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A Moving End To A Poignant Story, 11 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a little late in finishing the Fringe season 5, and hence a little late for a review. But I felt the other reviews didn't cover few of my favorite aspects of this episode... and I owed it to them, owed it to the emotional satisfaction they gave me, and hopefully everyone else that watched it.

To start, the journey of Fringe has always been beyond exciting, always treading on new and un-walked paths of science, stretching the limits of possibility. The finale of this had to be more about a closure than exploring something new again... and it was.

The last page of this story takes us to the climactic battle, where Olivia, Peter, Walter & Astrid have figured out a way to save humanity from turning into emotionless robotic Observers, with a lot of selfless help from September, the compassionate Observer. September's son Michael is the key to this, as he has to jump in time, to convince the scientists who started the technology leading to Observers, by showing that the path they take is how depressingly wrong.

This episode had the required amount of action, as they depicted the final battle. They brought a new level of cool to this, using so many bio-weapons from previous Fringe episodes. That was the perfect use of all of their experience and knowledge of Fringe events that they faced together.

Anna Torv (Olivia) carried out the action excellently, specially when she went berserk and smashed Windmark between 2 cars with just her mind.

But the beauty of this episode is the emotional closures between characters. Joshua Jackson (Peter) and John Noble (Walter) carried out a tear-jerking goodbye scene, when they hugged each other like they would never leave each other. Michael Cerveris (September) gave a quite emotional and moving speech about destiny and hope, as he expressed how strong his bond has become to his son.

But for me, the sequence between Astrid and Walter remains higher than these. In one of the most beautiful and long overdue moment of the series, Astrid takes Walter inside the lab and shows Gene, the cow, frozen in amber with motionless peace. They refrain from releasing her, as she would make loud noise attracting enemies. As Walter and Astrid lean on each other, to enjoy that beautiful piece of their happy past, Walter tells her that she always knew how to soothe him. Astrid breaks off in tears, and says that she believes they will win this and everything will revert back to their good old times, in the lab, drinking strawberry juice. Walter, knowing that he will probably not be there to experience it, tells Astrid, that her name is beautiful.

Jasika Nicole captured the nostalgic emotion so well in this sequence, that it just pains me to think why Astrid was such an underrated character in the series.

On the whole, a combination of perfect acting from the cast and a perfect vision from the creators, led to a perfect and satisfying ending to enigmatic story of Fringe... and I switched off my TV, hoping, maybe someday, the fringe team will be back again, after a well-deserved rest... with new limitless possibilities, and their endless courage, compassion, intellect and witty humour to deal with it.

Thank you, JJ Abrams and JH Wyman.

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Worth All The Wait, 22 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Superhero movies are usually taken to be kid's stuff - entertaining, slick and full of high-octane action sequences. But compared to heavy classy movies with grave stories, they have always been considered childish... until Christopher Nolan made Batman Begins.

The dark world of Batman full of both physical and psychological wars, that started in that movie, went to a sky high excitement level in The Dark Knight... with an epic performance as Joker from Heath Ledger.

The hype for the conclusion of this trilogy was well-expected. Though very few people have doubts on Nolan's craftsmanship after all the movies in his portfolio, there still was a doubt whether the level set by Dark Knight was un-surpassable.

Well, to tell the truth, it still is, in portions at least. But Dark Knight Rises surpasses all expectations and lives up to the hype.

The movie starts slowly with introducing new characters and a broken hollow Bruce Wayne, who has left the mantle of Batman since Harvey Dent's death 8 years ago. The main antagonist Bane is introduced as menacingly as his character. The world of Gotham has changed since then with organized crime out of the media eyes. Apparently peace reins in the city, which is nothing but the silence before the approaching hurricane.

Although most people had forgotten Batman, he still lurks in the secret corners of a few people's mind, who keep asking themselves - will he come back.

And he does come back. At the 2nd half of the movie, the slowly built environmental and psychological chess pieces step towards each other quicker and climax keeps pulping in our heart.

