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Fresh From the Cardboard Cut Out of Suck: The Craptastic Quartet, 12 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


As a lifelong fan of Super Heroes and comic books, I have always loved movie adaptations. I love the good ones, and even with the bad to mediocre at best ones, I have always found something in each of those movies that I liked, that made it worth watching. NOT THIS TIME: I admit, I am more of a DC fan and I follow characters like Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Justice League, etc, over Marvel, but what limited things I do like in the Marvel universe, I have always loved the Fantastic Four. I had the Mego figures and the Power Records book and record as a kid, I enjoyed reading some of the comics back then and I loved the animated series from 1968 by Hanna Barbera and even the 1978 series with HERBIE the Robot. And I personally loved the Fantastic Four movies with Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis and Chris Evans. I love both the 2005 and 2007 movies. They may not be the greatest, but at least they stayed close to the source material.

When I went and saw the new reboot last weekend, my reaction was the same as Cameron's loud scream in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It was a complete abomination!! If you're going to make a movie based off a popular iconic franchise, do it right!! Stay close to the source material and don't get too far away from it. I believe in the old country saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" And that's exactly what 21st Century Fox did in their unsuccessful attempt to keep the franchise. The best thing they could have done was turn it back over to Marvel. They would have done it right.

While I understand that some of these changes have taken place in the Marvel Ultimates Universe, I bet they haven't been around for too long. I say stick with what most people know. Here are what I hated the most:

1: A Naked Thing: Really?! Come on!!! There are kids watching! Would it have hurt to give the Thing pants?! Even if it wasn't the shorts from the comics, at least Michael Chiklis's Ben Grimm had nice pants and he was the same tough Ben as opposed to this little guy. They really Joel Schumachered this movie really badly!!

2: Reed Richards age and characterization: Too young to be believable. Plus, there's no way I could have seen any relationship form between him and Sue. Plus, I did not like him being portrayed as a yellow bellied coward. He's supposed to be the leader of this team. I just can't see Reed being younger than Johnny or close to his age.

3: Johnny Storm: Period! If you want to change the race of a popular established character, be careful who you select. I would have been more accepting if the Thing, Ben Grimm had been African American. But Johnny Storm? I just couldn't see it!! And Sue being adopted? This was just too much to take it.

4: The villain: We've already seen Doctor Doom. I would have preferred another villain like Prince Namor the SubMariner (and spin him off into his own movie) or the Mole Man or the Skrulls. Doom was an arrogant punk instead of royalty.

5: New Story: Not Retooled Origin. I absolutely HATED this new origin. Nuff said.

All in all, this new Fantastic Four reboot is something I didn't even recognize. It's like watching the Cathy Lee Crosby TV movie of Wonder Woman, which also unrecognizable.

The disappointment here is that I was hoping for a reboot with new actors cast according to the traditional source material. To see the FF that we knew from the first two movies with new actors carrying on the stories with new threats and menaces. This movie was so awful, that the director, Josh Trank and the producers and studio blamed each other. Since Chris Evans (who I liked as the Human Torch) has gone on to win the hearts of many as Captain America, I was hoping for a new blonde haired blue eyed Torch. Then again, I also wanted to see the blue costumes with the 4 emblems. Not that garbage they wore in this movie.

There's no cameo by Stan Lee and there are no extra scenes during or after the credits, so you're better off leaving when the credits roll.

In conclusion, this is one Super Hero movie that is a complete failure and a total waste of money. If you're a traditional fan of the FF, YOU WILL NOT RECOGNIZE IT!! I dreaded this movie before I saw it and I walked away totally disgusted!! A complete two thumbs down!!!

Hurricane (1974) (TV)
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Great Disaster Movie With Cast From Dallas, the Waltons, and Adam 12, 21 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What can I say? I'm a child of the 70's and I love 70's shows and movies. I'm also a huge Dallas fan. I recall 20 years ago (hard to believe it's been that long now) I finished my freshman year of college and I also recall watching the final episode of Dallas back in the spring of 1991. A week later, I was at Blockbuster Video and discovered I could prolong the Dallas feeling one more Friday night and I rented Hurricane when I discovered both Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy were in it. Don't think they knew each other at that time yet, but it is ironic they were both in it.

