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Predictable yet still somewhat effective, 16 December 2014

The mood the movie is creating is strong, the characters on the other hand not that much. Still and even though this is as predictable a horror movie as they come and characters decide to or rather choose to do the worst thing possible, it still is able to build a certain kind of tension. The actors are doing their best to keep it going, even in the most ridiculous situations.

For some it might be strange seeing Pollyanna in a "weak" role like this, especially if they have seen her breakout performance. But that would be unfair to the movie and her as an actress. She conveys her role better than her male counter part. But both characters are tough to relate to, not to mention remove themselves from likable during the course of the movie (decision making again) ... if you don't mind those things and can just get into the situation without judging, you'll far more entertained obviously

Dark Sea (2013)
Title fits like a glove (filled with blood), 16 December 2014

That's the English title for the movie. The original means "Black Sea". Not sure I have seen as much blood as in this one for a long time. Another reviewer compared it to Peter Jacksons "classic" Braindead (US title is Dead Alive if I'm not mistaken) and that's spot on, when it comes to the gore.

Comedy-wise Peter Jacksons movie is on another level though and was much more fun. That is not to say, that this can't be fun. Quite the opposite, with some weird characters and some crazy/colorful "story" elements. This movie obviously knows what it is, with a little tag end after the credits roll. If you are into low budget, you will really enjoy this - not for anyone squeamish obviously

The Warriors ... underground, 15 December 2014

I guess I didn't get the memo, that a re-imagining of The Warriors was on the way. But I did watch it and unfortunately it doesn't hold up. There are other elements mixed in for and you have a certain dignity with Cary Tagawa, who's not only reliable, but also brings gravitas (even underground, yes!).

The effects are OK, the fights are also OK, for the budget that this movie had. I guess if this was made in the 80s (yes, like the Warriors, but even by that standard it lacks quite a bit), I might have liked the group mentality and the quirkiness of the movie. Characters are OK too, not much acting and not really any surprises (twist!) ...

Even Boon can't entirely safe this, 15 December 2014

It's interesting that a volcano who went off a couple of years ago, is responsible for a road movie. But we can see that this sort of makes sense. To a degree that is, because we are getting railroaded early on. There is so much hate between the two characters, that any kind of consolation does not make sense at all. History between them or not, circumstances and events or not.

Still, if you do not care about that, there are a lot of funny situations (and one very crude religious "skit", if you want to call it that). Other than that, we get animal abuse, jokes that are so low, they might just fly under your radar, flying and "crashing" for the sake of it and other crazy stunts. Your sense of humor might be up to par with it, but we've seen many better films from France (with and without the always likable Mr. Boon, even though his character here isn't that nice) ...

Banklady (2013)
Not a lady, 15 December 2014

This is based on a real story, though as always I'm sure they took some liberties with the truth to create more tension or just the right amount of it. The police is not only portrayed as incompetent, but also as crazy. Our heroes are insane too (to a certain level) and therefor it's tough to really root for someone.

The Banklady gets our sympathies to a degree and there are some moments where we almost lose our faith in her, where they give her a line to pull as back in. The performances are really good, Ken Duken has one of the toughest jobs to pull off (it's a fine line, though at the end even he's not able to keep it in line, up to that point, great job though). It's a decent movie, that ticks off the right boxes with a twist towards the end that's sort of unbelievable to say the least

Playing out, 15 December 2014

Being in a home like that is not easy. It's not easy for the young inhabitants, but it's also tough for the people overseeing them. Having to carry the responsibility, not to mention having to juggle their own lives (issues, some of them concerning and influencing their behavior towards other "crew" members or the kids).

The drama that plays out is really nicely edited together. And putting a new face to the group, who is being told what is happening at this "new place" (for him, Oscar Isaak, whom you wish there was more of in this movie). A good structure, great characters, good rap and believable, which is really important

Hidden, 12 December 2014

If you don't mind everyone talking English almost all the time in a movie that should be mostly in German, than continue. Continue reading but also go on and watch the movie. It's drama and it has a lot of things in it that are a thorn in a lot of peoples minds. The "old" German hymn for example. A friend of mine walked in as that played and told me to shut it. The sensibility is still there, even though this is just a movie and is needed to understand what it was like back then.

The actors are phenomenal and the "story" is really gripping. Anything that defied the odds or went against this order is always and should be considered a heroic act. Of course we know that it's easy to go downhill if you do the right thing, in a time when you are supposed to do the wrong thing. The kids are natural too and even though the movie has a long running time, it flies by real quick. There is some darkness to be encountered but you should know that ... it's obvious.

Bad movies don't die, 12 December 2014

I'm pretty sure you could watch this while you're outside shopping and you'd still get it. Actually since this movie does not think you can think for yourself, it does remind you of the movies "highlights". Anyway, there is not much going for the movie, least of all logic. While the "twist" is as ridiculous as it gets, the people in this movie react to it as if they had no brain.

Sometimes that's not a bad thing, but I'm pretty sure you have better things to do with your time. Unless you're a professional movie reviewer there is no reason to watch this. Actually, even if you are, there are other movies to watch than this. You wonder how deep Christian Slater has fallen ...

Strange? Color? Story?, 12 December 2014

In this case it is style over substance. There is something hidden and you may be able to decrypt it. But if you don't you'll either still love it or you will be annoyed by the fact that it's nothing like anything else you've watched the last couple of years. The movie always challenges you and even when you think you figured it out, there is something coming up muddling the water.

It's a tough sell for some, but an easy if you want to watch something that is not explainable. Even if I wanted to tell you the story, I wouldn't be able to. It's about a man and a woman. Or is it? It's about one apartment ... but is it? It's about a detective ... or is he? If Dario Argento actually would have evolved and he had some artistic flair, he might have been the one doing these movies. As it is, we get this couple, who might not want to explain what they were thinking when they made the movie, but we know they had a master plan ... is it enough for you to enjoy though?

Dracula 3D (2012)
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Worse than Giallo, 12 December 2014

I haven't seen the 3D version, so I am not at liberty to judge that (though a friend told me that a scene with a naked lady almost at the beginning is looking good). What I can say, is that the movie in general is not looking good. I watched it on DVD but it's painfully obvious that there was almost no money to spend. While small budget movies in America make it look like they do have a big budget, Dario Argento is not able to make it look like anything.

Family "issues" aside (though Asia never had a problem with her body, so let's not read anything into her being naked once again in a movie by her dad), it's the acting altogether that will have you shaking your head, if not giving you a bad feeling. It's a disaster and not in a good or funny sense. In Giallo you could have fun with how ridiculous and how bad the acting was (or the "plot"). Unfortunately there is nothing to laugh here. There is a bit of the mentioned eye candy for lovers of the female body, don't wait for any male hunk to appear though.

The "special" effects are another tragic category that add to the confusion. If it were a student movie you might be able to forgive and forget, but for a former (?) maestro of the horror genre this is just pitiful. And that's me being nice. He might be forced to have his actors talk in English (which makes them look worse), but that doesn't change the fact, that the direction is bad too, the script is lacking and a general absence of anything that might be able to save this .... I do wonder if his early work might have been elevated by the people surrounding him (Goblin and other people) ...

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