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Fantastic zombie bug satire!, 13 July 2009

I just saw it at the Maine International Film Festival with director and one actor present (one is from Maine). What a fantastic flick! Really excellent direction, acting and special effects. Although meant to take place in New England, it was actually filmed in Bulgaria (budget reasons). The humor is fast and punchy. A true low budget instant classic which I am predicting will be a cult favorite. Looking forward to more from Kyle Rankin! In the vein of Starship Troopers and Bruce Campbell. The ending is great even though the director had an alternate version (no spoilers here, but maybe it will be in the DVD coming out later in the year). It will be shown in September on SyFy.

The Ten (2007)
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Very funny on the edge comedy., 2 August 2007

I saw this film at the Maine International Film Festival and it was a real hit with the audience. It was a favorite of mine, too. The comedy is brilliant at times, mediocre toilet at others, but the times it shines are absolutely side splitting which is an infrequent event for me. The audience was out of breath, too. If making fun of humanity in all its bizarre incarnations (which includes religion) bothers you then don't bother watching it. The acting is excellent, especially Paul Rudd and Winona Ryder. It is hard to give specifics without spoilers, but I should say that the animation sequence is most hilarious, very much Crumb-like in its incredible unique depravity. The only thing that bothered me was the boring interludes introducing each segment. It is a old, tired technique which does not lend itself to the unique comedy which follows. Overall, I recommend it highly!