Until this point the movie was everything we expected. But since when does Nolan stays happy meeting the expectations? When the last 20 minutes of the movie starts unfolding its bag of secrets, every single person in the audience will grab the edge of their seats. Those last 20 minutes takes the movie to a new level of insanity and psyched, culminating into a final conclusion that ties every loose corner together ... and gives a new meaning to the saying - "End is a new beginning." Everything and everyone in the movie is worth praising - but the few that really stand out are - Christian Bale as the broken Dark Knight who starts believing in himself afresh, Tom Hardy as the monstrous Bane who almost takes away all the hopes from the audience, Michael Caine as the fatherly butler Alfred Pennyworth, Marion Cotillard as the enticing beauty and the surprising key character Miranda Tate. Anne Hathaway does a good job in her role, but the chemistry between the bat and the cat isn't really there. Gary Oldman keeps the ball going with his old testament cop character Commissioner Gordon. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also worth watching as a completely new concept character John Blake, specially at the final concluding scene.

But, the award goes to Christopher Nolan, who knows how the audience's mind works and plays with it to perfection. Nolan, you've done it again. It makes me a little sad, thinking that you wouldn't stand behind the camera again to continue from the promising end, or rather, beginning, you've carved with this movie.

But, maybe this is for the best... maybe the Dark Knight does need a well deserved rest.

Salute, to the best & darkest character the Comics world has given us. Salute.

Best Episode of Season III, 15 March 2012

This was such an awesome episode!! First of all the character X23 is a dark one and I loved its origin and contrast to other mutant's lives. The way their training contrasted each other, really flashed the gist of her life in a second.

Then comes the suit, it was an Ultimate X-men suit - seriously cool.

But the best part was the action!! Wow, whoever choreographed the sequences - when X-23 skidded down from a sky-riser using her claws, when she attacked the Xavier mansion - Wow! Her fighting style was so smart and cool, improvising every second, taking advantage of everything and everyone nearby. Every second, I wished that this could be re-done in a bigger scale with live cast - wow, it would be enigmatic!! And to think, that she took out all the X-men herself, with Berzerker telling Wolverine - Even you couldn't take us all! Perfect adrenaline pumping episode for an X-men serial. Not that I hated other episodes - I really like the whole series, specially the chemistry between the lead mutants. But this was really something.

And the final line says it all about the message - Sometimes, you gotta let kids just be kids.

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An honest thought..., 10 September 2011

Let's be honest... what do we like in a movie now-a-days? Salman Khan uttering dialogues with extreme attitude & high-octane bravado, Katrina Kaif glittering the screen with her diamond-white skin, Shah Rukh Khan stretching his hands out to call her reel-love... gravity defying action, brain-defying comedy and cloth-defying dance numbers! Why do we go for a movie? To get a lesson on honesty, sincerity and the crafts of being a good person? No... of course not! Then movies like Shool, Ghaath, Kurukshetra, Munnabhai MBBS would have made honest men out of us.

We just like spending 3 hours watching something that doesn't put much pressure to our unused parts in the brain.

Frankly, I like watching all the types of movies mentioned above. But, that doesn't stop me from taking chance with a movie, that actually has a soul... and that doesn't stop me from liking movies that doesn't meet the above mentioned criteria.

This is the case with Love U... Mr Kalakaar! The day Tusshar Kapoor was signed in for the lead role, the movie's fate had a bold lettered FLOP written in it. Because, audience wants Tusshar Kapoor to only play a paranoid mute clown again and again.

Well, who else would have done this role anyway? A movie about a genuinely good person, spreading his goodness like a virus - who likes that? Good is so overrated! People want their heroes to be bad! You will say - hey, we liked 3 idiots! Yes, of course, we are incapable of liking something until it's larger than life. Life isn't a colorful canvas - life is dull, monotonous, painful, tragic - for an average Joe, life is non-happening, uneventful, where he goes to a 9-12 job 5 days a week, sits on the same desk, does the same work and spends the weekend thinking maybe the next week would bring something interesting - but it doesn't.