I can't think of the character names, but I just watched this movie on you tube and would not mind finding it on DVD. Larry Hagman and his wife are out in their boat and get caught in a Hurricane and trapped in the eye of the storm and they're trying to correspond with their teenage son and younger kids. Martin Milner from Adam 12 is in the Air Force and the head of the crew in the plane that flies through these storms. Hagman was already a celebrity at the time from being on I Dream of Jeannie. Patrick Duffy was an unknown newcomer. He looks like he's in college in this movie. He and his bride are trying to leave their place to head further inland, but their neighbor, the late Frank Sutton from Gomer Pyle is throwing a Hurricane party and insists they join them, which they do for a little bit, but finally leave at some point. All I will say is that Sutton will eventually learn the error of his ways.

The man that plays Martin Milner's father is a man who lives alone and has a dog. I recall that he tries to ride out the storm and wait for his son to come home. He's offered a ride twice and turns it down. The scene I remember best with him is when he regrets passing it up when he tries to leave, his pile of crap truck won't start and he tries to go by foot.

If you're a fan of the Waltons, Michael Learned and the late Will Geer, who are relatives on that show, are esteemed colleagues at the Hurricane Center. And being a fan of the Incredible Hulk TV series, I have to point out that the late Jack Colvin, who was intrepid tabloid reporter Jack McGee on that show, is a TV newscaster in this movie.

You actually have 4 story lines going on here. Hagman and his wife caught in the Hurricane's eye, the fateful trips of Milner and his crew to attempt a rescue. Milner's dad and his dog, and Frank Sutton's hurricane party.

I'm probably one of the few, but I really love this movie. 2 thumbs up.

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Two Hours of Memorable Fun!, 22 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had turned 8 years old when the Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show aired on Saturday mornings right behind the World's Greatest SuperFriends in 1979. Hard to believe that was now 30 years ago. I recall there were four animated shows in this 2 hour variety series.

PLASTIC MAN: I was not aware he was another DC Super Hero until after seeing this show. Like the comics, he still looked like he did in the comics. And it was revealed he used to be a criminal named Eel O Brien. BUT unlike the comics, his origin was not revealed like it was in the comics. Instead of Woozy Winks, he had 2 associates. Beautiful southern belle Penny, who was in love with Plas and always trying to get romantic with him. And Plas was either too dumb to notice or he turned a blind eye. He seemed to have an infatuation with the Chief. A brunette female superior with a strip of grey in her hair. The Chief was a total B*** who apparently hated Plastic Man since she was always nitpicking at him. Replacing Woozy Winks was Hula Hula, a Polynesian known for his "bad luck" but on the plus side, always seemed to have friends and connections wherever they went. I can't remember any of the villains they fought, but I'll never forget Plastic Man swinging on jungle vines on his intro exclaiming "Eat your heart out Ape Man!" MIGHTY MAN AND YUKK: THE WORLD'S UGLIEST DOG: This cartoon was primarily a combination of other influences. Mighty Man was Hanna Barbera's Blue Falcon and DC Comics the Atom rolled into one and voiced over by Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime for Transformers fans) and Yukk, a dog so ugly, he had to cover his face with his doghouse, otherwise, when he lifts his house, total chaos ensued. Yukk is actually Dynomutt turned into a real dog with an ungodly ugly face and Frank Welker used his Dynomutt voice for Yukk. Stupid show but it is funny.

RICKETY ROCKET: Perhaps the worst segment in this Ruby Spears series. Rickety Rocket is a combination of Speed Buggy & Fat Albert. Four black teenagers (Cosmo, Venus, Splashdown, and Sunstroke) in a future time run a detective agency assemble a pile of junk and it becomes Rickety Rocket. I don't remember the stories, but I recall it was total crap and it was later dropped from the airwaves during mid season. No doubt this cartoon offended somebody. "RICKETY ROCKET! BLAST OFF!" FANGFACE & FANGPUSS: Fangface ran as a solo series the year before in 1978, and in 1979, the cartoon ran as part of this series, BUT it suffered from the very same problem that Scooby Doo did that year. The Cousin Oliver syndrome (the unnecessary addition of a new character). While Scooby Doo and the Gang were joined by Scrappy Doo, Fangface and his friends Biff, Kim, and Pugsy were now joined by Fangface's little cousin, a baby who became Fangpuss. Very bad move to an otherwise, enjoyable cartoon.

