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Empty Nest: Aunt Verne Knows Best (1993)
Season 5, Episode 23
16 March 2018
I love this series ... this episode has made me laugh out loud!!! and .. of course, it involves the great Park Overall/Richard Mulligan tandem... Park always gets the best lines (David Leisure also gets his but they are limited), and Richard is always a pleasure to watch...Joey Lawrence is also great...
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Definitely the darkest of all episodes
15 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This one is not for the faint of heart or anyone who has childhood traumas...As usual, some great writing and acting by most , and of course the little levity is provided by Nacho Fresneda's superb acting...
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Empty Nest: Remembrance of Clips Past (1995)
Season 7, Episode 24
24 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
We have gotten a couple of these "flashback" episodes but this one is the best; if only because it's the last episode... Funny how by watching it again you catch the fact that it WAS NOT the last one to be shot, because , YES, Laverne IS getting married but Carol saying that she'll meet her as a guest at the wedding AFTER the last REAL episode when they BOTH get married, you go "ohhh OK!"... Always a treat to watch Richard Mulligan's perfect comedic timing...
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Empty Nest: Life Goes On: Part 2 (1995)
Season 7, Episode 22
Great wrap up!!!
23 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Well, Richard Mulligan, ever the trouper, was really sick by this time and he had to finish the series... A series finale is not an easy thing to do , but they managed to pull it off with their "feel good" philosophy... Yes, we know the actress who plays Libby here was on the first season NOT playing Libby, but who cares?? it is a touching scene when she shows up!!!
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Empty Nest: It's Not Easy Being Green (1992)
Season 5, Episode 7
Richard Mulligan!!!!
13 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The episodes where Richard used to dress up are worth the price of "admission"... he was a ham, but a great actor!!!....
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Empty Nest (1988–1995)
Empty Nest: a lovely comedy series for the whole family
7 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
In spite of being a "spinoff" ( which most of the time are worse than their predecessors), this series is a real gem. A unique ensemble of great actors that deal with situations with loving and caring attitude without ever being crass.. now THAT is something else in Hollywood's TV Land!!! Starting with the late great Richard Mulligan, who was a wonderful comedic talent (lest not forget his great physical comedy aspect), followed VERY closely by the great Park Overall who always manages to have the FUNNIEST lines and delivery in the series, I will never get tired of watching its reruns .. (BTW , what's up with it NOT being available on DVD??? HELLOOO??) The cast is rounded off by Kristy McNichol, who , despite of her personal problems that forced her out of the series, plays a GREAT ROLE, and David Leisure, who plays the sleazy neighbor and is the perfect foil to the rest of the cast (later in the series Estelle Getty and Marsha Warfield would contribute to the "naughtiness") and Dinah Manoff's character , who is just annoying, make this a great entertainment, far from being "sterile" it hits the point of humanity and love that is rarely seen on TV. This was my late mother's favorite series, so I may be a bit biased, but I did not appreciate it until many years after her passing...
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Empty Nest: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (1991)
Season 3, Episode 18
This is one of the real gems!
7 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This episode, featuring the late great Phil Hartman playing a "soldier' under Laverne's (Park Overall, who RULES in this series and has the funniest lines) commands as a nurse in training is really one of the real gems of this series...HI LA RIOUSSSS!!!! As usual, Richard Mulligan's role is top notch and his quite young love interest is quite nice for a change...
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The Queens (1966)
There is only one star in this movie, Capucine!
31 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
...on the trailer in English, she is the top billed actress...her section is the sexiest and she looks divine...Raquel couldn't act, Monica was just bonkers and Claudia was annoying...Capucine was the best, and of course, it's the LAST, she had a face that would melt cameras...she's also playing the sexiest role (actual kissing and fooling around) and I LOOOVE it when she tries to kick the butler; she had some REALLY nice pins too...she's wearing her favorite kind of underwear she wore on "Walk on the wild side" , "The Pink Panther",etc. my 9 rating is ONLY for her...
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Great adaptation- a must see in 3D
13 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have the LASERDISC of the Anime and I may say it's quite faithful to it (plus some stuff from its sequel, but that's another thing)..

First of all, it's one of the very few movies you must see in 3D : the details and the texture were MADE for 3D...

I am not a big Scarlett Johansen fan, but I am a HUGE Juliette Binoche fan, and to me, she looks better as a mature woman than when she was younger....