Love U... Mr Kalakaar is honest, straightforward film that never goes loud or overboard with its story or the acting. It doesn't do anything insane or shocking, it doesn't thrill you to bite your nails - it just looks at you into your eyes and tells - I may not be a very happening part of your life, I may not be as shiny as your exterior, I may not be stylish like your gel-dipped hair, I may not be able to flex like your biceps, I may not be able to impress people like your street-smart tongue... but eventually you will have to consider me, because I am the most important part of your existence - I am your soul.

Anyway, my review is as follows - an honest & decent love story, that isn't just a mushy mushy tale of never-ending love. It's a story that every member of a family can like, if they give it a shot. I haven't seen Tusshar so controlled, since Khakee. Amrita is perfect as a bubbly, beautiful, smart & self-confident girl. Ram Kapoor adds a lot of glamour and weight to the movie with his opinionated father persona. And it's lovely to see Madhu after so many years, in such a weight-ful role. Among other actors, Prem Chopra & Yateen Karyekar stand out.

The story is predictable, but the journey is still worth experiencing. If you still have the heart in the right place, give this movie a try - because it does.

An Epic Movie... with Unlikely Heroes.., 17 July 2011

End of an era! What started as an innocent fantasy movie 10 years ago, has turned into a dark and artistic world of love, fear, hatred, compassion...and magic. And the end of these progressively dangerous and extremely enjoyable adventures couldn't have been better.

This was an epic movie, in every shot, every angle and every character. Every bit of the screen was artistically complicated and intriguing. Every angle of the story is so cleverly inter-wined, you can't help to stop and wonder, whether JK Rowling knew what all she was going to write when she started the 1st book. Every character has grown, not just in their age, but their conviction, belief and courage. And when they take their fates in their own hand, there is no way that the audience won't enjoy it...and clap at their every little triumph. Yes, there was a lot of clapping in my theater at least! And the end - it was loss of other words - peaceful. It was satisfying, relaxing... and yet very melancholy. I left the theater with the strong realization that there will not be another Harry Potter movie... because the adventure has finished... and I was sad.

But still.. I was happy that it was all over... and there will only be peace now. Not every day do we get attached to a movie and its characters so strongly...but I did... and I believe, we all did.

Thank you JK Rowling, David Yates, Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell.

Sorry for being too dramatic, but I can't help it... the movie is still fresh in me... its just been an hour till I came out of the theater.

For all the Harry Potter fans, go watch the end of the era! Don't miss it... in any way.

Rango (2011)
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Breathtakingly Beautiful, 27 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A lot of good animated movies release now-a-days, but for obvious reasons they are mostly for children. But Rango... is a complete movie experience with food for everyone! Rango is funny, childish, satiric, ironic, sarcastic, philosophical, emotional, visually stunning... and an entertaining raw movie!!

The story is strong, stronger than most live-action movies! The comedy is subtle... and childish where needed. The characters are, in lack of other words, beautiful! Their attitude, their symbolic racial representation, their realistic gritty clothing, intelligently placed weapons... everything is masterfully designed! Every frame is an artwork, with western giddiness inflicted in every pixel, choreographed and painted with wild vivid imagination! Rango can easily be called a masterpiece in animated movies!

The story basically follows a typical western spaghetti story - a lawless bent town dealing with desperate times, looking for a desperate hero. A stranger finds himself crowned their unlikely hero after taking down an imminent danger, with a lot of help from his luck! But the real danger is just temporarily stalled... and everyone's hope may just drown along with our hero, whose inept soul searching leads him to lie, deceive to achieve what he never could as his normal self.

The typical well-behaved bad guy, who has continued to fool the townspeople for years, must uncover Rango's true self to stop him from disclosing the real secret to everyone... resulting Rango's spirit to shatter and Rango would disappear never to come back. But how can a man stay out of his own story?