Plastic Man's second season also suffered from this syndrome. 1980 saw the series become The Plastic Man/Baby Plas Super Comedy Show. In that show, Plastic Man finally married Penny and they had an elastic baby named Baby Plas, who not only had his own adventures, but also with his parents in segments called the Plastic Family. Funny how after they introduce characters like Baby Plas and Fangpuss, that these shows were gone the years afterward.

On its 30th anniversary, Plastic Man is coming to DVD. And it only contains his season one adventures and a couple of season 2 episodes. No Baby Plas or Plastic Family, and none of the other cartoons. Just Plas, Penny, and Bad Luck Hula. It's supposed to be on DVD in late October.

Altogether, the Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show is fun and has great memories, but it also has disappointing factors as well. I give it an average rating.

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They Should Indeed Do a Remake of this Obscure TV Classic, 4 July 2009

I never saw the pilot movie of BJ and the Bear in its original 2 hour movie format. But I did see it years ago when the series played in syndication in the early 80's. In response to the previous poster, I know that BJ and the Bear ran for more than one season. It actually ran for three seasons. Most recently, I saw this pilot called "The Foundlings". Somebody finally placed it on youtube most recently. It's interesting to see how far more sinister that both Sheriff Lobo and Perkins were in this pilot. Oddly enough, Perkins was NOT a deputy at this time and he was single too. In this movie, Perkins owned a ranch where the captured girls were slaves. Apparently, Sheriff Lobo ran it and Mr. Perkins was just a civilian.

Anyway, BJ is hired by this girl whom he nicknames "Stilts" to haul a load for a set price no questions asked. But when BJ encounters Orly County deputies, it's just a matter of time before he discovers he's hauling a group of young runaway women who escaped from Perkins Ranch where they were held captive.

In this pilot, BJ's red and white rig does not have an aerodine window. Funny how it was added in the series and we learn about BJ's time in the military and what made him decide to be a trucker and go from place to place.

It's a crying shame that neither BJ and the Bear nor Sheriff Lobo stand a snowball's chance of ever seeing the light of day for DVD releases. And aside from Lobo airing on RTN, a channel I don't have (just my luck!) it seems there are no TV stations near me that are broadcasting either series.

I recently had he honor of meeting and hanging out with Greg Evigan when I was emcee at a stunt show in Concord North Carolina this summer. Greg was one of the celebrities who attended. He is a truly nice guy and cool to hang out with.

It is my greatest wish to Universal that both BJ and the Bear and Sheriff Lobo would come to DVD or at least broadcast so I can see them again.

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Not as Good As Batman: The Animated Series, but a Good New Interpretation With an Evolving Process, 29 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, I am a fan of Batman: The Animated Series all the way. To me, no one beats Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammill and the bunch. BUT it wasn't until the last two seasons of the show that I came to appreciate this series. Now I have the whole series plus the movie The Batman VS Dracula on DVD.

The Batman is a series where we see not only a younger version of the main character, but we see an evolutionary process take place within its five season run.

SEASON ONE: The season fans cried foul the most. For starters, this meant trying to adjust to a new interpretation of a younger animated Batman. In this season, Batman is pretty much alone, hunted by the police, particularly Detectives Ethan Bennett and Ellen Yin. I hated Chief Rojas, who was the head man in charge of the Gotham Police. Bruce only has Alfred as his confidant.

SEASON TWO: Batman is still alone, but he has an ally in the form of Ellen Yin, whose now working with him indirectly. Commissioner Gordon finally debuts at the end of the season. Bye Bye Rojas. I never liked you. We also saw the release of the movie,"The Batman VS Dracula."

SEASON THREE: Batgirl debuts and works most of the season to prove to Batman that she is worthy of being a partner or an ally. Ellen Yin and Rojas are phased out at this point.

SEASON FOUR: Robin is finally introduced and I first became interested in this series because of this element. Bruce Wayne now has a ward, Dick Grayson, but unlike the father/son relationship of previous series, they seem more like brothers in this one since Bruce is younger. As Batman, he now has partners in Robin and Batgirl.