The huge exterior "hologram" ads are not funny at all, because that is where we're heading, and the whole "Blade Runner" ambiance is have to look closely but there's a "PAN AM" ad on one of the scenes, it cracked me up...
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Rogue One (2016)
The perfect Disney movie
16 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Oh yes, it's eye candy ... especially in 3D...but PLOT; What's that???? At the end of the movie I was shaking my head because I realized this is the PERFECT Disney movie...initially, somebody important always died in a Disney movie. Now they have taken it to the limit. Everybody dies at the end- really.. everybody!!! And to add insult to injury, we get an almost perfect CGI rendition of Peter Cushing (RIP), and a questionable CGI young Princess Leia. Even James Earl Jones doesn't sound like Vader anymore, I thought it was someone else. I can't believe all the "fans" who are RAVING about this piece of crap, calling it a "dark" SW, it doesn't get any "darker" than all of the people in this episode biting it- and this may reflect the state of mind of a nation-or even worse- a world- that celebrates death...I have seen all of the SW movies up until now, but I'm swearing off this "franchise" more will I ever spend money on a SW movie..and , if they ask me what I think I'll tell them that it SUCKS big time and recommend they see any other movie.
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Wah Wah Wah.please stop the whining!!!!
30 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
What a bunch of whiners in this Forum!!!!!! I can't believe it...EVERYBODY'S A CRITIC... This movie did what a good movie is SUPPOSED TO DO, ENTERTAIN YOU!!!!! It had some great action and acting, not a lot a violence, even had some "spiritual" and metaphysical subject in the plot, made me laugh out loud several times and it had some SERIOUSLY GREAT CGI FX (some of the BEST I've seen so far)!!!!! (Hint, go see it in 3D!) For the "purists", NO, IT IS NOT EXACTLY LIKE THE COMIC, watch closely... COMIC BOOK/MOVIE COMIC BOOK/MOVIE COMIC BOOK/MOVIE COMIC BOOK/MOVIE IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME-same as with the books NEVER BEING LIKE THE MOVIE: GET OVER IT!!!! And , as usual with Marvel Movies...STAY UNTIL THE VERY END!!!! a SOLID 10 for me...
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Sausage Party (2016)
One of the most twisted movies ever...
27 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Since we associate CGI animation with children's films, having an ADULT (and not even explicit) one is a "Curiosity", the same way "Fritz the Cat" was back in the early 70's. My wife's take on this is spot on: someone was watching "Book Revue" (look it up) and doing a lot of drugs...some good, some not so good , and went..."HEYYYYY, how about if we do a MODERN VERSION OF THIS using computer animation???". Of course, being from a jew, they ALWAYS have to bring up the whole Jewish thing-which, personally I wish they wouldn't-arabs, Nazis (the more you mention them , the more you exalt them...maybe that's what they are trying to do), and then the extremely racist Mexican (has to be Lesbian) main character, etc. It made me chuckle here and there but mostly , I was shaking my head....didn't get a hearty laugh out of me- AND I'M "EASY"!!!!! I'd give it an 11 on the "Twisted and wrong" scale, but, overall, it's a 5 from me...
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Zootopia (2016)
A mean, evil and totally overrated
24 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has been EXTREMELY over-hyped and is definitely not for children. It is mean-most of the characters are -in the end mean and totally antagonistic. It features evil programming..."do not try to dream or go beyond your comfort zone"...yeah, thanks for that Mom and Dad.... Sure , the animation is great , but , as substance goes this ranks at the bottom of the pit. I AM a fan of GOOD animated movies ("The Incredibles" anyone?), but this one is just a HUGE disappointment.

I regret paying to see this movie, and I have never rated a movie a "1", but this one deserves it...

THE ONLY "redeeming" point is that it features Tommy Chong for 4 minutes or so.....
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El ministerio del tiempo (2015–2017)
Great writing ruined by HORRIBLE Spanish ACTING
6 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'll start with the good aspects: -GREAT WRITING, humor (even self-deprecating humor) -Nice cinematography -Although time travel concept is a very common subject, it's a nice twist that it's a Government Dept.

Now the bad...


-The music SUCKS!!! (who the hell did the HORRIBLY GENERIC OPENING TITLES music???..a gorilla with a Casio could have been a MUCH BETTER JOB)...well, it's a State TV series, TVE, so , in proper Spanish Fashion, it was probably the son or brother or..somebody close to the producer(s) who did it.

