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No Intellect, Just Your Average Action Flick..., 15 January 2006

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Out for Justice is just another typical Steven Seagal action-packed vehicle like the many added to his list of credentials; as a crime-drama/police film, it definitely carries its share of shootings,stabbings and other "good" stuff. But if you' re looking for academic, intellectual police work and associated dialog, you' re in the wrong movie theater! Steven Seagal muscles his way through the film with his ubiquitous martial arts, blasting-off lots of lead and even a lot more profanity after his best friend and fellow cop Bobby Lupo is gunned down by gangster Ritchie Madano on a busy street in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. One big plus about Out for Justice is the fact that there is never a dull moment - it constantly moves on from scene to scene,just the way I liked it, not to mention the soundtracks ( including the Beastie Boys "No Sleep 'til Brooklyn")which captured the aura and surroundings of the famous borough as Gino begins the quest to find Ritchie. William Forysthe magnificently portrayed Ritchie Madano as the rough-edged, irrational coked-up gangster whom both the NYPD and local Italian mob is after. The rest of the crew were your quintessential B-movie fare, but not bad at all. The dialog is what you' d expect from a movie of this nature - just a lot of street-level babble and lingo. The aspect that I find hilariously funny is the number of times everybody says "Let' s find Ritchie", "Oh, I'll find him!" "Oh, I'll get him.." and yet, never once does anyone come across the culprit until the very end of the flick (what do you expect?)when Gino FINALLY gets a tip as to his whereabouts...oh, well. Out for Justice is great entertainment for a late Saturday night!!!

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Good on action, lousy on all else, 2 January 2006

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I was a sophomore in High School when I first watched The Green Berets in the early '80s; I was 15 then, enjoyed all sorts of war movies just for the action, and was gung-ho patriotic. But then, as you grow up, you become more informed and as one goes through college, more aware. I watched this movie again in the early 1990s(and countless times thereafter thanks to AMC Channel) and suddenly realized how pathetically-flawed and misguided it really was. Not for nothing, I love John Wayne movies. But in my opinion, he should have left this one alone! The timing was bad to begin with. The filming location was all wrong, the extras, half of which did not look Vietnamese, were a joke, the NVA/VC weaponry and helmets were Diem Bien Phu-vintage , and the dialog and atmosphere of the entire film was profoundly trite and way outdated. It is CORNY to say the least (I now own a copy of this movie and watch it just for laughs). As far as the political aspect, it is insulting to see how the Duke "painted a pretty picture" of our involvement - with the exception of the Montagnard tribes (who were very much pro-SF) and the corrupt politicians and military brass in Saigon, most of the South Vietnamese population either did not want us there or secretly rooted for the North, who were no angels either; but the fact remains that Saigon committed atrocities as well and abused its population wholesale, thus swinging the pendulum of sympathy towards Hanoi. The U.S. presence there just fuelled the situation even more. All in all, good cast and good action if you 're in the mood for a war movie; as far as the message it evokes, just ignore it and get a good laugh!

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An on-your-face Masterpiece!!!, 31 December 2005

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Thumbs up for Italian/European director Abel Ferrarra; bravo to the wonderful and outstanding cast he selected! This film is definitely not just your typical shoot-em-up gangster movie; it also delivers a powerful message aimed at the social and economic issues existing not only in New York City but the rest of the USA. Christopher Walken is immaculate as Frank White, freshly released from prison, who becomes a philanthropist to supplement his other 'profession'. His loyal crew put hit after hit on all the major drug lords in New York City for a very dignified purpose: utilize the profits to help the poor and unfortunate, beginning with the financing of a children's hospital for which the plastic bureaucratic Establishment gave the cold shoulder. Laurence Fishburne, Giancarlo Esposito and Steve Buscemi, among others, contribute magnificently-coordinated performances, as do the not-so-popular cops whose roles are played by Wesley Snipes, David Caruso and Victor Argo. Ferrarra's film is an impeccable critique of the inhumane and cold hearted American Capitalist establishment, which is primarily bent on greed and self-indulgence. That is why I root for Frank White and his crew ; let' s face it, Ferrarra tells it like it REALLY is and I enthusiastically applaud his efforts. Bravo, Paisano!!

