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Wild Man (1989)
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For Michelle Bauer fans only, 18 December 2005

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I only bought a copy of this VHS to watch one of my favorite Scream Queens: Michelle Bauer. It was nice watching a film of hers where she doesn't get killed. Her role was pretty big and as usual we get to see her naked.

Another reason to watch, is Ginger Lynn Allen who plays a supporting character and is in a very lengthy scene in a gym with Michelle.

The rest of the cast is pretty much unknown and the movie is badly edited.

The plot deals with a man who possesses a ring that gives him eternal life or something like that. Ginger's boss is killed and the leading guy investigates who killed him. Along the way nosy reporter Michelle joins him. That's it.

Certainly not the most original or entertaining action film out there, like I said only for Michelle Bauer fans.

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Very funny, 17 December 2005

Easily one of the best Jim Wynorski movies, others being Dinosaur Island, Chopping Mall and Hard to Die.

It spoofs some of the most famous horror movie villains and has many cameos such as the lovely Brinke Stevens, Monique Gabrielle, Angus Scrimm, Forrest Ackerman, Deana Lund and others.

Basically a young man (Steve Altman) and a hot actress (Teri Copley) travel to Transylvania and they meet all sorts of wacky characters. Like scared villagers, vampires and vampire hunter Von Helsing.

I was extremely surprised how funny it was considering this is rated PG, I don't really like most PG comedies, the only other that comes to mind is AIRPLANE,

Highly recommended.

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Hilarious; in a good way., 12 June 2005

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I love this spoof of alien movies. The cast was excellent, especially Craig Peck as the nerdy guy who knows there is something out there. He had the best lines, and even though at times he was a little too winy, he was the most likable of the bunch.

In this one ALL the lead actresses take their clothes off, and two of the guys too (I could have done without the hairy ass shot).The alien creature was very funny looking, not scary at all, the effects were somewhat poor, but I still love this film.

It has something that appeals to me, I don't know if its the girls (they all are so hot) or simply because is a very funny film.

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Children of the Corn go to Camp Crystal Lake., 12 June 2005

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I was home last night with nothing to do, turned on the satellite dish and came across this horror film. Camp Happy Thoughts (no kidding, that was the camp's name) houses teenagers with anger issues, drug and alcohol problems, etc. and boy oh boy, are these campers mad about something. The movie opens with two of these campers fighting in the dining hall, there they are separated by two counselors who wouldn't you know it? are the first ones to die. These murders are fairly bloodless, but the set up was scary. Most of the counselors are unlikeable so when they die you are a bit glad they do, on the other hand when the counselors you think will make it end up dying first. It is very disturbing when evil wins.

Demon Wind (1990)
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Fun, 12 June 2005

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Fun low budgeter filled with a hot young cast, creepy atmosphere, some funny one-liners and zombies.

You got to admit the first moments the group of friends arrives to the abandoned farm are pretty good, the ending is not as good as the rest of the movie, but nonetheless I love watching this movie.

I might be wrong, but it seems the more graphic effects were edited out, especially when the two dudes with the guns go outside to kick some zombie butt and when the girl buries her long nails into her boyfriend's skull.

Sadly the women don't have much to do, but scream, run and die. One of the male actors was horrible, I was happy he died almost immediately after arriving.