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Enjoyable, much better than first two, 15 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just came home from the drive in, i was looking forward to this movie since i have read some good reviews about it and also that I'm a car freak. A lot of people have been bashing this movie without even seeing it and bashing the idea of putting a RB26DETT Motor into a Mustang, i agree its not right, but it is just a movie and if you can get past that then you will enjoy it...anyone who loves the sound of a tuned skyline will love it. Keiichi Tsuchiya makes an appearance in this movie and so does Sonny Chiba, but i wont spoil the other cameo.

Justin Lin does a good job, the movie itself has great action scenes, awesome drifting and car choreography/stunts, the cars look and sound awesome, there are a couple of one liners that make me laugh ("Can i have a copy of that?") you will know what this means when you see it and the babes....the babes are just gorgeous. Overall its a fun and enjoyable movie, far better than the first two.

Car lovers will like the movie but for everyone else....don't bash it till you've seen it, you might be pleasantly surprised.