Watch Rango to find out...! It's everything you cannot imagine after reading its reviews... its THAT good!!

Not Just A Mushy Chick Flick, 16 November 2010

This is one of those rare romantic comedies, that are perfect for both guys and girls. The plot is not just a mushy romantic fantasy, it bases itself on a very honest and harsh contemporary reality - long-distance relationship, and tests the protagonists (Justin Long and Drew Barrymore) how much can they stretch themselves to reach over. What adds to the package beautifully is the super-funny dialogues spread out in the whole movie... they will keep giving you -laugh-out-aloud moments. The content is a little too much for children so parents must read the Advisory first.

Coming to acting, Justin Long is superlative as always. Drew Barrymore just DOESN'T get old and keeps getting better at acting in every movie! I loved Christina Applegate's over-protective character too! On a whole, a loving, beautiful, must-watch movies.... specially for people who are in love... this might just help you to look at the bottle half-filled rather than half-empty! Enjoy!!

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Hugely Lovable Cross of Sensible and Funny, 9 June 2010

Every year, there are 100-s of movies released in the romantic genre. Some are heavy on the sensitive and emotional stuff, dubbed as "Chick Movie"-s by the male audience. Some are just think-less-laugh-more teen romances, containing majorly sex themes, which guys prefer more. Being a movie-lover guy, I will say, I enjoy both sides, if the movie has a decent story line, which has become a little repetitive or complicated over the years. Just when I was deciding to stop watching romantic comedies for at least a month, I watched "She's Out Of My League"... and boy, did it change my decision! This is a lovely movie, which doesn't try to complicate things too much by focusing on too many perils in their love or showing too many parallel love affairs, though having the scope of it. It isn't a mindless comedy either, though having a few moments objectionable by a little section of the audience. The movie just emphasizes on one thing and one thing only - is super-sexy looks that important to look for in a relationship? Can a average Joe be called a pathetic dork, just because he doesn't have a glamorous job or highly-moisturized body or a gorgeous group of friends? Is all that even a factor in love? Is being a genuinely nice person not enough anymore in this flashy flashy world? The answer is a straight No and the movie shows it.

The preview of the story - Kirk (Jay Baruchel) is a low self-esteem person, who is ridiculed by his bullying family and is recently ditched by his girlfriend. His self-confidence is low to such an extent that when a gorgeous girl Molly (Alice Eve) asks him out in an informal date, he doesn't even consider it to be a date. But slowly sparks fly between them and they hit it off. In spite of Molly's dashing ex-boyfriend, rich and high-class family & a very disturbing first family introduction, or Kirk's offending brother, insulting best friend & a bitchy ex-girlfriend, the only problem putting them down is the social rating of them, according to which Kirk is a mere 5, while Alice is a solid 10. Though we all know how love stories generally turn out in the end, the question that will keep the audience going is... How can a 10 go for a 5? Well, watch out for yourselves!!! I bet you won't want to get up before the credits roll!

3 Idiots (2009)
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Only stupids will not like "3 Idiots"....., 4 January 2010

Don't know where to start or rather who to start with!

It has been 3 years since we had the bombshell called "Lage Raho Munnabhai" from Rajkumar Hirani Factory and had been waiting for another movie which can exceed the previous two movie masterpieces. While we were still waiting for "Munnabhai Chale Amerika", Hirani dropped a nuclear bomb this time.

Yes, this movie is no less than a nuclear bomb, in every terms, every aspect of it. Its a simple story about 3 students who refused to give up their dreams against the conventional norms of contemporary Indian Educational System, where marks and the degree certificate are all that is used to judge a student, where individual and unconventional thoughts are not welcome and suppressed every day, every hour, every minute.

Its simple, if you do not go along the system, it will break you down to the point where you either lose your identity for the rest of your life....or just quit (read suicide).