-SPANISH ACTING IS SOOO STIFF AND WOODEN...they apparently haven't figured out the concept of DELIVERING THEIR LINES...I SWEAR, it's like third grade school acting...VERY PAINFUL...and , BTW, isn't it the DIRECTOR who calls the shots??? I could direct an episode and either TEACH these "actors" how to PERFORM SOME REAL ACTING or GET SOME OTHER ONES WHO CAN ACT!!!! ...and I can see some people hating me for saying all of this and the excuse being...well, they are LONG episodes and there isn't enough time...THAT IS NO EXCUSE!!!!

-Cayetana...oooohh Cayetana...of ALL her work I've seen, she has only played one role...and she's doing it again...running the emotional range from A to ...A (the LEAD , Juan Gea is just ....ugh!, and I really would like to like Aura Garrido, but she's also EXTRA stiff...she's very pretty, but pretty don't make an actress , honey)


ONE EXCEPTION!!!! Nacho Fresneda does a (EDIT)WONDERFUL job, but it's very limited by his role... (ADDITION: The "Pacino" character is also a good actor, unfortunately, he's gone after a few episodes...he obviously was making the other horrible actors look bad)

I give it a Five because of the writing....if there were some REAL actors involved, it'd be at least an 8.... (ADDITIONAL EDIT: I see that nobody agrees with my opinion-I don't care...I know good acting when I see it and this series is full of "actors"-apologies to REAL actors- who do not enunciate or invest emotionally on their characters...and especially do not know a THING about delivering their lines...the later episodes-season 2- are weak seems they are running out of budget like a real govt., especially here in Spain where EVERYTHING is done by "who you know or the casting couch")

EDIT 2018: RATING has gone up to 10. Well, it seems that the third season has been the best so far. We got rid of the Julian character and his wooden acting and we had Pacino replace him. Unfortunately it seems that the series is not being renewed for a fourth season-I hope I am wrong. Yes, it is one of the best , if not the BEST series created in Spain. the writing is even better now (as if that were possible!!!), the humor is full blast especially with the Pacino character (the GREAT Hugo Silva!) which is a PERFECT way to learn the "modern Spanish slang" ..GREAT delivery by Hugo Silva, BTW...-although those wanting to learn Old Spanish will have to revert to reading "Don Quijote" in the original version or, in a "light way" stick to Alonso de Entrerios' (the GREAT Nacho Fresneda!) colloquialisms... The costumes and photography are really top notch and , having acquired the first two seasons on BluRay , in the extras there is a chapter dedicated to the people who design the costumes.. I'll admit that the BluRay has made me appreciate the series WAY more. Although there is a LOT of wooden acting and many actors who are incapable of speaking English in MAIN ROLES (the actor who played Hitchcock is not even laughable... it's CRINGEWORTHY!!!), there is way more good stuff and dedication to overlook these faults.. I must say that Aura Garrido's skills (Amelia Folch) have grown on me, it figures that she leaves on the third season... Here's to hoping that there IS a FOURTH SEASON and the third season is released on BluRay!!!
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Castle: Murder He Wrote (2012)
Season 5, Episode 4
Best episode so far!!!
21 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
the writers really outdid themselves on this one.... One of the funniest episodes ever... Great chemistry between Nathan and Stana... A change of pace is very welcome , and some great twists... This is the best series on right now.... The Ryan character also is very well developed. Not a bloody episode. Also , a great "Italian Mafia" nod. Stana is hotter than ever, Nathan is getting old all of a sudden (well.. in the last few seasons), Alexis is a Woman now, and as always , the wardrobe and hair stylist people L O V E Susan Sullivan. My favorite episode so far. The house is really something. I love how Rick and Kate exchange their uncertainties. Can't wait for the commentary on the DVD.
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Psych: Pilot (2006)
Season 1, Episode 1
Anne Dudek is ONLY in this episode
19 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers


For those (mostly) male viewers who enjoyed Anne Dudek's prescence/role in this pilot episode please note that...

***She DOESN'T appear in ANY other episode of this series***

Too bad .. it is a big drawback and just for that I'm not getting this series on DVD...temperamental, isn't it?

End of rant.