SEASON FIVE: Batman now teams up with Superman and the Justice League Super Heroes. Robin is Batman's main partner and Batgirl appears less as does Gordon.

The series cancelled while it was really getting good, but then again, what more can this Batman do now that he's a JL member.

THE PROS: In seasons 1-3, Adam West (Batman 1966) voiced over Mayor Grange. The late Frank Gorshin (Riddler 1966) voiced over Professor Hugo Strange until he died. In Season 4, Kevin Conroy (B:TAS Batman) voiced over John Grayson and Mark Hammill (B:TAS Joker) voiced over Tony Zucco. VILLAINS: We had Black Mask, Cluemaster, and Killer Moth. And we had Vicki Vale in the Batman VS Dracula movie. These were characters Bruce Timm and Co. never even touched.

THE CONS: This series did not have Two Face, Scarecrow, and Ras' Al Ghul due to a Bat Embargo (they were licensed for the live movies). Bad mistake. This makes Batman: The Animated Series better in that sense. HERO TEAM UPS: While we get to see Green Arrow, Hawkman, the Flash, and the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern, we never got to see Aquaman and Wonder Woman. However, WB will make up for it with Aquaman in the upcoming Batman: Brave and the Bold series.

All in all, this is a good series, but I place it second to Batman: The Animated Series. Now that it's all on DVD, I recommend checking it out to appreciate the evolutionary steps of this series.

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Definitively THE best Batman Movie Ever Made. Definitely Oscar Worthy!!!, 29 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

And I thought Batman Begins was the best. It is rare that a sequel or follow up movie is better than its predecessor. But Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale have pulled it off. I've never before attended a midnight sneak showing of a movie, but when I read that it was an anticipated sellout, I decided not to wait until opening day. Good thing too.

The Dark Knight is a true masterpiece. It is not only the best comic book adapted movie. It is not only the best crime drama movie. It is not only the best psychodrama movie. It is not only the best Batman movie. IT IS ALL THESE CATEGORIES ALTOGETHER!! I am personally convinced that the Dark Knight surpasses any comic book movie ever made in its history. The entire cast gave stand alone performances in their perspective roles. The cinematography was superb and you can't beat the musical score composed by the same two geniuses who scored Batman Begins.

Unlike the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher movies, Gotham City looks like a real city, especially since they filmed in Chicago. Burton's Gotham looked too dark Beetejuice Edward Scissorhands fantasy and Schumacher's Gotham looked too neon gay. Gotham City needs to look real and not like some fantasy set and Nolan pulled it off! Christian Bale really pulls off both sides of the cowl as Batman and Bruce Wayne. It's great to see Michael Caine, Gary Oldsman, and Morgan Freeman back in their roles as Alfred, Gordon, and Lucius Fox. The best casting choice they made was casting Maggie Gyllenhal as Rachel Dawes since I felt she was more believable in the role than Katie Holmes ever was. When I saw Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent, I realized that I saw him in a movie called Thank You for Smoking. The studio did wise not to reveal his appearance as Two Face. As to how, when, and where it happens, you will just have to see the movie for yourself. Thank you WB for keeping the secret guarded. But Eckhart really executes the role of the White Knight who eventually falls.

Now saving the best for last. The late great Heath Ledger. While I was not really familiar with his work, he really and truly stole the show as the Joker and he did it without upstaging Batman like what happened in the Keaton/Nicholson movie. Ledger really vanished into the role of the Joker. He literally lived and breathed the part and his Joker is more of a frightening, terrorizing menace than any of the past incarnations. And he lives by no rules whatsoever. Now don't get me wrong. Caesar Romero will be remembered for the camp version, Jack Nicholson has the best Joker look and played the comical killer and Mark Hammill gave the best standout performance as the voice of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. But Heath Ledger's Joker will make you either forget the other versions or at least make you put the others on the back burner. In my personal opinion, Heath Ledger truly deserves the honor of a posthumous Oscar Nomination.

