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great episode, 5 August 2007

great episode really shows how disturbed Stabler is and how messed up these detectives are. They deal with the absolute depths of human horror. When Stabler starts crying my heart really goes out to him. Sometimes I think they make Olivia's character to self righteous always acting like she knows better. But it's only on rare occasions usually its the two partners against the captain or everybody else. SVU is always great because in most TV shows the good guys are always the good guys but in SVU everyone has shades of gray. Which is more akin to real life. So in summary a great episode because it really hits home the fact that parents needs to be so careful how far they push.

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Funny, strong and endearing characters, 3 July 2005

I remember watching this movie when I was a kid and loving it. It is one of those feel good movies that you think is corny but somehow avoids that label. The characters are funny and endearing. John Candy balances the broken side of his character along with the inspirational side of his character very believably. Doug E Doug has some hilarious dialogs. You feel yourself rooting for the team with more feeling than you expect. The director does well by not focusing on the racial aspect of the movie and converting it to just another movie of black vs. white. Obviously you cannot expect any brilliant acting or movie making but all in all this movie is a must see for families. Four Jamaicans in a bob sled is more entertaining than it looks.