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Meet the Santas (2005) (TV)
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UGH! What a total waste of time!, 25 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sequel to "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus" *WARNING* - Spoilers ahead! Hopefully not enough to ruin the whole movie, but you have been warned! I comment on plot devices, so it would be somewhat spoiler, but the review doesn't work without the information Well, I saw the first in the series (noted above) and didn't think much of it. With the framework in place, I thought this feature might pull it together better, however. Wrong.

In brief, Crystal Bernard is Beth, the fiancé of the heir to Santa, (played by Steve Guttenberg as Nick).

Beth's Mother is a harsh dictator who rules with a iron fist, and when Beth turns to her when it appears that she can't put together the marriage she wants in time for Christmas Eve (long story) she brings the fist down on Beth.

OK, lets look at the problems: VERY slow pace. Wastes the first hour wandering about plot-wise, then when the Mother is introduced, she is impossibly harsh (so harsh that the plot device of Beth asking for her help isn't believable, an elopement (or suicide) would have been more believable (and quicker!)) Steve Guttenberg plays his part as a total nitwit. So annoying that it isn't funny. In the first movie he shows some brains/parenting skills. Nothing here, just dumb.

The end of the movie wraps up in the last 10 minutes! So sugary I just about gagged, with WILD changes of heart that were completely out of character (Come on, should of used some that first wasted hour!) These actors are able to do MUCH better work. This was SO dumb I was happy to tape over it.

Let me offer some ideas: The Mother should have been much softer (or does she really hate Beth that much?) to begin with. Not being a Santa believer is fine, but...

Next, have Nick win her over some, like Beth. A last minute solution made this a waste of time.

Also, why CAN'T we take the characters to the North Pole? Other movies have done so with some plot device for some continued disbelief.

UGH! I wanted this two hours of my life back. (I kept watching HOPING it would get better) In short the best part of this movie is the advertising spot!

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(NO spoilers!) Live the romance, if you can get a copy!, 15 October 2005

This movie distribution puzzles me VERY greatly. It's near impossible to get in any North American format (DVD region 2 UK appears to be the most available version) Why not North America? No idea. Would sell like hotcakes! Set your VCR (or other recorder) if you see it on TV! As for the movie...

Imagine one of the cleverest romantic stories you will see, the leads have great chemistry, and the children (one played by Olivia's daughter, how's that for a holiday "keepsake"?)are charming and not over acted.

If you expect a musical, no, that's not it... (very little singing, and all in context of the plot) comedy, well, sometimes... drama? Hmmm... not really... My "9" rating is based on "best of class" as watchable clever romantic stories are far apart. (WAY apart!) Screenplay vs. book? (yes, I actually found a copy of the book) I was interested in seeing how they compared... not well, I fear.

Screenplay beats the book with a baseball bat, one of the very few movies I've EVER seen where the "basic" idea of the book is kept, and the details tossed out the window, with the screenplay winning hands down.

The movie is FAR, FAR better than the book, it "flows" better, is far more a solid plot than the book, comes together without the cheap "gimmicks" of the book, etc. (ever seen a screenplay beat the *daylights* out of the book? and not vice-versa?) Nice work, Darrah Cloud (screenwriter), whoever you are, I'll look up your work! The book left me wanting my fifty cents back, the movie is fun, and more fun to watch than it would lead you to believe.

Keep a heads up for this one, you'll want to snap out the "erase allow" tab on your tape to protect it! Hey guys out there! BIG heads up on this, GREAT "at home" date movie, the fact that Olivia Newton-John is at her "cute looking" best is reason enough to watch. For the ladies out there, Gregory Harrison looks nicely groomed for the part.

I read somewhere the whole movie was done in several weeks (!) Some TV episodes take longer, but don't look it.