The series;

good writing, great exterior shots, and Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller's son in the lead, with the same acting abilities....
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It's very hard to ignore the HORRIBLE colors on screen!!!
21 November 2006
Entertaining and smart, with very obvious on screen chemistry, Peter and Audrey make this movie a great choice, Pete having some great lines. But the lack of composition and aesthetics make this very hard for me to watch, hence the 9 stars. You have to ABSTRACT to not puke from the nauseating browns, ochres and greens I wonder how those colors ever became fashionable...but Audrey makes everything better, as usual. Audrey's white framed sunglasses still astound me. I wonder how the Kittycat and Moo girl got along. They probably hated each other or were strangely attracted to each other. Yes, do buy it, but YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!! ;=)
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Cool as Ice (1991)
One of the all-time best bad movies.
26 March 2006
Although admittedly the money that would otherwise have been spent in continuity and keeping all those gorgeous colors and multiple visual jokes flowing throughout the film's entirety probably got spent in hair gel, or controlled substances or both, this is still one of the all-time best bad movies you will ever have the privilege to chuckle through. You can say anything you want about the clichés that would otherwise be referred to as dialogue, but I challenge ANY multi-million dollar earning Hollywood actor to pull off this role better than the Scorpio boy. This is a tongue in cheek, enormous joke of a movie (anything with Naomi Campbell singing over the opening credits cannot be considered otherwise) which any actor should be proud to have in their past past baby. Hats off to the Vanilla wonder.
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One of the Real WB Clampett CLASSICS despite dated stereotyping
25 July 2005
People, people....Robert Clampett's style was always OVER THE TOP!!! No matter what the subject was. It is clearly shown that the team did some extensive field research(music, extra talent from the local scene, etc.) and came up with a very sardonic- urban-hop (predating hip-hop!!! Take that!) short that is deliriously funny, fast-paced and definitely NOT for everyone(what is, anyway?). Unfortunately, all the "racial" stereotypes will detract some viewers (with no sense of humor, I'm guessing-hey , I'm a Hispanic and I'm a stereotype, but, I DO have a sense of humor and Tolerance , above all), these were other times and no harm was intended-except for the members of the "Axis" during the WWII years-and STILL, it was never hate that was expressed, but plain ridicule). Clampett is my all time favorite director, the zaniest and the one who took the most risks-kudos to him on this one. Taking into account that no big-major-conglomerate-company in their right mind would release this classic on DVD, the only source that I've ever seen it on is 1989 VHS "Uncensored cartoons", definitely OOP. I think that there might be some business in releasing all of these "Politically Incorrect"(WWII, Inki, etc.) WB shorts with very stern warnings on the cover("Mothers of prevention"?-thanks FZ); we shall see...hey , if I had a way to do it, I would! It would be great to see this in a nice restored print.
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You'll only find this in "Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales"...
24 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
..and in an edited version-on VHS. Classic Chuck Jones directed short with REALLY funky backgrounds and one of the most hilarious quotes: "Ahh,Your mother rides a vacuum cleaner!!!" spoken by the Teutonic Twins with a glorious German accent! And let's not forget Bugs' "....Hansel?.....Hansel?". I wonder if I've ever seen the original uncut version of this classic short, since, like most of us who've only watched it on ABC's Saturday morning cartoon programs in the 70s-80s, the majority of these were chopped off because they were deemed "violent"...hmmm...I guess these censors were never informed that most of these WB shorts were made FOR and BY ADULTS, so , if kids got a kick out of it, even better!!!

Should have been included in the Golden Collection DVDs.
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Constantine (2005)
Excellent recreation of the graphic novel
26 June 2005
Despite the lack of chemistry between "Kan'tact" Reeves(sorry, his best role will always be the Bill & Ted movies) and gorgeous & talented Rachel Weiss' fake American accent(Rachel , my dear , your British accent is YOU). Top notch and disturbing Special fx. The BEST adaptation of a Marvel/DC graphic novel/comic book so far, IMHO better than Spiderman I-II, Xmen, even Elektra, etc. I'm not one to watch these kind of creepy movies, I'm a comedy buff myself, but this movie was a very pleasant surprise, there were excellent comedic/sarcastic moments interspersed. The Rossdale/Bush guy was good/sexy and so was Angel Gabriel-also the apprentice/cabbie. Anyone who gives this 1-4 stars is missing the point. PEACE!
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