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Angel: Not Fade Away (2004)
Season 5, Episode 22
No happy ending, but who ever said there would be?
7 September 2006
This comment is mainly in response to certain people who claim that this series finale was a failure because it did not have a "happy ending". These people have missed the entire point of the episode. It's not about happy endings; as Angel repeatedly warned the others, this is one they're "not going to walk away from". "Not Fade Away" is about doing what's right, even if there's nothing in it for you, even if you know that you're pretty much signing your death warrant by doing so. That takes true courage and honor, and that's what Angel and co. have in spades in this episode. Also, it's realistic, well, about as realistic as a fantasy drama TV show about vampires and demons can be. In life, there is no guarantee that you or anybody else will walk off into the sunset, and more often than not, good people die. "Not Fade Away" reflected this, and that's what makes it unique from any other series finale.

10/10, easily.
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Hyperdrive (2006–2007)
This show ROCKS
4 February 2006
For starters, I don't get what the big deal is comparing this show to Red Dwarf. Aside from both being British sci-fi series set in space, Hyperdrive is hardly a ripoff. If you ask me, it's more like Star Trek than anything else, albeit a twisted, bureaucratic, hilarious Star Trek set in a less-than-perfect-future. Exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new lifeforms and new civilizations, to boldly sell stuff where no man has sold stuff before! :) And even if the concept may not be the most original in the history of scifi, the characters more than make up for that. York is just deliciously evil, Jeffers is perfect as the wannabe-badass, Teal is just plain cheerful and fun, and Sandstrom... well, I just like her because she reminds me of Radical Edward. :D
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