is involved, but might still surprise (in a positive way) some of the viewers. The story itself is more focused on Cusack and Brodys relationship, which is fine, but not overly precious. Still the movie and the plot work and make this enjoyable to watch

Out of mind indeed, 2 February 2016

A tough movie to watch to say the least. It's not all shine and glory in this one. A lot of people would say this movie qualifies as "waste of time". And it is, if you cannot tune into the mindset and the general idea of the movie. What it tries to tell us and how it tries to achieve that goal. It could easily be a documentary. Actually some scenes could be have been shot "on the fly".

Gere goes all out for a role that really is tough to pull off. Homeless people are not something most of us are concerned, especially when it does affect us directly. And it is showing with how we handle them or how we approach them (there are a few things/scenes early on, that underline that sentiment). It's drama and if you are prepared for it, the movie will reward you. But if it's not your thing, you'll know early on and shouldn't continue to watch ...

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