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Admiral (2015)
Swashbuckler film, 23 June 2016

It's not the three musketeers and I'm not even sure what this is based on. Though I reckon a bit of research here, will bring up a lot of that stuff, so I won't have to bore you with that. I was a bit surprised to see this coming from Holland. On the other hand, they are a bit more free when it comes to nudity (just in case you are prude or have a general issue with that, a heads up).

The general swords play and the effects are pretty good. Unfortunately the German disc only had the dubbed version on it, so I couldn't enjoy the real actors voice and environment noise of the production. But it's still made an impression on me and the movie is really rock solid (for some maybe even more than that). The set design, the ships, everything screams a bigger budget than they actually had. Not to mention some very serious acting talent at hand ...

Sisters (2015/III)
Humor is a funny thing, 23 June 2016

You know with humor it depends not only on the viewer, but the mood the viewer is in. It might be just what that person likes to watch, but maybe not at that exact moment in time. One thing is for sure, if you don't think Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are funny, first of all I would disagree, but again, point of view and all, but you should not waste your time watching this.

If you are open minded or like them from the get go anyway, you will have quite a lot of fun with this. It's not without it's flaws and has it's pacing issues, where you feel like the movie slowed to a stop. Still the genuine, goofy and awkward moments win over at the end. I wish I had sisters like that, flaws and all. Because in the end, we're not perfect either ... Accept that and enjoy this really funny display of a two women journey

German Fantasy ... and it does work, 23 June 2016

I am surprised that this movie tanked in Germany. I reckon the German general public does not believe they are able to make Fantasy movies. Or they are overfed by the stuff they get from America and other countries. But this, while obviously aiming at a younger audience is by no way worse than something like the 5th wave (the movie adaptation that is, haven't read either novel). Quite the opposite, one could make a strong case, that while 5th wave has better actors overall involved, this right here makes the better movie.

Still the success or lack thereof speaks a different language and it's almost a shame. Dialog is good, the acting is decent too and you have some really good effects too (considering the budget and all). The story of a teenager might not be something for everyone, but the humor is light and it works as does the flow of the story. Some flaws and hurdles along the way, shouldn't be too much of an obstacle on your way to enjoy this

Wolf Totem (2015)
Not dancing with the wolves, 23 June 2016

I have to admit, when I saw the cover I thought this was going to be a documentary. But it's a feature length film and it is a very well shot one. It's about nature, it's about humans and it's about wild life. Especially in the region depicted as someone else already stated well in their commentary to the film here on IMDb.

This will not be everyones cup of tea, but if you like nature movies with a dramatic twist, you probably will like this too. You can't compare it to Revenant, which is something I kind of expected to find here, but fortunately that wasn't the case. The movie really brings the animals to life, framing them in a way and shooting them to make them not only characters but someone to root for and feel for too. If you are an animal friend, I don't even need to be telling you this. If not, you might not be as moved as others ...

Writing it, 23 June 2016

I didn't even know this was based on a real "event"/story/interview. And everything surrounding it. But the movie does feel very real and the dialog is really good. The pace is obviously very slow and the "realism" of it all may take its toll on some viewers. It's not really everyone's cup of tea.

The acting is really good, silent and very subtle. I haven't read the interview or anything that was written about those couple of days the two met. But I feel like the movie is giving a good impression of what happened back then. If a camera where running back then (a hidden one), this may have been the result of it. Very natural, very understated but well made

Woody Allen of course, 23 June 2016

A young woman in love with an older guy. Well that is one of the ingredients that make a Woody Allen movie. Recently at least he's not shying away from that "theme" and why should he, if he's successful with it. The dialog too and the way he shot the movie say a lot about him. He does know his stuff and what his viewers want. Be it in the comedy or drama part of it.

There is suspense and a somewhat abrupt ending to it all. But I guess there is no easy way out, is there? Especially when it is supposed to be irrational anyway. Though some may call it very rational and may feel for the main character, others may have issues with connecting with any of them. Therefor it's not the best Woody Allen movie, but it's more than decent overall

Not "French Hit-man", 23 June 2016

You sometimes have to wonder what the Germans are thinking when they (re)name some movies they release. You can not think any minute of watching this, that it is an action movie or something in that vain. While it does have some single action pieces it also has too many moments that just drag along. It feels like an overblown slow burning movie with really good actors in it.

And does it have a payoff? Me thinks not, but I reckon that is in the eye of the beholder/the viewer to judge for themselves. I don't think many will come up with a positive look on things though. It's not always about being fast paced, but you do wonder if it wasn't possible to pick it up at times and make this anything else than boring ... then again, that in itself might be the selling point for those who want something different

Elser (2015)
History and what led to that point, 23 June 2016

Obviously this being based on an actual event (or events for that matter), this had to be made with great care. And you can feel the weight that lies upon this movie. But it never falters under it. It does stand its ground, which is a tough thing to do. Even tougher when you realize how many movies about Hitler have been made and what they all try to accomplish.

While it is based on something that happened, as with almost every other movie, it takes a couple of liberties. One of them being the time-line jumps. You may be in the "present" (that's late 40s for you), but the movie always skips back and looks on things that are being discussed or generally a look on the character and what he's been through. Not as much as some others obviously, having friends and what not, but still a more than engaging story that is worth telling indeed

More to it than meets the eye, 21 June 2016

Actually not really, but what would you expect with a title like that? It does depend on what you think of Simon Pegg and things like him being exhausted after 10 seconds of running. Also his "wardrobe" and the "handling" of it during certain scenes. Low level humor is what you could call it and depending on your mood or taste, you will like it or you won't like it at all.

Simon Peggs character is also not the "biggest" of them all. I haven't watched any of those "Biggest Loser" shows, but I do know there is a difference between the people in that show and what Simon Pegg is having (on his bones). Having said that, not all the jokes work, but it's decent overall.

400 Days (2015)
Not that long, 21 June 2016

Could you watch this for 400 days? Of course not, although I understand that it feels like that for some that watched the movie. Still it's pretty decent if you consider the budget they had to realize this. And while this is not the best Science Fiction movie out there, it's not the worst either (no matter how hard at least one person here tries to make a case out of that).

Also consider the cast involved. While not A-Listers, which you couldn't expect, there is some really good acting talent at hand. Not all are being fully utilized, but it's also not like they are completely without talent or use of that. The story reads and feels like low budget suspense and that is what you are getting. Cinematography is OK too. The pace could have been better, but you can't have it all

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