Whether or not there is a third Batman movie done by Nolan and Bale is neutral for me. I would certainly enjoy it and I hope it eventually happens, but at the same time, I feel this is the best and I would hate to see a lesser quality movie to follow this one. Any future Batman movies, whether they bring in Robin, The Penguin, Catwoman, or any number of other villains, other heroes or supportive players should be done by another director and starring actor who will continue the franchise in the Nolan/Bale style.

While I love both Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk both, I am convinced the Dark Knight is bar none THE BEST SUPER HERO MOVIE OF 2008 IF NOT EVER MADE!!! Perfect!! Two Thumbs Up!!!

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Second To the Classic TV Series, This Is THE Hulk Movie To Go See!!, 17 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When it comes to the Incredible Hulk, I am and will always love the classic TV series the best. But now, I've seen the second best Hulk interpretation ever made!! Oddly enough, I wound up seeing it three times this weekend. I just couldn't get enough of it.

The 2003 Ang Lee film was a total abomination (pardon the pun)and it would be similar to, "What if somebody attempted to do a lower budget Superman movie a few years before Christopher Reeve, Richard Donner, and the Salkinds got involved?" That movie was a joke that was not funny at all.

The Incredible Hulk was a brilliant collaboration and this time, both the director and the star are both Hulk fans of both the comics and the TV series. Louis Leterrier was an ideal choice for a director. Edward Norton made an excellent Bruce Banner. He looked a little like Bill Bixby, but only a little bit whereas he mostly represents the comic book Banner far better than the poorly miscast Eric Bana of the 2003 film. The retold origin was far better than the plot of the previous film and was only restricted to one part early on in the film so that it's not rehashed. Liv Tyler made a decent Betty Ross and she was much more loving and understanding than Jennifer Connelly was, but in terms of beauty, I am more partial to Connelly myself. Add the grey hair and the mustache, and William Hurt executed his performance as General Thunderbolt Ross. The only thing I liked in the 2003 film was the casting of Jennifer Connelly and Sam Elliot as Betty and her father, the General, so I could go either way with the Ross's.

This Hulk movie has many things the previous attempt did not. For one thing, it has some humor in it while the other film was too dark, brooding, and serious. And this film had good length while the other one was too long. That is one agreement that I'm glad Marvel won. Sorry Ed. And most of all, we had a real villain along with a colossal fight for the Hulk. Tim Roth was great as Emil Blonsky and his Abomination was a true menace and a frightening one as well.

Best of all, this Incredible Hulk movie has many nods to the classic TV series. Lou Ferrigno has a better cameo role and he was the voice of the Hulk. There is a brief cameo of the late Bill Bixby seen on a TV set while Bruce Banner is channel surfing. And what I'm surprised no one has mentioned yet, there is also a nod to the late Jack Colvin's character in that there is a character named Jack McGee found somewhere in this movie. You need to see the movie for yourself to see these nods. The Hulk himself is CGI of course, and to some, that is probably a big letdown, but this time, the Hulk looks far better and he doesn't grow when he gets angrier, plus he looks more like his comic book counterpart.

One more thing, the musical score was outstanding!! Craig Armstrong's score sounded like real Hulk music as opposed to Danny Elfman's 2003 score, which sounded a little too Asian and martial arts type of music. But the intro theme of this new movie is really captivating.

For my final evaluation. If you want to see a Hulk movie that is truly good in every way and will capture the interest of both TV series and comics fans, the Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton is THE movie to see and completely discard the Ang Lee film of 2003. I give this movie 2 thumbs up!!

CHiPs '99 (1998) (TV)
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Except for a Few Continuity Goofs, An Excellent TV Reunion Movie!!, 3 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I never thought I'd ever see it happen. The cast of CHiPs reuniting and doing a new reunion movie, and even more than that, it reunited Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada, who finally decided to bury the hatchet and forget about their personal issues with each other. Oddly enough, they both were co producers as well. I was surprised this didn't air on NBC, but then again, about a decade ago, this was a hot show that aired on TNT, like the same way the Dukes of Hazzard received new popularity on TNN during that time.

It's hard to believe it's now been 10 years since CHiPs 99 aired on TNT. And hopefully, maybe it will get released on DVD someday along with the series. The movie is interesting in that we see how the CHP has changed in the last 15 years, especially in terms of the new motorcycles they used.