Yes, this may seem over dramatic to people, but student who suicide after facing the immense pressure of traditional grading system, expectation are not just in fiction. I myself had a friend, who stood before the Rajdhani Express train one day, because his parents expected him to always achieve distinction marks in every exam, which he could never do and on failing every time, his parents lied to everybody they know saying that he achieved 80% in the exams. Imagine the guilt and inferiority complex inside the kid, who didn't try to move away from the tracks when a Superfast Train ran towards him to crush him over.

I am not trying to give away the story or post a spoiler, as almost every Indian College student has read Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat, which is the base of this movie. Yes, Rajkumar Hirani has modified the story except for some key incidents and inserted the moral messages wherever he could.

Result - the film has turned into a laugh-riot and tear-jerker at the same time. You will never feel over-melodramatic in a single scene of the movie, neither will you feel that some buffoonery is going on any of the comedy scenes. This is a movie which will keep poking you every single second with innocent heartfelt emotions and make you laugh, make you cry, make you clap, make you whistle.

Coming to the actors, let's not comment on Aamir Khan's capability. He is just brilliant as an Engineering Student who doesn't care about scoring in an exam, but loves acquiring knowledge whichever way he can. R. Madhavan is fantastic and excellent as the narrator of the movie and a friend everybody dreams of. Sherman Joshi rocks with his highly expressive acting as the hesitating student, who keeps stumbling trying to follow the road his other two friends have taken. Kareena is looking very pretty and natural as the unconventionally strong girl who knows how to stand up against the wrong. Boman Irani is funny and brilliant as he smoothly carries the role of a Einstein-lookalike strict College Director, one of whom we have in every colleges in India. Omi Vaidya is the surprise package, who enacts the Hindi-learning highly-competitive student who can make a Parrot ashamed with his ability to mug up.

Realizing how big the review is turning, I will sum up all the other small actor's work as "Brilliant"! Hats off to Shantonu Moitra and Swanand Kirkire for meshing the songs in the story so beautifully, that we don't feel them as forced. And salute Rajkumar Hirani for giving us another highly commercial movie which has more dosage of social and moral messages than any of his previous films.

So basically, as far as I think, only stupids will not like this movie...and I am not a stupid, I am an Idiot. But that's just me. So go find out, whether you are an "Idiot"!

The Idiots rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Very Beautifully Made Movie......, 8 February 2009

I just finished the film. And all I can say is! From the very first day, I heard the name of this film, I felt this urge of watching it. Then it came out and was not received positively. I was a bit disappointed and postponed my plans of watching it...until now. And...this came as a blow.

What a movie! I didn't know about the Chinese proverb about happiness, sorrow, love and pleasure at all. But, I guess I won't forget it anymore. The director splendidly showed how all the emotions fulfill us by touching our lives a some point or other. Until you have experienced it all, you haven't lived fully.

As a gist of the story, our protagonists represent the four emotions, Whitaker (Happiness), Fraser (Pleasure), Gellar (Sorrow), Bacon (Love). They aren't exactly personifications of those emotions, but they are either looking for it or filled with it. And how they cross each other's lives, directly and indirectly due to Garcia (Fingers), and fulfill each other is the story. Its full of surprises, bright and sad moments, happy moments, moments that make you cry and smile at the same time, may even make you feel some unexercised emotions.

Acting-wise, what to say!! Kevin Bacon cannot act bad, even if you threaten to kill him. Andy Garcia is devilish and handsome at the same time. Whitaker is brilliant as the happiness-searching man, specially at his climax scene. Fraser is too too too good at his no-room-for-surprise act. I never liked Sarah Michelle Gellar that much, but she was a treat in this film. The supporting cast was good too.

So all I can say, is don't listen to all the reviews you get. The critics don't always tune to us. And...this movie is a lovely, brilliant piece of film-making. We are gonna look for you in the future, Mr. Jieoh Lee!! Hats off!

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