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I've known Bond since the days of "GoldenEye" (movie and game) but I started becoming a fan after watching "From Russia With Love". I was hooked. The following list is my personal ranking of the EON-produced Bond movies. Each Bond fan has his or her taste, and mine is pretty easy to glimpse: I favor the Bond adventures that are more grounded in reality (within the confines of its universe, that is) and that favors clever suspense over showy displays of action. That being said, I also love the Bond films that have some of that trademark British humor, that dashing sense of adventure, the amazing globetrotting (the Bond movies excel at making you want to visit every location), the wish fulfillment fantasies of fancy parties and fancier ladies. And yes...I do have a weakness for the beautiful women in the series, especially if they are fleshed out. So, without further ado, my personal ranking.
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This is a list of films that I have seen that, if IMDB would allow me, I would rate up to 11, because they are the closest to cinematic perfection in every aspect. While I have rated hundreds of movies with a 10, there are a few times when I feel that certain pictures are in a different echelon of quality and artistic power. Not only because all of the formal elements of a film are in complete harmony with each other, and of top-notch quality on their own, but also because they offer some sort of trascendent experience. Also, they are practically flawless in many technical regards. If I could have another wish (years ago I wished IMDB had a list-making feature, and it happened) is to have the ability to give a certain number of films a special score or badge for such movies. In other words, this are the movies I can safely call "The Best" (as objectively as possible) that I have ever seen.

In Chronological Order.
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I've been working on this list, in various formats, for six years. It's currently a "Top 300", but within a month I expect I'll re-evaluate some old favorites I haven't seen in ages (to either add or move down, or remove altogether) and add some news. I expect I'll fully expand and update (changing ranks and such) this list with a Top 400 sometime between August and November of 2014. A Top 500 will follow in 2015. My love for films of all countries, years and genres is boundless. However, taste and appreciation are ever-evolving. Some films rise up the ranks radically, while others go way down. It depends on my recent viewings, and the eternal struggle between nostalgia and recent reappraisals.

I still have hundreds of films I want to watch that will surely be added on my list.

The purpose of this list is two-fold: to satiate my tendecy for list-making (especially regarding movies) and as a source of additional recommendations for those who look for new films to watch. I'm working on brief descriptions for each of these films.
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Movies that never fail in making me weep or at least feel choked up, every time. A couple of classic "tearjerkers" are not here because I have not seen them yet (i.e. "Old Yeller", "Terms of Endearment", "Grave of the Fireflies", etc.) I have tried to avoid spoilers, but be warned that there a few anyway.
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These are my favorite film villains. With the exception of a handful of entries, I have avoided adding historical characters for various reasons (mostly because it seems unfair to the fictional ones; also, due to varying viewpoints on what makes a real life character a "villain" and also to avoid increasing the gap between the evil and destruction caused by a Hitler and, say, a Captain Hook. There are about 5 or 6 historical villians, but they are included because they are either fictionalized versions (Edward I, for example) or their names have been changed for the dramatization of the events (the "Goodfellas ones, for example)

Villains are ranked according to how much Ithey proyect certain qualities that make them memorable for me: dread, strenght, power, charisma, cleverness, a propensity for evil schemes, a veneer of joviality (sometimes sincere, sometimes false) or a mask of fury or inhumanity, with the added "value" of the crimes or atrocities they are willing to commit to achieve their dastardly ends (whether it is to control the universe, the galaxy or their office space)

Additional Note: Some of the pictures show actors other than the ones that I'm thinking of when it comes to a particular type of character. I've written the name of actor and film to explain which is the one I'm thinking of.
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There are other actresses that I still need familiarize myself with in order to add them to the list and some to add them into my top favorites.
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The Movies I most want to watch (I'll add more if I forget some) in alphabetical order.