For the most part, this movie, I feel was written with the memory of season one more than any other season and it almost completely ignored the characterization and story lines of the final season, as bad as that season was. In season six, Officer Jon Baker left the force and was replaced by Officer Bobby "Hot Dog" Nelson and later his brother Bruce, who went through Cadet training before becoming a CHP officer before series end. Ponch by that time, had matured into the more responsible training officer. Ponch, while still a character had become what Jon was. Most of that was tossed out the window in this movie. Ponch once again was the "Hot Dog" and Jon was a little more strict this time. One can only guess that when Ponch left the force, he did before Jon came back, explaining why they hadn't seen each other in so long. The only element of season 6 was the inclusion of Bruce Penhall as Bruce Nelson, who gets promoted to Sergeant in this movie, but gets injured and out of the story not long afterwards. Artie Grossman is back as a plain clothes Detective and surprisingly, Brodie Greer is back as Barry Barikza, who also mysteriously vanished in season 6. Joe Getraer is now Police Commissioner and Jon Baker is now Captain of the CHP and is married. His beautiful blonde wife, Sandy is also a CHP officer.

Ponch retired from the force some years ago, married the crash victim from the series pilot episode, and had a son. Ponch's wife got sick and died, and now he is raising his son, Frank Jr. What I didn't care for in this movie, were the two new young guys. Sergeant McFalls was not bad. A nice cop like Jon, but Roulette, is not only an exaggeration of Ponch, but also a resident a---hole!! You just love to hate this guy and his rivalry relationship with Ponch occurs when he cites Ponch for speeding. Ponch returns to the force, but unlike his buddies, he never rose in the ranks and is therefore, still a motor officer.

All in all though, it was great to see Ponch and Jon go riding together again after 15 to 16 years. Flashback scenes from the pilot episode, plus the scene where they pull over a bicyclist, whom they pulled over when he was a kid in the pilot was priceless.

While not as great as the original series, CHiPs 99 has its charm and I recommend it as much as the series. I give it 2 thumbs up!!

"CHiPs" (1977)
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One of the Best Police Shows Ever Aired On Television and Still Is I Might Add, 3 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I get disgusted seeing some of my favorite TV shows downed for their quality, but at the same time, I can understand to a limited extent. In terms of technology, we've come a long way. But there are some things from the late 70's and early 80's that will always be priceless. Like Buddy shows, whether it be police or otherwise.

For me, I categorize three shows in particular, Starsky and Hutch, The Dukes of Hazzard, and CHiPs. People down CHiPs for its quality, because you were guaranteed freeway chases and vehicular crashes and accidents in each episode, along with beautiful women who find CHP officers, Ponch and Jon in particular, attractive. And the 70's disco music soundtrack in each episode.

I compare police shows of the era to soft and hardcore sports, baseball and football. While most police shows are grim and gritty, not to mention violent crime dramas, henceforth like football games, I compare CHiPs to baseball. Both are light hearted and the violence level was at a minimum. I don't recall Ponch or Jon ever drawing their guns. And compared to the crap we call reality TV today, the realistic factor of CHiPs was similar to Emergency and Adam 12 in that we saw professionals doing their jobs and we even got to hang out with them off duty on these shows. Through CHiPs, when I applied for my driver's license as a teenager, I knew the documents to present a cop who pulls you over were your license and registration (thanks to Ponch and Jon). I knew that on my written test without studying that one factor.

Anyway, in a nutshell, CHiPs was the adventures of the CHP both at work and at play. The two main characters of this buddy cop show were Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada as officers Jon Baker and Francis "Frank Poncherello, best known to everyone as Ponch. Unlike most people, I love the 1970's, the styles, and especially the disco music, which I wish I had on CD. For most of the time, Jon and Ponch were the main characters as well as one of their commanding officers, Sgt. Joe Getraer, whose relationship with Ponch was similar to the relationship Captain Dobey had with both Starsky and Hutch. Other than that, the only other cop who was there almost from start to finish was this pudgy cop named Artie Grossman. Other cops were cruiser cops, like Barry Barikza, who was there for most of the series seasons except the last one. Black cops, Fritz, and Turner (future Klingon Michael Dorn) and some very hot Chippies like Sindy Cahill,Kathy Linahan (final season) and my personal favorite Bonnie Clark (Randi Oakes). My least favorite character was the arrogant mechanic, Harlan. I could have done without that pathetic guy.

