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Sad, 5 May 2009

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One Of the Best Episodes of the entire series run.This episode Sums up the Ewing family perfectly. I am always deeply touched when I watch this episode.I think that the writing is excellent.I think that the actors did a great job. This episode has more depth than probably any other episode ever for this show. The layers of complexity of emotions and the struggles that go on in families is right on the mark.I highly recommend this episode. Enjoy and keep your emotions in check if you can.This is the saddest episode of the entire series run in my opinion. I think anyone who does not feel something when watching must have as cold a heart as Jr.Ewing himself.

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Great! I LOVE this Movie, 21 February 2009

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This is Classic Disney at its live action cartoon best! Bumbling college student Dexter Riley (Kurt Russell) develops a mysterious liquid invisibility formula that actually makes objects disappear and helps him to save his cash strapped college. Further experimentation reveals that it works amazingly well on humans too! Riley's startling discovery takes some hilarious new twists when a gang of crooks headed by the notorious A.J. Arno (Cesar Romero) steal the formula and attempt to use it for their less-than-legal activities. Dazzling special effects and a fast-paced story make this lively film a textbook case of college comedy! I love this movie! This movie has always filled me with a sense of wonder and joy.A pleasant little comedy that the entire family can enjoy. Not much violence or sex and absolutely no swearing, makes this a movie that parents can watch with their children.Merely one in a series of Kurt Russell movies set at Medvale College. A pleasant little series set in a wholesome America before terrorists, when people valued integrity more than cash! I highly recommend this movie!

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Great Fun, 12 January 2009

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I love This Movie I don't take it too seriously. I just think it is great fun! I think it is just as good as absent minded professor in it's own way. .Flubber becomes a victim of "national security" and our hero Ned Brainerd (MacMurray) returns home empty handed from our nation's capital to find creditors threatening to cancel his newspaper subscription, predators threatening to bulldoze Medfield College, the IRS threatening to ruin his life, and his wife (Nancy Olsen) looking like a million bucks in her new mink coat while holding a check for same for something poor Ned doesn't own anymore and can't sell so that we can all enjoy the wonders of Flubberoleum and can safely drop our children on the floor without the fear of being locked up by Social Services. A very frustrating start to the terrific sequel to Absent Minded Professor, all adding to the friction of MacMurray, who must now invent something entirely new so that he can save Medfield, his home, and his marriage from the slimy advances of Prof. Shelby Ashton (Elliot Reid) and the return of luscious old flame Desiree DE la Roche (Joanna Moore).

All the usual suspects are here from Disney's vast arsenal of character actors to keep us entertained while Ned goes about inventing a weather making glass breaking food growing machine. The Halloween chase scene with Prof. Brainerd terrorizing Shelby Ashton from above with his new rainmaking device is one of the funniest in Disney history. And of course we're treated to another Medfield sports showdown vs. national champs Rutland in a gridiron match up where Flubber becomes the great equalizer. Paul Lynde is absolutely hilarious as the football announcer

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One Of My favorites, 2 March 2008

This is one of my favorite episodes of this series! The war witch is really played with excellent camp by Julie Newmar.I love the way she puts princess Ardala in her place by telling her that she is a woman but Ardala is a spoiled little girl. The visuals of Buck and Twiki going into the new universe are also cool.The aliens that Buck meets on the other side are also led by the late great Sam Jaffe. The way that Twiki is such a smart ass to the robot that they meet in the new universe is also really funny.I also like how Ardala is really upset by what the war witch has said to her and starts almost crying when she tells Buck that she is not fine.This is my second favorite episode after planet of the slave girls.I also like plot to kill a city. I would encourage everyone to watch this episode.

"E.C.W." (2006)
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Not Bloody Enough, 21 December 2007

This show needs weapons and blood all it is currently is RAW and SMACKDOWN called ECW.The matches in ECW used to be this incredible display of violence, high flying moves, street-brawling, technical wrestling, intense athletics. They were the absolute best wrestling matches I have ever seen. If this new ECW is the writing on the wall then it's tragic that I most likely will not see any more matches like on the old ECW on this butchered ECW ever again in the future. what a real let down and being on sci-fi there is all kinds of opportunity for far out storytelling but they've somehow missed that! I know it can't be like the great old days of the original ECW because Vince doesn't have the guts to do that but come on this show really sucks! this show is an insult to the name ECW! I mean where is the ladders, the trash cans, the barbwire and most importantly the blood? I think people need to start a write in campaign to get the format of this show changed to something that more closely resembles ECW! I agree with others who don't like this show much.

Tex (1982)
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Great!, 23 September 2007

In the rough days of teen life trying to find where one belongs in relationship to one's self, family and friends and the need for change and breaking away.This movie portrays all of that with great care and fantastic acting by the entire cast.I highly recommend it. What a great film this was- there was good acting, a good script, unexpected moments of hilarity- and best of all this film stayed close to the book. Many of the characters' lines in the movie are directly from the book. If you are a fan of S.E. Hinton and her writings, you won't be disappointed by it. In my mind, "Tex" was even better than "The Outsiders," at least in terms of the movies. Matt Dillon is superb as Texas McCormick, a quiet, somewhat immature teenager living in Oklahoma, the usual setting for Hinton's books. There are few moments in the film (don't worry, I won't give them away) that were extremely funny. However, not only is the humor entertaining in the movie, but the drama is well done too. Tex faces changes at home, with his friends Johnny and Jamie, and at school, and the result makes for a captivating story line. The selection for the supporting cast is right on in almost every case- Jim Metzler plays Tex's brother Mason, who has to tend for his younger brother while also looking ahead to college and his own future. Emilio Estevez is Tex's spunky friend Johnny and Meg Tilly is Johnny's independent-minded sister Jamie, the object of Tex's affections. Even the filming and quality of the movie is not bad, considering that it was made two decades ago. The music is usually fitting in each scene, and the script came off sounding realistic and genuine. All in all, this is a movie well worth checking out. I think the only thing wrong with this movie is the rating it received; there's probably enough swearing in this movie to have earned it a PG-13 rating. Highly recommended.