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Very Enjoyable!!, 23 December 2005

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I was never much into the Looney Tunes bandwagon (more of a Hanna-Barbera fan actually) but when I first caught a glimpse of Duck Dodgers on the Boomerang Channel, that was it! I have been following it loyally ever since. The show is funny, very graphically-detailed and well put together. The relationship between Dodgers and his "eager space cadet" Porky kills me with laughter, as does his hi-jinx confrontations with his rival Marvin the Martian, all amid

the "cold war/ us versus them" face-off between Earth and Mars. I love the ship designs , not to mention plots borrowed from other science-fiction movies and shows (i.e. the episode where the Martian Queen pursues Dodgers into a Nebula thus provoking a game of hide-and-seek a-la-Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan). I honestly cannot get enough of this show; for a cartoon, in my opinion, it is definitely up there with all sci-fi/comedy/actioners! Wonderfully thought out indeed.

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Only Good For The Action, 20 December 2005

Typical John Wayne fare, with all the patriotic mumbo-jumbo and heroic banter which clearly betrays the picture as upright propaganda. Still, considering that it was released during the course of World War II , it's fairly justified.

There is plenty of action including impressive hand-to-hand combat and firefight engagements; surprisingly, the Japanese two-man tanks employed against the Seabees (Construction Battalion)towards the climax definitely resembled the Imperial Japanese Army Type 94 tankettes (wonder how Republic Pictures pulled that one off)! Aside from the combat sequences, however, the corniness and simple, gung-ho dialect, not to mention that trite, Hollywoodesque love triangle gig sends one spiraling. And portraying the Japanese as the quintessential bug-toothed, eye-squinting, bespectacled subhumans constituted a complete turnoff (the profound racial overtones of those days never cease to amaze me; yes, they were our enemies - but what about the stereotypes about Black-Americans and Hispanics?). Frankly, the Japanese are an attractive people, and clearly those extras inside the tanks were N O T...(I had read in some movie book that they were hired from LA' s Chinatown). In any event, if you're ever in the mood for an ordinary World War II flick just for the action, then The Fighting Seabees could very well be a candidate; just for the action, nothing else!!

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A Genuine Hiccup Initiator!!!!, 11 December 2005

My brother and I first saw this outrageously-funny comedy back in Summer of 1987 which we rented from a Mom-and-Pop video rental (pre-Blockbuster days). Let me tell you, we continuously rented the video and watched it EVERY SINGLE day with the same hilarious results! Alas, I finally found the movie on E-bay and received it only last week!! David Landsberg and Lorin Dreyfuss really bought down the house with their wacky performances. In my opinion, at least half the so-called "funny films" today can, in no way, shape or form, match this hysterical, hiccup-inducing, over-the-hill comedy! Two bumblers, one an honest simpleton who keeps getting fired from every job in NYC because he' s so caught up in detective novels, and the other, a sleazier and witty but somewhat incompetent con-artist who reels him into his shady, fire-trap, nickel-and-dime 'Detective School', suddenly get caught up in international intrigue involving a beautiful woman, 'Old World' traditions and the Italian Mafia, traveling from New York to beautiful Rome and running into all types of comedic obstacles and situations. They start off by posing as tourists with Japanese names after lifting the boarding passes from two unsuspecting Japanese passengers, to foul play aboard an Italy-bound airliner, to the hi-jinx in a Rome museum, masquerading as monks in the Vatican to the nerve-shaking Ferrari escapade....never a dull moment!! They sure don' t make them like that anymore! If you are down in the dumps, I strongly recommend this dosage of massively hysterical humor.