The show's two worst moments. A few episodes in season 5 when Ponch was temporarily replaced by Bruce Jenner as Officer Steve McLeish, who was Jon's partner while Erik Estrada was tied up in a legal contract dispute, and worse than that, all of season 6 with Larry Wilcox's departure due to the fact that he and Estrada were not getting along, probably due to Estrada's massive ego during the series. Though try as they might, neither Tom Reilly nor Bruce Penhall as the Nelson Brothers Bobby and Bruce could cut it with Ponch like Jon could, though Bruce was more interesting as we seem go from Cadet in training to official CHP before the series ended.

In the end though, you still have a great series. Erik Estrada as Ponch was the character cop who stole the show, but I was always more of a Jon Baker fan. To me, Larry Wilcox represented the type of cop I'd prefer to be stopped by or cited by.

If you want a decent reality based show, I highly recommend CHiPs. And unlike most shows, it's perfectly safe for your kids to watch. I give 2 thumbs up!!

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By Far the Greatest Animated Super Hero Movie Ever Made!!, 15 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Though my childhood was in the 1970's, I've read some comics that my cousin had during his childhood in the 1950's, so I've come to appreciate the interpretations of the DC Heroes of that time period. In fact, I like that era better than what most of today offers.

Justice League: New Frontier is actually a tale that brings these heroes together before they officially formed the Justice League of America. I have not read Darwyn Cook's novel, but I thoroughly enjoyed this animated movie where we get familiar with not only the SuperHeroes, but also the military heroes and government men.

While DC's big 3, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are present in this story, the unique twist is that this movie follows the journey of Hal Jordan from Korean War air force pilot to Test Pilot for Ferris Aircraft to eventually becoming the Green Lantern. David Boreanaz did a superb job as Hal/GL. The second big lead is J'onn J'ozz, the Martian Manhunter. His story is told and I enjoy the work of Miguel Ferrer, whose voice has also been heard on episodes of Superman: The Animated Series as Weather Wizard, and Aquaman. And finally, the Flash has a major role in this movie. And it's the classic Barry Allen version. Neal Patrick Harris sounded a little too young to be Barry, but he still pulled it off. The only DCU villains who surfaced were Captain Cold, whom I did not recognize and Gorilla Grodd.

Wonder Woman was the classic version and Lucy Lawless was a natural in the role, even though she didn't have much to do. Superman reminded me of a combination of the classic Fleisher Superman as well as the George Reeves interpretation in terms of being the boy scout and the government's voice of reason. Thumbs Up to Kyle MacLachlan. It was also enjoyable to include Lois Lane and a silent Jimmy Olsen. Priceless.

My favorite hero, Batman is the most minor of the A listers. The cool thing is that we see him first in the look of the Bob Kane/Bill Finger version of 1939. Then the switch to the blue and grey version of the DIck Sprang era and Robin's cameo is a big bonus. I must admit, Jermey Sisto's voice for Batman is a bit odd, but he did a great job. Oddly enough, this version of Batman makes me think of not only Adam West, but also the late Olan Soule who voiced over Batman on the SuperFriends.

In minor cameos, we get to see Green Arrow, Adam Strange, and the Blackhawks, My favorite cameo has to be made by Aquaman and it's in a scene in the movie that is priceless!!! I won't tell you when that is. If you want to know, go see this movie.

In addition, we also have the Challengers of the Unknown, but only their leader Ace Morgan has a major role and he is Hal Jordan's co- pilot and best friend in this movie. And let us not forget the government agent, King Faraday. You kind of hate him at first but grow to like him towards the end. Phil Morris, the voice of Vandal Savage on Justice league Unlimited voices over Faraday.

The villain is this being called the Centre and he's voiced over marvelously by Keith David.

Out of every animated Super Hero movie ever made, I recommend this one the most. In odd ways, it reminds me of the SuperFriends, but also the classic late 60's DC cartoons by Filmation. Especially their facial designs.

Great music, Great Story, Great Voice cast. Great Movie!!! I give it 2 thumbs up!!!

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