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Aaru (2005)
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Stay home and watch Kaaka Kaaka on DVD instead, 22 December 2005

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I wonder why Surya made such a movie. Just because he figured he should do at least one bloody gory violent movie, you know, just to add to his repertoire of roles? It was a horrible movie and I'd give it a 4 on 10 only because Surya does an excellent job. He emotes very well. Was there even a need for Trisha? About the only part I thought was passable was when Surya, drunk at a restaurant where Trisha's eating, goes on to talk about the current attire of women. Whatever he said did ring with the truth. I thought this movie was going to be a comedy, the whole rowdy guy, smart intelligent modern woman. Oh! NO! This movie is no different from any other nonsensical, violent, masala movie. The only reason I watched the movie right up till the end was because I'm always interested in how a movie or a book ends. If you're looking for anything new like the slickly made Kaaka Kaaka or the rousing Aayutha Ezhuthu which actually made full use of Surya's talents, you're barking up the wrong tree. Looking forward to Jil Endru Oru Kaadhal with A R Rahman's music to back him up.

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Come ON!! Gimme SOMETHING that's original!, 12 September 2005

It's so darn annoying to go into a theater and watch a movie that's got the worst comedy I've ever come across in recent times. Everything and everybody looks great. Everyone except for 'Debonair' of course. When are Hindi movie makers going to realise that every south Indian isn't a 'Madrasi', and to quit painting their white faces black to look authentic. His accent was that of a Tamilian( a very fake one at that! I do believe any south Indian could pronounce the name Ambar without adding the H to it!), even though he's a Malayali. I wonder why they don't cast a real south Indian for the role, instead of a ham.

Talking about hams. Abhishek Bacchan's role was a real big one. Robin Williams, in the original (Nine Months), was simply awesome. I'm just so tired of watching movies that are outright copies of funnier and better taken movies. Hugh Grant may not have been as buff or as hot as Saif when Nine Months was taken, but his character is so much more endearing, more believable. And good lord!! he's most definitely a better actor. The worst of all was Javed Jaffry's role. It was like the absolute worst. He didn't sound at all convincing and was increbibly annoying.

Preity Zinta needs to move on from this kind of crappy candy floss movie. She looks like she's stuck in a rut. It was really ( and I MEAN it) hard to watch the 'what's going on?' song. REALLY REALLY HARD.

There are scenes in this movie that are a direct lift out of 'Friends'. Being a literal 'fan'atic of Friends. it makes me so mad to see the plagiarism and no credit at all given to the original. In the words of 'Nick'....this movie is nothing but 'CRAP'. I want my money back!!! I'm not going to watch another Hindi movie until they come up with SOMETHING original. Dude! Gimme a 'Madrasi' film anyday. At least they're original!

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If you haven't seen it hafta!, 12 September 2005

This one stood out for it's originality. I'm seriously tired of seeing Hindi movies that are a hotch-potch of a whole bunch of Hollywood and Brit movies. Some flaws were inevitable, nonetheless, this movie is a must-see. Surya's portrayal of the clean-cut, conscientious cop (as opposed to the pot-bellied, money-hungry ones that we normally see) was awesome. He's come a long way from his work in Nerukku Ner. I liked the movie so much that I had to own it. I'm not usually into the mindless violence type of movies, somehow I actually felt for each character and therefore can't really bring myself to call it 'mindless' violence. I do not appreciate the excessive melodrama and sentimental scenes that go hand in hand with most Hindi and Tamil movies. I absolutely loved this movie for it's lack of the same. ACP Anbuselvan's reaction to loosing his wife, is not overdone, is heart-wrenching and makes me want to bawl my eyes out. There are certain times when I'm watching a movie when I want to hit the FF button. Plenty of times I've wanted to do that at a cinema hall. Never wanted to do so when watching this movie. I'm really hoping that Ghajini releases soon.

Paheli (2005)
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Take a nap instead, 20 July 2005

This movie has got to be one of the worst movies I've see yet. Holy-mother-of-God!!! Seriously! it's beyond fantasy. The worst part of the movie is Shah Rukh Khan. I mean, the guy could never act, a self-proclaimed over-actor, this movie proves his proclamation to be right on target! Ever noticed how he vibrates when he cries? He can't emote.Sure, the movie's easy on the eye. Pretty and beautiful, Rani Mukherjee shines as usual. After seeing the movie, you come out pitying the 'original' Kishen. More than anything else, I came out pitying myself, for having had to pay to watch such a movie. Blech! You would think Amol Palekar woulda come up with a better storyline than this one. Heck NO! Big letdown because of that. If you're thinking of watching the movie, I would strongly suggest taking a nap instead. It's not only stupid but also incredibly boring and slow-moving. Pathetic attempts at humor and the same IL' run-o-the-mill song-and-dance routines make you long(!!!!) for a fast forward button. Catch Parineeta instead.

Dhoom (2004)
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Summary of The Fast and the Furious, Ocean's Eleven and some more action flicks + some Hindi movie masala, 14 June 2005

It's a stylish, visually appealing movie. A weird mixture (off the top of my head) of The Fast and the Furious, Ocean's Eleven, Gone in 60 Seconds and probably much more. The chase on land and water is like right out of a Bond climax. I'd say the only good thing in the movie is Abhishek Bacchan. Was it necessary for the women to have close to no clothes on? Oh Well...I guess they had to throw in SOMETHING that was vintage Bollywood. At least they're not being sexist. John Abraham could use some clothes too. The poor fella. There wasn't a time when Uday Chopra was on screen that I didn't want to slap him silly. All in all, you don't wanna see a whole bunch of Hollywood action flicks? Here's your all in one. Got nothing better to do...I'd suggest watching this one.