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"Showgirls" on ACID!!!....., 4 December 2005

When I first watched this piece of junk, it was in the company of my MST3K buddies, Mike and his irrepressible funny robots Crow and Tom Serbo...thank goodness for such an occasion, because frankly there is no way in hell I would have seen it "MST3K-free"!! For a moment, I could've sworn the Buzz character was Regis Philbin in his early acting career before "Regis and Kathy Lee" hit the spotlight well over a decade later (hey, got to start somewhere!)... until the credits later rolled and discovered it was a total unknown by the name of Tom Pace (WHO???) Some bubble-headed coffee-shop gal takes up on an offer to ride with the RP look-alike, picking up a simpleton loser named Critter in the process, and heading for possibly the biggest Red Light District L.A. has to offer...just so she can be a dancer! God, what a waste of film! Throw in some real bad acting, atrocious editing (The U.S.S. Enterprise had to be orbiting Earth that day because the way Buzz suddenly "beams" into the screen in the restaurant booth...), the sleaziest, oil-enhanced night club owners ever seen, not to mention a senseless dune buggy shot, an unheard-of prison system program with thugs walking in and out of a jail at will, lousy songs and the Beach Boy-wannabes that perform them, and finally a dialog that can only compete with that of a '70s porno flick, and you've got yourself two choices: Watch it on its original version in which case you will senselessly throw away two hours of your lifetime...or watch the MST3K Version, and get yourself a bucketful of laughs. The guys from the Satellite of Love will brand it their hysterical form of justice.

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Please come to Video!!!, 20 November 2005

The first and last time I ever saw "Nightmare in Chicago" was back in 1971, on New York' s Channel 9 (WOR-TV back then). I was seven -yes, seven!- years old when I watched it with my younger brother (my parents were busy playing a game of Parchese on the kitchen table after dinner, oblivious to the kind of "kiddie show" we were watching) and I still remember it vividly, some parts more than others. The multi-car pile up caused by Phillip Abott's psychotic character Georgey-Porgie was definitely a winner. The fact that Porgie wore shades at night invigorated his morbid nature even more - boy did Altman really outdo himself with this classic crime-and-suspense piece! It puzzles me how such a masterpiece has not made it to video, particularly at this day and age...I hope to God the original film hasn't been compromised and lost!!

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Exceptional!, 20 November 2005

Last night, the History Channel aired "Saints and Soldiers" on its network. An hour or so prior to its time slot, I decided to read all the reviews and comments displayed here. The fact that it was directed by individuals of the Mormon faith (I'm not too keen on religion) somewhat discouraged me from bothering spending my time to watch the movie at all! ; however, I have always had a wonderful knack of judging for myself, and boy was I glad I saw the film! A clean-cut version of "Saving Private Ryan" , complete with authentic weapons, uniforms right down to the SdKfz 3/4-tracked vehicles of the Wehrmacht (all the way in Utah! - what museum did they borrow them from??) The action scenes were impeccable, and there were moments of suspense whenever German troops would wander close by. And last, but by no means least, for unknown actors, the performances were outstanding,and the dialog just as well, in particular the occasional philosophical conversations between the agnostic medic and the religious private. A magnificent cast indeed. My wife and I enjoyed it profoundly and I am contemplating buying the DVD!!!

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A defamation on all respectable war films, 20 November 2005

World War II movies are my forte and I am well-versed in military history as well as time-period accoutrements. I have seen some bad Second World War flicks in my time, but this "thing" of a picture, this blasphemous abomination, sure cuts the cake! Besides lacking talent, creativity and a determination for a little historical research, the guy who directed this film had to have sympathies with Nazi ideals. First, it was shocking to see the French Resistance portrayed as a roguish band of buffoons headed by an equally idiotic and boisterous leader; a smack in the face to the brave, witty Maquis who courageously resisted the German occupation of their homeland. Secondly,the film is saturated with bad acting, senseless dialog, contemporary uniforms,weaponry and vehicles (check out the "U.S. troops" wearing Spanish Army camouflage uniforms, helmets - which are a direct copy of the old German M1944, poorly concealed by helmet covers and brandishing CETMEs -Spanish copies of the G3 7.62mm automatic rifles). The "Tiger" is clearly a Spanish Army-issue M-48! Need I go on? Rent, but do not buy, this movie. The insatiable stupidity will make you laugh and cry..and laugh again; yes, it's that bad!!!

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